The far-Right leader in a Sikh headscarf and a very disturbing anti-Muslim alliance: EDL joins protesters angry at ‘grooming of girls’

Yu could be at a hippie love in with all the peoples of the world playing Andean music on a Tres and humming Kumbaya and still be called a “far right extremist” if you object to admitted Muslim pedophile rape gangs.

Oh how far into the narrative of the OIC the Western media has fallen. Sad? no. Criminal? Very very much so.

From the Daily Mail:

By Ian Gallagher and Ross Slater

PUBLISHED: 16:06 EST, 30 June 2012 | UPDATED: 16:07 EST, 30 June 2012

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    • At first, the dozen white men mingling with 300 or so Sikh demonstrators besieging Luton police  station went largely unnoticed.

They stood on the fringes, content to observe. But as the night wore on and the intensity of the protest increased, the white men grew more raucous and aggressive.

What was remarkable about their presence was that they were members of the far-Right English Defence League.

Kevin Carroll, wearing a white shirt and a black headscarf is talking to a police officer surrounded by local Sikhs in Luton during the demonstrationKevin Carroll, wearing a white shirt and a black headscarf is talking to a police officer surrounded by local Sikhs in Luton during the demonstration

They had turned up to express support for their Sikh ‘brothers’ who were angry at the way detectives had handled an allegation that a young Sikh woman had been sexually assaulted by a Muslim man.

The EDL makes no secret that it loathes Islamism, but stresses that, unlike the British National Party, it embraces all other creeds.

That said, when EDL supporters have taken to the streets in the past they have done so with St George’s flags and banners bearing inflammatory slogans.

In Luton all 12 men, including EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his right-hand man Kevin Carroll, wore a rumal, the traditional Sikh headscarf.

That night – May 29 – racial tensions had risen in the multicultural  town and this time it was Luton’s usually equable Sikh community that was angry.

EDL leader Kevin Carroll adresses the crown during an anti-peadophile protest last year
English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, also attended the demonstration

English Defence League leaders Kevin Carroll, left, and Tommy Robinson, right,  whose real name is Steven Lennon both wore the traditional Sikh headscarf rumal along with the ten other EDL members at the protests

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28 Replies to “The far-Right leader in a Sikh headscarf and a very disturbing anti-Muslim alliance: EDL joins protesters angry at ‘grooming of girls’”

  1. They call it ‘disturbing.’ I call it the beginnings of a return to civilization in the UK.

    And I’m beyond glad that the honorable and courageous Sikhs are on our side.

  2. It just galls me everytime when the leftist, turd burgling ass-monkeys of the fourth estate call the EDL “far right” just to tar them as a group of racist fascists, and right when the EDL was reaching out to the Sikh community. It is bullshit, cynnical, and it is a deliberate attempt to obsfucate the issue of the sexual abuse these children suffer. This just goes to show where the left’s priorities are. Certainly not with the victims here. Notice the article’s disdainful treatment of the flag of St. George, as if it were a swastika! Leftist narcissism at it’s most disgusting, and yes, it IS CRIMINAL!!

  3. All this ranting about far-Right is meant to isolate white non-Muslims from other non-Muslims. Non-Muslims should understand the official Anti-Racism movement is an extension of the most extremist Muslims. Muslims treat People of Color far worse than all “racists” ever did.

  4. Comparing “Islamophobia” with National-Socialism is ludicrous. America is the most “Islamophobic” country on Earth, America defeated National-Socialist Germany.

  5. “That said, when EDL supporters have taken to the streets in the past they have done so with St George’s flags and banners bearing inflammatory slogans.”

    Since when is displaying the flag of St. George a far right statment? Only someone who despises England would say it is a negative thing to do.

    And “inflammatory slogans” is inherrantly bogus terminology. It is both veague and highly subjective. Notice they don’t give an example of that supposedly inflamatory language. That’s because the jornalist knows it isn’t “inflamatory”. That choice of language means the jornalist also knows it’s true.

    ALL protests use slogans that will get peoples attention. That is the purpose of signs and banners at demonstrations. Duh! Even a protest about the repeal of “keep off the grass” signs would use language that could be called “inflamatory”.

