As usual, leftist utopian speech, thought and ‘discrimination’ laws selectively applied in the UK as they are in Canada


By Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine

Nine images of flat advertisements, each citing the desired race or sexuality of the prospective tenant

“To let” advertisements that specify a particular race or religion are visible in newsagents windows in many areas of London. But are they breaking the law?

Today overt racial discrimination is both illegal and socially unacceptable.

But it is now possible to find advertisements seeking tenants for rented accommodation which specify race, or other characteristics, in a way which some experts believe breaks the law.

Newsagents in different areas of London carry adverts saying:

  • “Double bedroom available… Asian only”
  • “Double room to let Gujarati (Indian) only”
  • Close to the station and bus stops (Filipino only)
  • “Professional single lady or Sri Lanka professional couple”
  • “House for rent… only Asian families”

And even on the Gumtree website you can find the occasional advert for flats in London and Birmingham specifying race.

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Here is the same issue in Canada

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6 Replies to “As usual, leftist utopian speech, thought and ‘discrimination’ laws selectively applied in the UK as they are in Canada”

  1. Anil Bhanot, managing trustee of the Hindu Council UK. “To demand “Indian only” is a mistake, he says, but there is nothing negative about expressing a preference.

    “It could be people are looking for someone with whom they have more common interests. It’s not that they can’t live with an English person.
    Exactly. Common interests define a peaceful nation that can live with itself as well.

  2. This can be easily explained. In Leftism, White people are powerful oppressors, People of Color are powerless oppressed. The oppressors aren’t allowed anything, the oppressed are allowed everything. This is a leftover from the Christian moral sentiment in which the weak are protected from the strong. The Leftists will compare the oppressed with children, who are also weak and need protection. But children are the exception. Children are needed to continue society. In general, there should be Classical Liberal equality to the law, or even better, reverse the silly double standards of Cultural “Marxism”.

  3. Even in malaysia, most people are very racist, ie, they want chinese only or indians only or moslems/islamic people only for certain jobs and housing. The problem is I am asian but don’t belong to any of the asian subgroups and that makes it a big hassle for me. The fact that too many asians of all types are racist is also another unconfortable fact.

  4. It is nothing wrong if those asians or islamics prefer their own kind but when they do it in a supremacist manner or denying struggling people or disadvantaged people like us an opportunity to improve their standard of living or job situation, then it became very evident that those asians and islamics are themselves guilty of denying other people a basic decent life. They go to the west and they start their nonsense again and that is bad. the asians for a start should stop being so exploitive and racist.

  5. In normal language, people may be “racist”. But “racism” is a term coined and defined by a class of Leftist intellectuals, who define the term as they see fit. They control the academia, so they make up the rules. I feel your pain, WLIL.

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