The ‘Dollar Auction’, and why Western people’s view of Islam is a kind of African money scam

Here is a great analysis by Sultan Knish

Say that you get a tempting offer from a Nigerian prince and decide to invest some money in helping him transfer his vast fortune from Burkina Faso or Dubai over to the bank across the street. The seemingly simple task of bringing over the 18 million dollars left to him by his father hits some snags which require you to put in more and more of your own money.

Eventually you have invested more than you ever would have ever done up front, just trying to protect the sunk cost, the money that you already sank into Prince Hussein Ngobo’s scheme. And to protect your self-esteem, you must go on believing that, no matter what Prince Ngobo does, he is credible and sincere. Any failings in the interaction are either your fault or the fault of some third party. Anyone who tells you otherwise must be a Ngobophobe.

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7 Replies to “The ‘Dollar Auction’, and why Western people’s view of Islam is a kind of African money scam”

  1. Multi-Culturalism is built on the dogma of the Holocaust, and the evil of Christian Europeans. Henryk Broder has pointed out that all the pieties of the Holocaust hide a deep running hatred of Israel. Only when more Jews come out and state that Islam is far worse than National-Socialism, and that fierce Anti-Zionism is worse than a little bit of Anti-Semitism, can Israel and the Jewish people be saved from the Islamic onslaught. In fact, the Koran contains far more Anti-Semitism than Mein Kampf. The Muslims played “nice” with Jews as a form of taqiyya, to make them betray the Christian West. Jews should remember that the Christian West gave them the right to moneylending, while the Muslim world forbade money lending.

  2. A very good analysis, the danger is that the leftist politicians have so much of their reputations tied to the multicultural meme that they can’t admit they are wrong, to do so would be political suicide.

  3. Its money gained thru these scams or thru halal, either way they get the suckers in.
    Some people are so gullible that they will believe the scam and send their money to them and we have the halal scam taking over our food, its a win-lose war

  4. Sultan Knish is spot-on. But the best way to destroy the Left is by constantly rubbing in that Hitler was a Leftist; “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg.

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