    Using language this way is morally the same as lying. This is a fundamentally dishonest jornalist.

  6. One of my comments from that page: Sikhs are no longer a warrior culture and don’t still engage in “warrior” type behavior. Behavior such as Rape and Pillage, for example.

    Pimping of another cultures children is rape and pillage combined. The Vikings who attacked Briton for 300 years would have been impressed with that efficient innovation.

  7. This is good news. The more communities the EDL reaches out to in its fight against Islamofacism the better. Kevin seems like a great guy and is like his good friend Tommy is a person who knows how to connect with people in a positive way.

    In multiculturalism it appears that Muslims rank higher than anyone including gay people. Sikhs tend to pretty quiet on the whole but this seems to have got them worked up. Muslims are usually worked up about things all the time, and aided by petro dollars, the media and political elite they have a much bigger voice in the multiculteral world of today. Indeed they rank above all other, even the Gays! BTW I am for gay marriage and know two gay people. So………… no problems there for me.

    On the issue of the Vikings I must say that was a long time ago but it is good to be reminded as one is endlessly bombarded by the Nordic glory gospel from the likes of Fjordman and Sennels. I am not convinced as I do not believe that they should be engaged in Whale Hunting and there contributions to Western Culture is hardly on a par with mainland western Europe, including of course the UK. Whale hunting is a barbarous remnant of those Viking times; which were for hundreds a years a source of real suffering for the people of Britain. Forget the warrior Viking culture and ditch that rubbish now! You do not need to eat Whale meat when there are hundreds of different pizzas, etc on sale! There is even Vegetarian food on sale!

  8. The BNP is also very much anti Islam, it is also very much anti mass immigration no matter what the creed or colour. Let’s not get this confused with racism. The BNP has amongst its membership both Jews and Sikhs amongst others. The BNP backs the Sikhs because those people have particularly suffered at the hands of the Muslims in the past. The Sikhs have been loyal to Britain for many years and have fought for Britain as have the Gurkhas, a fact which is very much appreciated by the BNP.

    One big difference between the EDL and the BNP is that the BNP is a legitimate political party who’s leader Nick Griffin is a Member of the European Parliament. Amongst other things one of it’s functions is it’s all out crusade against Islam as it continues to spread like a cancer in it’s quest to dominate the civilised world under Shiria law.

    Nick Griffin himself and a few other have even been jailed on trumped up charges of racism in their fight against the evils of Islam. These charges were brought about by Britains biggest anti white racist biggot namely Trevor Phillips. This man although born in London is a Muslim of Black African origin who appears to hate anybody or anything that isn’t Muslim. He is or was then the Chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) which gives some idea as to the one sidedness of this organisation.

    He, like many other prominent Muslims tried to defend the Muslim paedo rapists by refering to them as “Asians”, an insult to any decent Asian. But this is the true character of Islam as its members lie and try to shift the blame elsewhere in order to cover their own evil tracks.

    The charges of racism brought by Trevor Phillips, using tax payers money, against Nick Griffin and his supporters were thrown out when the facts were known. The facts were that Trevor Phillips was trying to infer that Muslims are a race when everybody knows they are not. If he had succeeded in his attempt to make it a racial issue nobody in Britain would have dared open there mouths against Islam again.

    As a final touch the Islamic leaders are now trying to bring back our laws of blasphemy which were kicked out a few years ago. The reason they were kicked out it seems, was to appease the Muslims when shouting down Christian values on the streets. This now seems to have backfired because of the failure of trying to convince us that Muslims are a race.

    The reason they give for wanting the blasphemy laws back is to “give freedom to all religions.” A typical massive Muslim lie. The only reason they want them back is so that nobody dare criticize Islam for fear of punishment, thereby giving them a free hand to do their evil worst. And they will.

  9. The Cameron idiot said there were ‘None Sicker’ than the EDL. The Daily Mail are signed up to back silly Cameron. This puts them in an awkward position as his anti-British personality problems gradually become more obvious. One result is that the DM ends up within the same edition praising patriotism and vilifying todays actual patriots. Accomplices in treachery against the people of the UK.

