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2 Replies to “Charles Adler on the rape and murder of the Afghan woman”

  1. The war in Afghanistan could easily be won, and at a very low cost, simply by mutilating a few of those Taliban warriors. But no, we had to be civilized, and waste billions, if not trillions on that war. It is also utter hypocrisy. It is considered humane and civilized to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or incendiary bombs on Dresden, but it would be barbaric to cut off the noses and ears of a Taliban warrior, let alone his hands. I do not understand this. Really, I do not understand this. The traitorous elite should understand that ruthlessness will be met with ruthlessness.

  2. No War has been won by sticking to the Rules,in fact,the truth is when it comes to War,there are NO RULES,i agree with you Columnist,lets end it quickly,and Run right through that God-Forbidden part of the World,we can pick up the Rule Book again on the way out.

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