Policeman rapes Asian inside patrol vehicle

Wow this story would give the British media, especially the BBC, a major headache. Their headline would have to read, “Asian rapes Asian inside Asian car”

Kuwait Times:

KUWAIT: An Asian resident reported that a policeman raped her inside his patrol vehicle in Mishref, said security sources. Case papers indicate that according to the woman’s report, she was stopped by a police patrol while walking in Jleeb after midnight. She added that after seeing her ID, a policeman forced her into the patrol and took her to Mishref where he raped her inside the car, gave her his mobile number and left. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Furious husband
Police report that a furious husband could not accept that his wife refused to continue living with him, so he called her brother, asking him to have her return to his house. However, the brother refused, saying that the husband had treated her harshly and assaulted her.  The husband then rushed to his in-law’s house in Saad Al-Abdulah area with a gun where he terrified the family by shooting, before he fled the scene. The police were called, a case was filed and the husband is being summoned for further investigations.

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6 Replies to “Policeman rapes Asian inside patrol vehicle”

  1. Of course it will never be reported as muzzie on muzzie rape, retard on retard rape, inbreed on inbreed rape or even black on black rape. It will definitely be Asian on Asian rape which will be an insult to millions of Asians world wide. But the MSM isn’t worried about that as long as they keep the slimes happy.

    But with them both being muzzies we can take a safe bet that the female of that retarded bunch of throwbacks will automatically take all of the blame. Such is the shortage of testosterones amongst the so called male of the muzzie retard species.

  2. Unfortunately this is a dog bites man story. In a lot of 3rd world countries such as Uzbekistan, the police use their position to rape women on a daily basis. This is discussed in the book Murder in Samarkand, written by a British ambassador.

    I’ve been told the cops have done this to tourists in Jamaica as well. Yet another reason to never ever go to that criminal pit. This was told to me as a second hand story but I suspect it was really first hand – there was rather a bit too much detail 🙁

  3. I went to Jamaica myself and the hotel and was surrounded by every manner of criminal scum you can imagine. When my girlfriend declined an offer to get her hair cornrowed, the beach side cornrow ladies swore at us. There were multiple offers for drugs and prostitutes even when my girlfriend was by my side. Locals told us not to photograph anyone because there was too much of a chance they were wanted. The security guard at our hotel offered to sell my girlfriend drugs then propositioned her, suggesting they just hop into an empty room. So yup, a foul criminal pit.

  4. Truthiocity
    I can honestly say that the Jamaicans are the most dispicable people I’ve ever come across. They’re even worse than than the muzzie Pakis and they really are at the bottom of the rotten apple barrel. Even the Jamaicans don’t like Jamaicans. Yet I found the people of Barbados different altogether, and a visitor to that island could safely walk the streets of Bridgetown without fear of getting knifed.

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