This post contains pictures taken by myself at the conference of the main speakers, and appear below the fold.

Brussels 2012 Conference


Sponsored by International Civil Liberties Alliance

On 9 July 2012, at the European Parliament in Brussels, writers and representatives of human rights and civil liberties groups from eighteen countries held the first International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights, sponsored by the International Civil Liberties Alliance. The countries represented were:


The highlights of the conference were the presentation and signing of the 2012 Brussels Declaration, a foundational document to defend freedom of speech, civil liberties and human rights, and the presentation of the Defender of Freedom Award by keynote Speaker Mark Steyn to Lars Hedegaard, founder of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society.

Speaker Biographies
2012 Brussels Declaration
Defender of Freedom Award
Press Release

9:00 ICLA staff Registration

9:30 ICLA staff Morning coffee

10:00 Philip Claeys and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff — Opening remarks

10:15 Alain Wagner — ICLA relaunched

10:30 Hans Jansen — Keynote speech: The origins of Sharia

11:00 Valentina Colombo — The myth of ”Islamophobia”

11:15 Nidra Poller Jihad –- the effort to enforce Sharia

11:30 Alexandre de Valle — The dangers of the Istanbul Process

11:45 Mini-break

12:00 Sabatina James– The trouble of being an apostate

12:15 Sam van Rooy — Islam versus free speech

12:30 Pierre Cassen — Islamists & leftists & OIC united against free speech

12:45 Paul Weston — The need for Freedom in Britain (Tommy Robinson stands in for Paul Weston)

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Mark Steyn — Keynote Speech: Defender of Freedom Award presented to Lars Hedegaard

14:15 Lars Hedegaard — Acceptance speech

14:45 Ingrid Carlqvist — The need for Free Press in Sweden

15:00 Ned May — Free speech after Breivik

15:15 Magdi Allam — Securing freedom of religion

15:30 Gavin ‘Lawman’ Boby — The Law and Freedom Initiative

15:45 Mini-break

16:00 Conny Axel Meier, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Christian Jung — Short presentations

16:20 Alain Wagner and Ned May and Elizabeth Sabbaditcsch-Wolff read — The ”Brussels Declaration” and its implications

16:40 Panel of speakers — Q&A session, discussion

17:00 ICLA staff wrap up


  1. They seem like a nice bunch of respectable people who do not in the slightest (with the exception of Tommy) represent any facet of the working class experience.

    Don’t get me wrong I have read many of the books and articles published by these people and have a great deal of admiration for many of them.

    But my point stands.

  2. @imnokuffar
    Like you I always feel a little uneasy when people like these (apart from Tommy) start going on about free speech. Far too much freedom of speech has been lost in recent years due to the actions of people who have never had to suffer the consequences.

    On the freedom of religion I also have my reservations, especially when certain Muslims are trying their best to bring back anti blasphemy laws with the excuse that they are doing it for the sake of freedom for all religions. Islam tolerate other religions? No way.

  3. I’m with Seneca. Would have been great to attend.

    Regarding the comments about working class people not being there, you might find a lot of them are not educated enough to be able to speak out on these issues. They are not articulate. The great dumbing down of the working class has had the effect of disenfranchising them to the extent that even if they do understand what’s going on, they often can’t present a coherent argument.

    They know a lot of talking points, but can’t drill down. They are too busy working, raising families, dealing with the day to day realities of losing their world to spend the time needed to read up on history and religion and politics.

    I know – as a single parent who works full time, I can barely keep up with what’s happening now, and I don’t have anywhere near the time to blog that I used to when the offspring was a little tacker. And I can present an argument.

    Tommy is a rare exception, as is Kev Carroll. There are not too many on our side who will stick their head up with a large target painted on it, and when the working class have so little to spare then can you blame them for not risking it?

    At least these men and women are making a stand and forging ahead.

