Judge who let Taliban soldier remain in Britain now allows refugee who raped girl, 12, stay in UK

Daily Mail:

  • Sani Adil Ali was described as a ‘potential danger to young girls’ by the judge who sentenced him for the sex attack on the child
  • Senior immigration judge Jonathan Perkins said it would breach the 28-year-old’s human rights to deport Ali
  • Ministers insist they are powerless to act



PUBLISHED: 21:02 GMT, 14 July 2012 | UPDATED: 21:04 GMT, 14 July 2012

Ruling: Immigration Judge Jonathan Perkins, pictured, said Ali can stay in BritainRuling: Immigration Judge Jonathan Perkins, pictured, said Ali can stay in Britain

A Sudanese asylum seeker who raped a 12-year-old girl has been allowed to remain in Britain – after a judge ruled it would breach his human rights to deport him.

Sani Adil Ali was jailed for raping the girl just months after he was given refugee status.

When he was sentenced, another judge described him as ‘a potential danger to young girls’ and put him on the Sex Offenders’ Register for the rest of his life.

But after serving a three-year sentence, an immigration tribunal ruled Ali could stay in Britain on the grounds that he could be in danger if he returned to Sudan.

Senior immigration judge Jonathan Perkins allowed the 28-year-old to remain in Britain, even though the rapist’s probation officers found that he presented some risk to young people.

In his ruling, Judge Perkins said: ‘We find that the appellant is still entitled to the protection of the Refugee Convention and the Qualification Directive.

‘In any event, removing him would be contrary to the United Kingdom’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.’

It is not the first time that Judge Perkins has made a controversial decision. Last month, The Mail on Sunday reported how he allowed an Afghan Muslim, who claimed he killed people while fighting for the Taliban, to remain in Britain.

It has also been reported that Judge Perkins has often allowed foreign criminals to remain in Britain because of their ‘right to a family life’ under the Human Rights Act.

His latest decision is another setback for Home Secretary Theresa May, whose plans to crack down on the way foreign criminals use human rights to avoid being deported appear to be repeatedly undermined by the courts.

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19 Replies to “Judge who let Taliban soldier remain in Britain now allows refugee who raped girl, 12, stay in UK”

  1. Dear James,

    To answer your question…..yes, lists are being made both here, the USA and the UK.

    Lawyers make the lists too.

    Such as the indefatigable advocates who have represented the interests of the Canadian terrorist, Omar Khadr.

    1) Dennis Edney of Edmonton Alberta, a solo operation.

    2) Nathan Whitling of Edmonton, Alberta, a lawyer with Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

    3) Brydie Bethell of Toronto, Ontario, a lawyer with Simcoe Chambers

    4) John Norris of Toronto, Ontario, a lawyer with Simcoe Chambers

    Add to that list a large number of Leftist professors, University administrators and members of the judiciary whose sentiments are allied in line with Jihadists. The list is long and detailed indeed.

    It seems treason and the avocation of those whose sworn oath is the destruction of the Western world is a growth industry today.

    That said, as we have noticed, change is on the way.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Judge Perkins should be sent to the sudan along with that rockspider how dare he continue to allow these young kids to be exposed to this asshole just because it breach his human rights to deport him. what about the innocent kids he WILL continue to rape, what about their human rights, dont our future generation matter any more.
    He chooses to rape as the koran dictates that young kids can be done as a muslim wishes, the kids have no say, do all kids now have to stay at home because of this judge he should be disbarred along with all other lawyers and judges that continue to support these assholes.

  3. When the courts fails to provide justice, vigilantism becomes a viable option. After committing such a crime this creature should fear remaining in Britain more than returning to Sudan. If there are any men left in Britain, he should be taken for a quiet ride and “deported” to the next life.

  4. These hare brained judges are well on their way of completing their task of turning the UK into the off shore shit-hole of Europe, the judges themselves being the biggest turds in it.

  5. Britain’s so brilliant Education Ministry had embarked on teaching sex to 5 year olds from last year. Britain already has health and social services, including counseling for children who are sexually active. One initiative has distributed contraceptives to girls as young as 11. Tony Blair said it is the right thing to do– handing free contraceptives to British girls. The Institute for Public Policy Research found that a major reason for Britain’s thug generation was the collapse of British family life. Evidence also showed that British adults are afraid to control their drunk, high, fornicating and violent teens. The adults also lagged behind their European peers in confronting their teenagers about “antisocial” behavior.

