Iran vows to back any nation that fights America, Israel

Daily Caller:

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a defiant speech in the face of Iran’s conflict with the West over its nuclear program, vowed that “Iran will stand by all those who will confront America and Israel.”

“The oppressors — and at the helm of it America and the Zionists — have been taken by surprise by the [Arab Spring] movement and are trying with all their power to control it,” Khamenei said. “However, if the Islamic nations resist the conspiracies, then it is guaranteed that they will be victorious over the world oppressors.”

The supreme leader, in an address Wednesday to the participants of the international conference on “Women and Islamic Awakening” in Tehran, made his comments even as it was revealed that the U.S. Navy is rushing underwater drones to the Persian Gulf to prevent Iran from closing the Strait of Hormuz should hostilities break out. The submersibles seek out and destroy mines.

In his address, Khamenei first criticized the Western approach with women and emphasized that the West for over a century has tried to influence Islamic women and separate them from their great culture and heritage.

“The West, in the depth of their culture, treats women as a vehicle for the satisfaction of men … and on that path calls it freedom, just like how they call it freedom and democracy when they send their troops to kill and steal the wealth of other nations,” Khamenei said, according to the Keyhan newspaper.

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6 Replies to “Iran vows to back any nation that fights America, Israel”

  1. “The West, in the depth of their culture, treats women as a vehicle for the satisfaction of men … ”

    Yet, Muslims call the women in the West “whores” and rape them. This is highly inconsistent. Also, if the West would want to steal the oil from the Muslims, that would mean the Muslims have the oil now. Well then, if the Muslims, and not the West, have the oil, how can the West be dangerous? That idiotic Ayatollah should stop scapegoating the West, and worry about the REAL threat to Iran, that is, the Pakistani nukes.

  2. Iran wants a war that will turn into hell on earth so the Mahdi can return, the Iranian leaders don’t care if Iran is destroyed as long as the Mahdi returns. This fact is ignored by everyone who says Iran will calm down once they have nukes.

    When someone says they are going to kill you pay attention.

  3. Yes Richard, Iran cannot be allowed to acquire nukes… And yes ddddddddddddd those morons couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag:)

  4. I wish more people in power thought you way Ross, unfortunately we have people who refuse to believe that 1) Iran will use their nukes and 2) that the Moslems want to conquer the world.

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