  4. nilk
    What you say is true of course, but that does not explain why so many vote for the very people who are the cause of our present day mayhem. But we have all heard of the word ‘apathy’ of course. There is a saying that 2% of people are willing to fight and that the other 98% are willing to let them.

  5. Hans Jansen is a very important Dutch person. He wrote The Neglected Duty. That book was so convincing, many Jihadists thought Hans Jansen was a Jihadist himself.
    Alexandre de Valle has convincingly argued that the USA uses Islam, especially Salafi Islam, against Europe. This would mean that Europe should retaliate by replacing Salafi mosques by Shia mosques, and support Shi’ites and Mexicans against the USA. Alexandre de Valle, and other Nationalists in Europe, argue that Europe should ally with Russia; the axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow. Russia is allied to Iran. Iran has severe demographic problems, and unlike Europe, can’t solve them by euthanasia under the current religious regime. This means change of religion is necessary.
    Also, it is obvious that the West isn’t really dependent on Muslim oil, or the OIC would have its way many years ago. The Left should understand that by constantly changing the definition of racism, and defining it in such a way that only non-Muslims can be racist, and be called “white”, they make themselves irrelevant. Why should we take an “expert” on “racism” like Tim Wise, more serious than a Catholic or Jewish theologian? If a Leftist states that race does not exist and only “whites” can be racist, he is more ridiculous than a scholastic who calls the Communion Wafer to be the Really Existing Jesus Christ. We could easily counter that the example of Ayaan Hirsi Ali proves that members of the Muslim “race” can become memberes of the “white” race, and have children with them, and that the whole question whether “Islamophobia” is a form of “racism” is completely irrelevant, as the Muslim “race” won’t be wiped out genetically. If someone calls Ayaan Hirsi Ali a house n…., and someone who has internalized White Supremacism, we could easily say that our Muslim opponent is a house n… of the Saudis, and someone who has internalized Saudi Supremacism. Actually, Ayaan Hirsi Ali didn’t internalize White Supremacism. It is People of Color from Muslim backgrounds, as well as Arab Christians, who warned “whites” for the dangers of Islam! If anything, “White Supremacists” internalized Arab Christianity! Saudis treat People of Color far worse than any “racist”/”White Supremacist” in Europe or America.

  6. I am a little disgruntled about referring to us working class folks as too dumb and not articulate enough to participate in politics . Yes, it is true that most of us have to work longer to make ends meet and so cannot be involved in the research necessary but this is no reflection on our education or lack of it. I was brought up on a rough council estate in middle England, excelled at school and went to an “Ivy League” university. Nevertheless, I remain working class and will probably never break out of it due to the fact that, in true British working class tradition, I believe it is better to clean toilets or sweep the streets than to rely on someone else to earn my living for me whilst I sit on my backside. Hopefully, if and when the likes of the British Freedom Party or UKIP are voted in they will remember the working class folks and make it easier for us to move upwards if our hard work and education merits it.

  7. tc the reason the so called upper classes often vote for the left is simple 1) they are propagandized by their schools, the left wants to control all schooling so only their ideas are heard. 2) many are secretly wishing that they were nobles in a true feudal society. Don’t let these turn you against the ones who are on our side, they are doing things that need to be done and are making converts among the upper class.

    What people forget is that the true power rests in the Upper Middle Class, they are the ones we must cultivate and the speakers at this conference are the ones they will listen to. Never forget that class warfare is a double edged blade, don’t fall into the class warfare mode and drive away our allies.

  8. Catherine, no insult is intended. I could be considered working class also, and I speak to enough people that most honestly don’t have the ability to argue credibly.

    This is just the way it is, and it’s a bloody shame. It harms everyone, and helps to keep the working class in their place.

    Reading has been devalued, and history is bastardised so that people are unaware of how they came to be where they are.

  9. nilk you are right, part, even most of the reason for this is the dumbing down of the western educational system, a friend was sent an email by his father. It had a test for 8th grade graduates in 1900, it was so hard I doubt most high school and at least half of the community collage (2 years) grads could pass it.

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