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10 Replies to “Michael Coren: “Islam is a religion that has gone mad, and gone bad””

  1. Islam is not a religion and neither has it gone bad. Islam is a political organisation maquerading as a religion that has always been bad from the very beginning, rotten through to the cor in fact. The only people who are mad when it comes to this so called religion are the politicians who are stupid enough to think that they can civilise it.

    All those politicians who are guilty of this crime should be sectioned under the mental health act. If they are found to be of sound mind they should all be banged up for criminal conspiracy and the keys dropped into the deepest ocean.

  2. Islam has always been mad. We don’t have to tell anyone these days they seem to be doing a good job themselves, imans saying women deserve rape, muslim no go areas, female cutting, stoning, honour killigs, child grooming and so on. They are so corrupt their disgusting way of life will become clear to all except politicians. Tc72 is right it is the politicians and let me add anyone else supporting them should be held to account after this PC cloud clears. WE need to make public lists of these people just as the left wing groups do of the edl and others who care about our culture. Names plus there actions recorded and reviewed when the time is right. Make it clear criminal charges will be brought and persued until they either live in a muslim country or prison time.

  3. Its time we start to insist on certain values that immigrants have to accept if they wish to live with us in peace and harmony.

    Some simple and enlightened values that we need to assert, without in any form or manner targeting a group or ideology. These are normal for any nation or culture, and most certainly ours that is tolerant, humane and just.

    1. No other language to be supported by the state except the national language.

    2. Ban FGM totally. This is totally against our values. Anyone engaging in this outrageous custom has to pay a penalty.

    3. Ban child marriages. This custom is not in keeping with enlightened European values.

    4. Ban polygamy. Again, it is not in keeping with enlightened European values. Besides it causes immense headache when it comes to financial and inheritance cases. Our laws have evolved over centuries based on marriage between one man and one woman. We cannot have the absurd situation that we overturn centuries of values, tradition and law, just to cater for people who are here quite voluntarily.

    5. “Honour” killing punishable by the usual legal penalties. In addition, as the crime is a violation of the codes of European values, those who did or aided in the murder, to be deported.

    6. Ban raw Halal meat in shops. No Halal slaughter whatever in Europe. The slaughter of dumb animals is against our tradition of humane attitudes to animals. There is no requirement whatever that we overturn our traditional values for other cultures, who are here of their own will.

    These values are good, beautiful and true, and therefore need no justification. How on earth it has come to pass that I have to state the above is the real question.

  4. I have to disagree.

    Islam hasnt gone bad and mad.It was designed as such. It was like this from the very beginning.

  5. Much of the fear mongering of so-called “terrorism” is being done by British security through these phony and made up “terror plots.”

    We should be concerned if people are being arrested for their “dangerous” political views and religious behaviour – which is supposed to be legally protected.

    Let’s ask this: Where is the real evidence of a “terrorist plot?”

    It seems to me that, a couple of years ago, police had REAL evidence that EDL thugs were going to carry out a bombing of a mosque – but were let go!

    Now – last question: What make the United Kingdom no better than rogue regimes, like Cuba, which also “arrests” its “troublemakers” before high profile events?

    Instead of being “impressed” with British security – we need to be outraged by British security!

    Islam encompasses all aspects of life including the political. I honestly don’t know why, when there are three million British Muslims; there is no British Islamic political party, that addresses/protects issues surrounding British Islamic life? For example: on a national level, the affects of recent government policy on the consumption of alcohol, and the overall moral decline of British society. On an international level, the affects of British foreign policy, on Palestine and Afghanistan. Such a party could also address the fact, that it is possible to have a totally different financial system ie, Islamic Banking. The secular parties have no answers for the above issues. Islamic values could teach Muslims and non-Muslims a heck of a lot.

  6. @Iftikhar Ahmad

    Plss, islam is done for. The world is opening its eyes. You’re stale, and will wither away with the sands of time, as should be. Nature can’t tolerate that much blind hatred, black disgusted agression, towards life and liberty any more.

    I wish you a quiet fade away into memory and time, but fear it will be with great hate and kicking and screaming. Peace be on your soul and scream all you will. Quiet will follow and rest will return.

  7. Do piss off Ham Head, your so called religion is full of pig shit just like you and your dogs breath paedo Prophet, Dog Head MoHam Head. Got spout your lying dung amongst your own inbred retarded kind.

  8. DP you are right, Islam was designed to give power to the men of the cult and screw everyone else, it was designed to appeal to the brigands and does. Only a person that wants to rob, rape and murder would covert and only someone like that would defend the phony religion.

  9. It would surely a horrible world if islam monopolise everything.
    I have encountered very rude islamic women that worked in the bank. I want to have NOTHING to do with it, if it is possible. Hopefully, islam will NOT infect all the banks.

  10. Bravo Bravo Bravo
    don’t always agree with what he says, but I sure respect most of it and his input to keep our Country and society strong and free….
    My Question is this…..Who is working to get some MP’s to reverse the railroaded legislation in Canada which allows first cousins, aunts and uncles to marry their neices and nephews,
    HOW sickening.[……I wonder which lobby groups got this changed while decent Canadians were sleeping…When you think of it, put it in context of your own family, it causes acid reflux, but really, which lobby ghettoized strong groups will remove their block votes from MP’s all over Canada now if decent Canadians attempt to change this incestuous law, permitting those backward practicers of this travesty…Vomit Vomit Vomit
    Here is something controversial for those leaders in the patriot causes….A real hot potatoe, and just think, when the laws were legal for 14 year olds, that would make it A.OK for your brother to have sex with and marry your daughter at age 14…Lovely eh?
    Or did the conservatives finally change the age of consent back to 16? Gosh, that would be ok then, lets all just promote cousin/family incest marriages as a true Canadian Value. What are the stats on this? I wonder what groups it occurs in?

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