Brian Lilley on what may be, ‘The oddest fatwa of them all’

After suckling coworkers so that they seem like family and some other rather weird ones, its hard to find the weirdest. We posted this early yesterday on Vlad as a story but its highly satisfying to see someone on broadcast TV actually inform the general public.

You have to watch to the last part to see that story though

I titled the video,

“Bugger me with a fish fork, we’re Muslim!”

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10 Replies to “Brian Lilley on what may be, ‘The oddest fatwa of them all’”

  1. Distended anuses and a marked limp combined with caution used in assuming the sitting position………all indications of a potential terrorist…..


    OK…’s a test……feed a group of suspects a large helping of chili laced with lima beans……sit them in a room……those whose farts are distinctly audible, thereby indicating a tight anus….can be released……….those lacking sufficient anal tenor can be immediately be incarcerated…….

    Sounds good to me……

    I can just see now…..high in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan…….to the strains of Barbara Streisand and Cher, can be heard to male voices lightly toned with feminine accents…..


    Sounds good to me……

    Islam and muslims……providing the other 90 percent of the world’s population with non stop hilarity…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. The Holocaust is a Muslim forgery to drive a wedge between Jews and Christians. In fact, during the thirties and forties, Muslims murdered ten million Jews in the Middle-East.

  3. The politicians in and out of uniform are going to continue to deny there is any such thing as an Islamic threat, they have too much political capital tied up in the peaceful Islam lie to survive if they admit they are wrong.

  4. Too bad the camera wasn’t on Peter Mansbridge when the Prime Minister said what he said. I would of like to see the look on his face. Anyway, Mr. Harper said what all Canadians needed and must hear before it is too late.

  5. I find the observation interesting that the very people calling for death for homosexuals and lesbians, are the same one’s who somdomize each other and little boys.

    The Arab/ Asian culture of pedophilia is well documented, but strangely, you never hear about it on the news, when they do fluff pieces on other “cultures”.

  6. Dear Blindguard,

    Did you expect anything else?……

    Discussing the screams of agony wrought from a child being raped and sodomized can be rather unsettling to those who are trying so very very hard to enjoy a Starbucks 5 shot, no foam latte and a chocolate biscotti…..all whilst reading the latest issue of “Enlightened and Empowered” (a publication on the cutting edge of all things Liberal and Leftist)

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  7. Now you know why the homosexual activists support the Moslems, they know that they are fellow travelers in sexual deviance.

  8. Well Richard,

    …..detecting terrorists has been made so much easier now……just keep your eyes peeled when in the local drugstore/apothecary…..look for slightly sweaty, nervous Middle Eastern or African gentlemen buying large quantities of anal lube, scented in either one of those wacky and wild scents so popular with Jihadi Bum Jockeys, scents like “CRAZY COUS-COUS” or “KERBANG-KEBAB”…..just the thing to remind a Jihadi of Momma’s cooking all whilst he’s “PACKING FUDGE FER ALLAH”…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  9. Nevertheless, Pim Fortuyn was gay, too. When you tell people in Eastern Europe that it is very common to be gay and opposed to Islam in Western Europe, they are freaked out.
    Talking about boy-rape in Islam, never mention to Eastern Europeans that the Muslims raped collected boys. It is too painful to them.

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