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5 Replies to “The new president of Egypt said this, just six short weeks ago…”

  1. I can only think of one good thing that can come of this.

    As in Iran the people will learn the hard way what Sharia is.
    Hopefully at least.

  2. I think this nutter will flush Egypt’s tourism industry down the U-bend.
    I can’t think why anyone would want to visit an islamic slum in the 1st place

  3. I noticed that there weren’t too many women in the crowd while he preached his demonic diarrhea. I only saw one woman by herself and she looked pitiful. Of course, most intelligent people saw this coming.

  4. The Islamasists are going to crash the Egyptian economy worse than Mubarak did and it was pretty bad under him. Granted he stole billions of dollars in oil revenue for himself, but the Islamasists are going to be so obsessed Islamic dogma that they will starve their people to death.

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