Mega-Mosques: “Building a French Islam”

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  1. France is rotting from within. I seriously hope that the French people with their traditional love of liberty will come to their senses when they realize that their liberties are been confiscated one by one. The French need another Charles Martel.

  2. All civilizations fall from internal rot, this allows the external conquest.

    Every nation in the west is under attack, our civilization must be destroy before the left or the Moslems can take over.

  3. Powerful video imagery juxtaposed against the “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” audio track. Worthy of a stand alone thread with the added feature of Gates-of-Vienna’s post The Kinetic Effects of Prayer in Islam to further emphasize the horror that awaits those who choose to either ignore or refuse to recognize the threat about to confront them.

  4. Arab migration will not erase French identity, just as Viking/Anglo-Saxxon/Norman migration did not erase the original Celtic/Gaul identity. It will enrich it.

  5. Once again, a Muslim uses the classic ruse of confusing blocking an Islamic take-over of non-Muslim lands with an offensive “Massacre” of Muslims.

    Classic and right out of the OIC handbook as well as the Muslim brotherhood.

    I have an idea.

    Stop forcing Islam on non-Muslims world wide and people will stop defending against it. That work for ya Dude?

  6. @ the “Dude” troll
    1) who said the mosques would have people in them?
    2) you assume I’m Christian because it suits your purposes, I’m not
    3) you aren’t even knowledgeable about the subjects you tackle

  7. Yeah… excellent comment I just want to tell Dude go to your masjid if it is that important to you instead of baiting people here and pissing them off.

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