Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom Foundation speaks in Brussels at the ICLA conference July 9 2012

It is with great pleasure that I post this video of Gavin Boby. This man is a hero. He has accomplished a great deal in the short time since he had the idea to use the law in the fight against the destruction of Western Liberal Democracy by Islam and their useful idiots on the political left. His approach is unique but I think will spread.

Watch and enjoy and check out his site,

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  1. This method of not backing down and making the pc brigade accountable. Going after them for supporting islam is the best way as Gavin said to make them pause, to put fear into them for supporting islam. I also support the point that there is no point in taking to muslims about islam or anything else. They must be made aware that they are wrong. Not wrong most of the time but all the time. People forget these muzzies want to kill us and our children so there should never be room to discuss or debate with them. This is a weakness of our tolerant society the wish to see others as ourselves. These muslims see us as monkeys, as dirty as second or third class citizens. We should do the same to them, in full. Keep up the work Gavin and all that fight for our rights.

  2. Can we clone this fella? We need many more barristers with solid counter-sharia/counter-jihad convictions steadfastly cemented into/within our legal framework.

  3. Balls. Of. Steel. Seriously.

    He’s right. There’s no point debating with people who are waging war against you. Don’t resort to violence but bring down as big a hammer as you can.

    Whenever someone debates with me on this subject, instead of getting into finer points or allowing myself to get waylaid by whatever rhetorical trickery they want to use, I point out that they are using their intellectual skills to assist a campaign of murder and oppression.

  4. So when will they start a branch of this great and brave organisation in Denmark, and most importantly in Copenhagen, where there are now concrete plans and even permissions for grande mosques with very tall minaretes?
    ( no doubt for later use, when the ignorant and irresponsible politicians cave into muslims pressure once again and allow the muslim prayer howling ).

    Ordinary people don’t want these hate centrals here and all the trouble, intolerance and hate speech that automatically follow in their wake, everywhere they arise – we were never asked, and we are not being listened to by our weak and deeply naive PC politicians, who are always more afraid of insulting the islamists than of constantly cowing their own people into submission under the insane demands of these badly behaved and respectless barbarians.

  5. @Bjovulf: “…weak and deeply naive PC politicians….” This sounds quite a bit like “…that stupid, stupid counsel decided, voted to….”. Make no mistake, they are not naive nor stupid, as the bloodsport called politics can surely attest. On the contrary, IMNSHO, they are very much aware of their actions and the results of their policies.
    “So, if it’s not stupidity, then what the hell is it, that makes them do these things?” you may ask with profound distaste. The answer? MONEY. SAUDI MONEY. The money the began to receive when the oil began to flow. SAUDI MONEY IS PERMEATING EVERY ASPECT OF DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS. What can be done to stop it? VOTE. Voting nullifies the effects (to a point) of the cancer that is SAUDI MONEY. When Western polititians begin to fall as a result of their acquiescent policies, those like Geert Wilders and Marine LePen will rise to power. Once that process begins, others will be bouyed by both public support and the knowledge that out of office means no more SAUDI MONEY is headed their way.
    “When in doubt, ‘follow the money’, as this is surely where the answer lies.”

  6. Andrew Said “How Can I Help?”

    Andrew: This man’s website is linked to at the top of this post. They will have information on exactly how you can learn about proposed mosque developments in your area.

    If you don’t live in England then try to find the most established and respectable group in your country like SIOA or SIOE or similar. The most respectable groups are the most likely to have proffesionals with legal experience in their ranks. Then see if they are doing something like this and ask them how you can help.

  7. Whoops The link at the top of this post actually links to the main page of this site, not to the organizations site. So just type “” into your browser.

  8. I love the statement that the link with wordly success and Islam must be broken. This can be done in numerous ways. The worst way as Gavin points out is to debate a moslem. A better way is to beat the moslem when it comes to building mosques. Also EDL leader Tommy Robinson is constantly having Moslems and Commies thrown in prison for their hate tactics at his march and all for a few of his lads getting into the nick on trumped up charges and then released. The fact that the EDL is marching at all is a sign of failure for the moslems. They think certain areas belong to them. Think again. They think the law is on their side aided by politicians. Think again.
    These are issues peculiar to the UK but I would add that immigration from Eastern Europe leading to entire moslem areas being taken back by the Infidel is also a victory but is not reported by the MSM but is actually true when one takes a walk to some of these areas and sees how they have changed with Polish and Lithuanians shops selling pork products and even having them displayed not far from the Mosque. In any case that is the scenario in my town and it must be repeated in other areas just due to the sheer scale of immigration from Eastern Europe in the last decade or so. Now these immigrants are having lots of babies as well.So that is three things in the UK. One even hears from Muslims in my town that the Polish are taking over! Well it is a lot better than you infesting the place with your bearded men in dresses! The days when the English could look after their borders is gone. I for one am grateful to the recent immigrants for turning the tide on the hateful christianphobia of the moselms. Old abandoned quite venerable churches dating back centuries now have thriving Polish congregations. BTW I am not christian myself but I do consider it an important part of English culture and heritage and life.

  9. So, he’s turning the tide on them and holding them legally culpable if an act of terrorism occurs for their allowance of the building of the mosque? Interesting. Everyone fears the trial lawyers and court fees.

  10. How can we save a copy of this video, it was taken off of youtude and we need to be able to share this with the world. We all need to save it on our computer so we can share it with others

  11. This is without doubt a superb approach. The whole point is it’s about planning law, not religion. There’s no point saying “you can’t build this! muslims believe ‘x’ and ‘y’!”. It just gives PC councils an excuse to grant it on suicidal mulit-culti values alone. You defeat them with planning law, and their very own planning policies, which invariably mosques will shatter into a thousand pieces if permission’s granted. Very smart indeed. Many mosques, especially smaller ones, are unlawful ie they have no planning permission at all. You can force them to apply because of planning breeches, and when they do apply, you can drive a train through the middle of their sh*tty applications, and have it thrown out. Then they’re fu*ked.

    But you must be organised. As he says on his web site, the council is more fearful of organised, intelligent, determined non-muslims (who are still the majority), than a bunch of bearded, retarded chimpanzees in dresses screaming at them. Don’t be scared of these fu*kers.

    We need a Gavin Boby in every city in The West.

  12. Well done! Gavin. I’m on board, first thing Monday morning I shall be on the phone to my council re planning for anything Islamic. This monday and every monday from now on, Gavin you have marked their card, now lets erase this Islamic cancer from the weston civilation that they hate so much.Wake up Europe1…wake up World!

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