Pearson airport rules can take the bark out of your trip home

As sharia and Islamic cultural norms begin to imprint themselves on Canadian culture.

Personally I tend to look for a cross hanging from a cab’s rear view or a photo of a Lebanese Catholic saint before I step in a cab. Saves a lot of hassle.

The Toronto Sun:

Pearson airport rules can take the bark out of your trip home


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Levy Kishka 160712
Toronto Sun city hall columnist Sue-Ann Levy and her dog Kishka were refused a ride in a Toronto cab because of the driver’s religious beliefs. (Michael Peake/Toronto Sun)

TORONTO – Last Monday morning at 1:30 a.m. I came out of Pearson Airport with my dachsie Kishka in tow looking for a limo to drive us home.

Kishka, as is the requirement whenever I fly to and from my home in Florida, was comfortably zipped up in his soft kennel.

He was half-asleep at that hour — and so hidden away — that the first driver in line headed towards me to start loading my luggage.

It was when he grabbed Kishka’s kennel and realized a dog was in there that he turned around quickly and waved me away.

The second driver, also a visible minority, said “No” the moment I approached him.

The second driver — who works for McIntosh Limousine — refused to give me a reason for refusing me or his name.

Thankfully, a third driver eventually pulled up. He had no issue transporting Kishka, who promptly fell asleep in his kennel the moment we hit the highway.

The fare plus tip to my midtown Toronto home was $65.

I hadn’t anticipated writing a column about this.

However after I posted my plight on Facebook later that day, I soon discovered I’d opened quite the can of worms.

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10 Replies to “Pearson airport rules can take the bark out of your trip home”

  1. The more muslims I meet, the more I like dogs……and pigs.

    The simple solution is to simply band together and cancel contracts with all taxi and limousine companies that employ muslims…..its quite simple.

    Identify taxi and limousine companies that employ Hindu’s and Christians and use their companies exclusively….if those companies are smart the will start advertising a picture of a dog with a beer bottle and the caption….we take civilized passengers….and dogs….and booze.

    Also, you are not bound to take the taxi’s at the airport at all….simply, if you don’t mind waiting a bit, call for friendly taxi company and have them send a taxi to the airport specifically for you.

    The message will get through sooner or later.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. If you are forced to take a taxi that is driven by a muslim and wish to express your displeasure about their enforcement of sharia on us in OUR own country then 1) do not tip 2) leave the door open when you walk away 3) if you’re really brave you could aromatize the the passenger area with the offensive item of choice. But of course make sure this is when you are NOT being driven home, but use freely for those anonymous trips.

  3. Brilliant ideas WPF…simply brilliant…..

    Is there any way to get ahold of a bottle of bacon scent deodorizer……..

    Or simply take a pound of bacon with you, the cheap stuff from Loblaws, and do like Walter Matthau did in “Grumpy Old Men” with the dead fish behind the seat…….cut a large gash in it and stuff it behind the seat……in a day or two the whole car will reek of bacon…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. What would happen if a blind person with a guide dog tried this would they be turned away?
    Its a shame she didnt let the dog out and “sic im fido” i would love to see the effect on the muzzie then

  5. @ Don Laird

    Perhaps a slice of bacon wedged between the seat & backrest? It should start to “freshen” the air in short order.

  6. I’m thinking of starting a cab company called “Rexs Rides” Dogs welcome, no uncivilised animals allowed.

  7. BTW Don, the first two ideas are not originally mine. I read them on a counter-jihad blog and was so impressed that I recycle them when I get a chance. Kudos go to the “unknown” blogger.

  8. DON LAIRD, love you and we need more like you, enough of barbars and savages, have you seen the posters in ny subway, Metro system. They read: “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

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