Israel warns of forceful retaliation for Iran’s attack on Israeli bus in Bulgaria

Several articles on this appearing fast everywhere.

To start with, the JC Post:


Jihad Watch:

STRATFOR predicts the following:

The timing of the Bulgaria attack is also notable. Iran is likely using its militant proxies in response to the intensifying rebel campaign against the Syrian regime. Similar plots targeting Israelis and others can be expected as the Syrian regime continues to weaken.

Given that Israel was excluded from the global forum on terrorism, I can imagine they may not be feeling the need for an international committee to tell them how to respond. We all know what the ‘international community; will advise.

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  1. Israel only has so much patience for this foolishness………exclusion from international terrorism conferences adds insult to injury……..

    That said, I ma immensely pround of our government and its promise that Canada will never, ever leave Israel standing alone on the battlefield.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Don, I completely agree with your comments. Canada is the only Western leader who has refused to bow to political correctness of the new religion of secular humanism and moral relativism. I too am proud that our PM has put his stake in the ground.

    Looking at many disturbing comments on MSM articles such as CBC I would remind everyone of the following:

    We all must continue to engage our youth in their formative years up to age 25, on the dangers of buying into the statist and socialist delusions, to reaffirm the pride we have in our society, and help them to help others to keep their heads screwed on straight.

    Keep talking with our young.

  3. Israel is a sleeping giant (ok, maybe not a giant, but a David amongst Goliaths). They’ve been bullied for long enough. They will strike back eventually, and when they do, the cocky, peacock-tail, loudmouths of Iran will not know what has hit them.
    Ahmedinejad may look like a cross between Lieutenant Colombo, Al Pacino and a badly dressed Joe Pesci but he is nothing but a cheap hood and he hasn’t got what it takes. Yes, he’s a psychopath, but he also lives in a fantasy world.
    Israel can kick ass and if they do, then the Iranian regime will be toast!

  4. hey Eeyore et al,

    O/T – Bill Whittle’s Firewall (I love this guy) ought to be seen by all, check out his take on Obama’s record as president… all the best, -locolobo


  5. Hey! I am an Orthodox Catholic, but I’ll sign up to fight with the IDF against those raghead murdering Pershans. Moo-ham-mud is the devil! Al-lah is his nightmare! Both must be eradicated from the face of the Earth! Persha wants a fight, let us give it to them!


  6. Hey slobo,

    You may just get your chance…look for the “Druze Herev” Battalion….its a battalion for foreigners only, a sort of “Israeli Foreign Legion”………I’m not sure what the age limit is.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  7. We all know what the ‘international community; will advise.

    That would be, Israel must excercise “Restraint”.

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