Filip Dewinter threatened with death: Mini-sentence for Islamist

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From this Austrian site:

Threats and violent attacks against the Vlaams-Belang-Politician Filip
Dewinter are part of his everyday life. The criminals get usually mild sentences.

A 33 year old salafist from Geneva who threatened the Vlaams-Belang Politician Filip Dewinter with death, was now sentenced by a criminal court in Antwerp to 46 hours of voluntary social work and a fine of 275 euros on probation plus one euro as moral compensation. He must do  the social work in a center for the support of integration.


El Chazoini Lishssin, a salafist muslim from Dubai, announced on September last year that he and his brothers would kill Filip Dewinter and his wife. Lishssin pronounced the death threats against the leader of Vlaams Belang just the same day as the islam critical party was holding a demonstration against the planned building of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York in the day of the 9th anniversary of the 9:11 attacks. Because the threats seemed to be serious, Dewinter lodged a complaint at the police, which lead to the tracing of Lishssin.

The criminal court of Antwerp determined the full veracity of the facts and also found that there was neither self-defense nor any other other exculpatory factor. Dewinter himself was not satisfied with the verdict of the court, or course. “48 hours of social work and a fine of 275 euros is a ridiculous sentence. These kind of death threats are not acceptable. The final goal of it was to intimidate and silence a politician  through death threats” The flemish politician said. This kind of sentence has no deterrent effect. The minimal sentence is almost an incentive to repeat such death threats, Dewinter opined after the process. The loose punishment stands in blatant contradiction to the “zero-tolerance policy” against muslim extremism announced by the minister of justice Annemie Turtelboom.

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  1. Absolutley pathetic sentance!! if this were the other way round,the Member would have been Locked up,and lost his Job.This is just another example as to how the system bands over backward in order to appease the muzzies – PATHETIC.!!

  2. One of the reasons a peaceful democracy works is that one of its cornerstones, an effective cooperation between law enforcement/judiciary/penal system, results in providing an effective deterrent through punitive action to criminals.

    This efficacy then instills confidence in the general population knowing that they have a peaceful and effective avenue of redress with which to deal with those whose actions, usually criminal, result in injury either to themselves and family or the community at large.

    It is this cornerstone that keeps at bay vigilantes and the resulting chaos and societal breakdown….in general.

    This said, on matters muslim, we are seeing, through the ever widening abyss that exists between socialists/leftists, conservatives and the indifferent, a refusal to deal effectively and expeditiously with those whose actions are either criminal or purposely disruptive and divisive.

    Add to that an increasing judicial activism that is not only embracing islamic extremism but, as we have seen in Oklahoma with the ban on Shariah law, reverses the will of the vast majority of the people.

    The inevitable result of this lunacy will be a breakdown in law and order with groups organizing to address issues in their local communities.

    A perfect example of that can be found in Anders Bering Breivik, a man who was/is watching his country crumble before his eyes and, in the face of what was correctly perceived as the criminal complicity of Norwegian bureaucracy and the sullen indifference of many of his countrymen to the cancerous advances of islam, out of desperation, decided decide to pursue an avenue of redress through mass murder. The result was the tragic death of 77 souls.

    Look now at the case of Filip Dewinter.

    Here is a case of a salafist who has threatened to kill Dewinter. Peaceful, democratic avenues of were pursued to redress this and penalize the salafist. As expected and to some extent, unexpected, the corrective action of the court was hardly punitive but with respect to the obscene and laughable insufficiency of the verdict, provided not only the terrorist with incentive to continue his criminality but radical muslims as well.

    Playing Devil’s Advocate for a minute ask this; Would not Filip Dewinter be justified if, when this salafist returns, invigorated and emboldened by his miserably insufficient punishment, he simply renders the problem solved by shooting the bastard dead?

    Of course he would and why would he not?. Why would he pursue a course of action, twice, that had proved itself to be an exercise in futility.