    The native Brits have double standards and are hypocrites; they don’t mention the fact that the majority of men who go to countries in East Asia looking for under aged sex are natives European men.

    This is sickening. It’s no wonder Great Britain is in such a bad shape. Ten years old British girls are haveing babies out of wedlock. They are not allowed to get married but are allowed to have babies. Teenage pregnancy rate in Great Britain is the highest in Western Europe. It is a civilised country and Yemen is a backward country because it allowes young girls to get married.

  6. Great Britain have a much better health care system, much better facilities even for the poorer people, generally provide much better care towards people who have problems and still are much more civilised. But no thanks to the flood of immigrants and the bad influenced from immigrants incompatible culture that come from middle east, asia and africa, that Great Britain is under pressure and it would be easier for Great Britain to cope if it stop accepting immigrants from the Middle East, Africa or Asia.

  7. And also Britain should stop wasting their precious resources in educating narrow minded foreigners who have no respect for decent Western values.
    Islamic should look after their too many social problems in their own islamic countries/communities and improve its own islamic communities behaviour first . Islamic people should not expect the West to understand islamic problems or islam when islamic people or eastern people did not try to understand the problems faced by Western people.

  8. Why would he be in danger if he went back to Sudan? I would have thought that having raped a 12-year old girl he would be a hero in any Muslim land!

  9. Someone needs to create a site that lists prominent islamists that live in the west and are trying to destroy it. People like Yasser Al Siri. Also include a list of followers where possible. Then another list of officials in the government, business leaders, council heads etc that help with this population replacement and islamisation. Then a list of individuals who encourage the demented islamist world view through the media. People like the head of the Al Quds news paper published in the UK. Then people like this judge. Then when the coming civil war is over we can put these people on trial.

  10. The Judge ignored the rights of everyone in Britain when he made this decision, he is a danger to everyone while he sets on a bench.

  11. Iftiarse Ham head
    Trying to justify Islime again I see. At least the English are not taught by some perverted paedo goat shagger prophet that mass paedo rape is acceptable unlike you perverted sick bastards.

  12. I wonder why this Iffy guy trys so hard. Why not take it to the BBC. They will love you and will give you a nice big lollypop. It maybe that he too is inbred like most muzzies. He comes here and provokes people to Insult his religion and his prophet. Is a muzzie at all. The great Sheik Osama never came to Vlad.

    Anyway, inbreeding may be the answer. Inbreeding does retard them and they can not help what they do.
    Inbred countries:
    Country Percentage of incestuous marriages
    Pakistan 70
    England 50 of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan
    Denmark 40 of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan
    Saudi Arabia 67
    Jordan & Kuwait 64
    Iraq 60
    UAR & Qatar 54
    Sudan 63

    So it could be that he is just stupid and thinks he will have some impact when he has none. The correct thing is to go the UN and the BBC and the Labour party and get his pat of head for being a good muzzie, but he comes here and people insult him and his prophet and his Lah or the Lah or Allah as this white arab supremacist god is referred to in his unholy koran. See how I just insulted what you love Iffy. If it was not for you I would not have done so. You are provoking people to blaspheme you Lah.

    We do know that Mohammad wore women’s clothes and enjoyed revelations from Allah while he was dressed in the clothes of Aisha. He was so freakish. He was a peadophile, a white arab racist who loved the ginger look. He would die his hair ginger,dress up in women’s clothes and have sex with an underage girl. He even had sex with a dead women and that is why they have a new new law in Egypt that allows a man to have sex with his dead wife six hours after she has died.

    Now it looks like Iffy does not mind that we blaspheme his Lah or his prophet. He actually encourages us. May his Lah roast him in hell forever. Inshallah.

  13. In a perfect world, where men stand up for their families and country, one would think “it” would be in more danger remaining in the UK.

  14. Kafir Harby and Angof,
    Thats what im getting at, a database of enemies of the west, especially within our own communities for spies, traitors and turncoats. A bit like collaborators during WW2.

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