  10. So if one opposed Islamo-fascism, one is FAR RIGHT?

    This absolutely disgusting grooming of vulnerable young White girls, selling them on to others, getting them addicted to drugs, then gang rapes, has been going on for over a decade, and possibly more, on a very large scale. The culprits were in almost all cases Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslims. NOT Asians, NOT Buddhists or Hindus. Get it right for once MSM. Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. Common bottom line – Muslims.

    But the media suppressed it. The police and social services turned a blind eye to it. And now they are trying to blame the EDL to distract from their abominable dereliction of duty. Thank God for the EDL. If they hadn’t gone out on the streets, this evil would be still ongoing, and hundreds of families destroyed.

    The entire establishment is complicit in this major crime on vulnerable young girls, and now they are trying to turn the spotlight from their complicity and failure, to the EDL.

    Shame on them all.

  11. Glad the EDL are hanging in despite the name-calling they get. The tipping point is coming. Lefties continue to trot out the same labels and reality makes them ludicrious.

  12. “The reason they give for wanting the blasphemy laws back is to “give freedom to all religions.” A typical massive Muslim lie. The only reason they want them back is so that nobody dare criticize Islam for fear of punishment, thereby giving them a free hand to do their evil worst. And they will.”

    Muslims should charged with blasphemy. Salafists when they insult Shi’ites, Shi’ites when they insult Salafists. Actually, the bank accounts of oil sheiks should be blocked.

  13. Columnist:

    The OIC has carefully and craftily defined what ‘all religions’ means, and it means Islam. The OIC states something to the effect that, ‘all religions were valid in their time but were all abrogated with the coming of Mohamed’ and therefore, the only legitimate religion is Islam. When the Ikhwan or the OIC or UN or whatever talk about blasphemy or desecration of all religions they mean one thing and one thing only. Special treatment for Islam. It is in fact codified albeit sneakily.

    You should also know that Hillary Clinton signed off on this and I have a photo of that with her right next to the head of the OIC when she did.

    There is a video in production by others I know which detail this with overwhelming evidence that I hope to get a chance to post when they release it or at least link to it.

    Meanwhile if you are a research oriented person feel free to check the facts as I spell them out here and post links in comments.

    (If there are more than 1 link per comment I will have to approve it so it may take a little while to appear)

  14. They are trying to project a non-racist image by supporting this group,
    I think it is a mistake, but I will always support EDL, and their cause,

    I think the sikhs are very extreme and just as backward/non integrative group as the islamics, however, although they have committed heinous acts of terrorism in Canada and Europe, the sikhs that is, they are a putrid little pea next to the large vomit of the earth, the scourge of islam

  15. @morticia
    Can you please give us an example of Sikh terrorism in Canada or Europe? I’m sure people would like to know about it. The only Sikh “terrorism” I’ve heard of so far is their stance against Paedostani Muslim rapists. If that’s an example of Sikh “terrorism” then I’m all for it.

  16. morticia says:

    July 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    And with that kind of talk you prove the Left to be right when say bigotry doesn’t stop at Islam. That position comes more and more indistinguishable from outright White Nationalism.

  17. I believe it was Sikh terrorists who blew up a flight originating from Toronto to India killing hundreds of Canadians. The trial was endless. The slippery bastards seem to have gotten away with it. But no one disputes the fact that it was Sikh terrorists who blew up a Canadian flight killing hundreds. I believe it is referred to as, The Air India Disaster’ but I am not 100% on that.

  18. @Eeeyore
    Never heard of that before but I’ll certainly keep it in mind. We’ve had more than our fair share of terrorists and we don’t need any more. But it’s a fact that Sikhs hate Muzzies and I far one would not put anything past one of those devious little muzzie tow-rags.
    Thanks for the piece of info, I’ll see if I can find out more about it.

  19. I like how the paper surrounds the phrase ‘grooming of girls’ with quote marks, as if to indicate that it’s some kind of spurious or imagined situation no doubt concocted by those wacky far-right extremists to further their insidious secret agenda. Well, it’s certainly not imagined. It has been going on for years and has involved thousands of girls all over Britain, and even the mainstream press has finally picked up on it.

  20. @Columnist
    “America defeated National Socialist Germany”. Are you real or just a plain moron?
    There were a few million more took part in the defeat of Nazi Germany including Canadians. The USSR took on two thirds of the German army whilst the Western Alliance took on one third. Get your facts right Rambo and don’t be such a Gung-Ho Idiot.