    So too Dewinter’s countrymen who would have learned, whilst watching the leering smile and listening to the mocking laughter of the salafist, that peaceful means of solving criminality no longer apply.

    So ask yourself the question; if they were ever threatened would they be justified, if being threatened with their own death and the deaths of their loved ones by a salafist, in simply rendering the problem solved by killing the same?

    Of course they would and why would they not? Why would they put their entire families at risk by having the lunacy of liberal courts, pandering to the will of islam, set loose amongst the population, time and again, the very persons who have sworn to kill them?

    Mark my words, the result of our courts and governments refusal to deal effectively with the advancement of islam will now result in vigilante action taken by citizens.

    This situation reminds me of a rather sage observation made by Ralph Klein, former premier of the province of Alberta. Premier Klein was an ordinary man and for his love love of small government, his common man personality and commonsense approach to governance, was much loved by the majority of Albertans………(viscerally hated by a handful of socialists and liberals).

    Premier Klein was faced with the effects of a lunatic policy, a piece of Federal legislation called SARA (Species At Risk Act). This legislation was placing, amongst other endangered animals, a variety of bugs, mice and rodents and other “protected species” (read: pests) in a position of authority such that the accidental killing of one or even the disturbance of a nest of these cheese-eaters would result in the offending farmer or rancher being hauled into court, ravaged by judicial process and potentially losing everything he and his family had worked for for generations. This legislation also brought the development of land to a grinding halt, frustrating the owners and developers. There were a lot of unhappy people who wanted SARA run out of town.

    Premier Klein, ever the problem solver, simply “told” Albertans to follow a less formal piece of homegrown legislation in cases where Mickey and his buddies had accidentally been killed, or where there was a little nest of cheese-eaters sitting smack dab in the middle of a piece of land to be developed. He advised the land owners, developers, ranchers and farmers to implement a remarkably effective policy, he called it “S.S.S”……”Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up”

    The resulting laughter from the entire province rang in the ears of the socialists, leftists and brought eco-nazi’s to tears. The mice were not amused.

    In closing, while muslims and salsfists aren’t rodents, the refusal of our law enforcement complex to deal effectively with their criminality will result in many citizens availing themselves of “S.S.S”

    Mark my words, in the coming weeks and months you will see the result of such lunatic judicial rendering, as we have seen in Antwerp, manifest itself in, across Europe, The UK and the entirety of the Nordic countries, mosques mysteriously bursting into flames in the wee hours of the morning and the ripening corpses of those high spirited, threatening, islamists drifting down rivers.

    Could we expect anything less?

    I think not.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. “46 hours of voluntary social work and a fine of 275 euros on probation”

    For knocking on a politicians door with 50 others behind him it is 18 months in Britain

  4. A dangerous precedent. Two tier criminal justice system for the benefit of muslims.
    If I went about threatening to liquidate people I would be locked up. (Even saying I don’t like peoples ideology could get me locked up)

  5. The double standard in full effect. But we should remember that Vlaams Belang wants large Flemish families, fully subsidized by the State. A large family shouldn’t result in the slightest decline of living standards, according to Vlaams Belang. This of course, runs foul of the agenda of the Elite, who thinks Earth is their personal property, and shouldn’t be damaged by economic growth or population growth. Although Muslims have large families themselves, they have no problem with attacking other, large-family religions. Judeo-Christians, on the other hand, would never tolerate abortion being legalized in a Muslim country. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Elite supports Islam against Judeo-Christians.

  6. Don Laird

    These Salafists are not just aiming their threats at Filip DeWinter but at what they regard as the illegitimate governments of Infidels. By such acts and words, they hope to undermine the democratic state, and thus empower Islam in the ensuing chaos.

    Salafists and other Muslim terrorists should not be regarded as criminals but enemy saboteurs intent on overthrowing the state. I believe many Western states, including the EU, have legislation that allows capital punishment. If not, then immediate deportation after a jail term of 10 years or so(optimum for several reasons).

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