More on the Toronto Imam demanding a modesty law for women

I would like to thank this guy. He may actually have put the last nail in the coffin of the oxymoron called, ‘multiculturalism’.

From the SUN:

And to confuse the issue, Raheel Reza, who’s proprietary version of Islam, while being a very good and desirable one, doesn’t seem to reflect Islamic action around the world or for that matter, Islamic scripture. As much as I personally like Ms. Reza, she is probably in serious danger from her fellow Muslims. Which makes her version of Islam likely the ‘radical’ one.


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  1. Rapists always blame the victim, – “she was asking for it” and so on…. therefore this man like most Muslim men is a potential rapist.
    Also, to blame high incidences of rape in Western societies on ‘sluttily dressed women’ is an outrage. There are far more rapes in Muslim societies, although they don’t call it rape, they simply accuse the woman of adultery.
    Muslims disgust me in everything they say and everything they do. It’s about time that they were put in their place. If any woman in Toronto is raped, no matter who she is, or when it happens, this man should be first suspect and should be brought in for questioning. He’s asked for it, by opening his mouth and saying such things!

  2. Why is this dirtbag Muslim Imam allowed to remain in Toronto. He should be locked up for making these threats. Its Political correctness that ends up causing young girls to be taken away and raped by Muslims. We see this in the UK and here in America. Somali Muslim gangs raping young girls in Minnesota and finally being arrested.
    Of course the media covers it up quickly. Wouldn’t want to hurt Muslim feelings.

  3. This is more proof of what I have always said….

    Every time the muslims think they win……they actually lose, in every way…..they are, in fact our best defense against muslims and islam…..and they are their own worst enemy.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. To Imam Scumwad:

    Since you and your fellow Muslims can’t seem to control yourselves, I have a modest suggestion – GET OUT!!!

  5. I was going to provide a link to a photo gallery of Raheel leading a group of muslims, women AND men, in prayer in Tarek Fatah’s backyard, but Tarek’s website is down.

    (Just to give an idea of the delusional islam that this woman, and others like her, subscribe to. Absolute fools……)

  6. I’m surprised its taken this long for Canada to receive the same sermons and demands to comply with islamic norms we get this side of the Atlantic. And that guy was positively polite compared to the snarling menacing demands experienced here.

  7. I’ve an idea how to deal with such a man like this:

    Kidnap him, sedate him and whilst he is unconscious, tattoo his face:
    a flag of Israel on his forehead
    a pig on his chin
    a crucifix on his right cheek
    a blasphemous slur on the Prophet Mohammed on his left cheek

    See how he likes having to wear a full-face hijab for the rest of his life!

  8. Hell to this twat a goat in a mini skirt is provocative. Stick with the goats Abdul, leave the women for us civilised men you dickhead!

  9. scary how the women in the video were laughing!!! This is no joke! this is the time for action and to send this bastard back to the mud hut he came from and stop giving him a welfare cheque here and too much freedom to speak!

  10. Muslims bred to be psychopaths. Why oh why does the government continue to let them in. One day they say do not agree with extremism and the very next day they could be participating in it. We are too tolerate them but they are not tolerating us but rather putting us down in one way or another. Face it multiculturalism does not work out unless there is some familiar ground. At best there should be tougher questions asked before allowing anyone in like after asking ones faith ask them if they were to have children in this country how important it is to them that their children follow that faith, what type of education they would like to have for their children, their views on marrying outside of their faith, views on womens dress, how often they attend their place of worship, how deeply they believe in their faith, their views on other religions one by one listing them, then after being in Canada for awhile ask them what they would like to seen changed in Canada likes dislikes etc… and if they appear to have a higher preference to their own country kick em out.

  11. Infact all those that have not received citizenship yet should be pulled before a review board now and tested to see if they are more westernized in thought or more with their heads still stuck in the Muslim train of thought.

  12. Perhaps modesty in thought is more important than modesty in dressing. What is the point of those asians and moslems migrating to the west and not westernized with their thought? Even in asia, many of those asians who are not moslems are also anti-western for no valid reason. The fact is many asians and moslems are not grateful to the West for all the aide and advancement from the West and Western people. The can’t see that their backward islamic and asian culture is causing all the decay, inconvenience and deterioration, even after all the aide and expertise pumped in from the West. Thsoe asian and moslems would blame theWest for the slightest reasons. thsoe asian and moslems are extremely proud people and most often inappropriately proud of their islamic and asian culture which often is no better than Western culture.

  13. people fail to see that most Muslims must think the same way as this guy is a convert. He was a Christian so there had to be a group of people teaching him to think the way he does. I am sure it did not come from himself overnight in a dream to think this way. It was taught to him by Islamic Clerics and followers alike. It is likely not the work of one persons teaching to him but by the many that he has sat down and discussed Islam with and they all likely said to him that is the correct way to think. People fail to see the risks involved with Islamism. I am sure many Muslims walking past Him on the street do nothing more than shake his hand and condone his behaviour. Look even at the change in Cat Stevens since he changed to Islam and the cruel things he too has said about how situations should be handles and how people should be punished.

  14. I think Cat Stevens changed alot after he married a moslem woman and convert to the moslem faith. Therefore western men should avoid being trap by a moslem woman.

  15. My letter to Harper, feel free to send one too.

    It is one thing to want to change Canada to a better and more free country that works better for the majority, however, when one wants to make changes that take away rights and freedoms, it is another thing all together.

    I find it very insulating that a Muslim Iman was harassing people passing by on the street, and telling women they should dress less provocatively and later inciting that laws should be changed so that women would all have to dress as Muslim women do. I feel that many do not value Canadian rights and freedoms, and take it upon themselves, way too often, to voice their opinions. Meanwhile, the average Canadian just sits back, laughs at this behavior, and ignores it.

    I feel that changes should be made in our immigration policies, so that the people being allowed into Canada show appreciation to the way Canada is a free country. What is being done to ensure that the right sort of people are being allowed into Canada; what is being done to ensure that people who appreciate Canada for its freedoms, among other things, are allowed into Canada?

    I feel that more questions should be asked, beginning with, but not limited to, how they would raise their children, what their values are, their strictness in their religion, how often they attend their place of worship (should they have one), and how important it is to instill their religious values on their children. Something to consider would also be the implementation of a second interview with new immigrants to Canada, after they have stayed a set amount of time in Canada.

    I, for one, am fed up with news articles stating that a young girl has been murdered, on the premise of dishonouring her family. I am also fed up because of all of the outcries, stating that people are spreading Islamophobia because the wrongdoings of specific members of the Muslim community are being publicized. I feel that if they want tolerance, it should work both ways, and they should not put down our ways of life. I feel that immigrants should be screened for their tolerance of others through asking them questions relating to what they might change about Canadian policy, and how much said change matters to them.


    a concerned Canadian citizen

  16. Feel free to use the above letter to send it to Harper yourself or post on other sites where you feel others may be interested in using it to message Harper. Spread the letter to those on your e-mail list also to pass on to others. Let’s stop sitting on our hands and doing nothing.

  17. I find it disgusting when islamic people tried to push their fake moral values onto us or their rude disgusting behaviour onto us infidels.

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