  21. @Mathias
    True what you say but it has been taking place in many other countries too. In the UK it has only come to light via the constant political pressure from the EDL and the BNP. What we have now is a situation where people believe that this is only happening in Britain when in fact it is happening all over the Western world. The Brits have broken down the wall of silence and the political cover ups in this country, (partly). Now it’s up to other nations to examine what is going on in their own back yards because we are only scratching the tip of the iceberg.

  22. This is good news, the leftist can lie their heads off but the alliance between the Sikhs and the EDL is good news, it is a sign that Britain isn’t going to be one of the nations the Moslems temporally take over. The Moslems should have read more factual histories before they decided to work hard to piss off the Europeans.


    In fact, Julius Streicher published exactly such accusations against Jewish young men. It was also asserted that”non-Aryan” and otherwise defective young women who were merely sterilized would deliberately catch Gomorrah and infect purebred German males with it in order to keep them from reproducing their superior kind, so, for a while, such girls and women had their entire reproductive tracts removed, until policymakers decided it was cheaper and easier to kill them.

    I see where you are coming from, but to my mind, it IS apt to compare Islamophobia and anti-Semitism because they really are rehashing the same arguments. They come from the same place. Hell, in many cases they are even the same people. The EDL were (and still are) vehement anti-Semites; they just don’t broadcast that fact quite so publicly anymore. I don’t mean to insult any Jews by lessening what they went through. They’ve arguably had a rougher time of it. We haven’t had anything like a Holocaust yet. But it doesn’t change the fact that we are all in the same boat together. Anyone who would victimize Muslims would likely victimize Jews next, or Hindus, or Sikhs, or blacks…

  24. I disagree with Morticia. Sikhs have integrated well into the UK. In fact they have the highest degree of home ownership in the UK. They have to work hard and toil long hours to bring home the bacon so to speak (though they do tend to vegetarianism!) in order to fund this level of stability and expenditure. I agree with Morticia though that they are very few in number. In fact in the UK most other ethnic minorities, except the Jew, have more numbers in terms of the the number game of demography. The Jews come second in terms of home ownership but have the first spot with regards to value in that their homes which tend to be larger and so they have the most valuable homes. Jews as a group rarely speak up against Muslims in the UK but the Sikhs seem to be doing so. I think the EDL is right to go for a broad coalition of infidels which includes, Sikhs, Jews, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists.
    The accusation of Sikh terrorism is similar to the Christian Militants blowing up a abortion clinic. It comes up every time when Sikh are mentioned and the abortion clinic line comes up when it comes to the Christians. This reasoning is dealt with in the same way: scale. The sheer scale of the Muslim terrorism dwarfs any kind of terrorism ever perpetrated in modern times by any other group of religious people.

  25. On the issue of Multiculturalism I do feel that the whole thing becomes unmanageable for the left, the media elites and the political elites if it is not one group to demonise which is usually the British white people. This works well and in the favour of muslims as they are the favourite group of the left, the media and the political elites but when it comes to demonizing other groups then the Huge Block VS Whites is broken. Sikhs, Jews and whoever else wants to come aboard will be what breaks this block. Amazingly the same technique of mentioning one incident with regards to a flight bombing or an abortion clinic is used to portray the community as being similar to the Muslims but of course the issue of scale is conveniently not remembered. Everyone is painted in the same brush and the whole thing is brushed under the carpet. This tactic is familiar to most readers and most readers can easily deal with it by using the issue of scale. However, once the block begins to break what will The Block do? It seems that they will have to report things more tribally. Let us hope this does in fact happen. Multiculturalism in this format may save Western Civilisation!

  26. Don, you are very right. Cultural “Marxism”/Anti-Racism tries to separate Whites from the rest, so that the Muslims can take them down first. From Everyone against Whites, we go to Everyone against Muslims. It would be even better if the EDL didn’t call itself English Defense League, but Together Against Muslims, or Multi-Culturalism Against Muslims. Let’s face it, Muslims f… up for everyone else. What Muslims do in Africa against Black people is far worse than what the Left calls “racism”.

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