Greece: Alarming rise in violence against immigrants

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From ANSAMED:Greek racists, one of them (C) holding a knife, attacking a migrant (R) in the center of Athens (archive photo) Greek racists, one of them (C) holding a knife, attacking a migrant (R) in the center of Athens (archive photo)

(ANSAmed) – ATHENS – Racially motivated attacks are becoming more frequent and more violent by the day in Greece but, worse still, most of the attacks go unpunished because the police does not make arrests.

The alarm has been sounded by the Kathimerini newspaper, which reports almost daily brutal attacks and bloody brawls targeting immigrants, both legal and illegal. The paper quotes a surgeon practicing at the Evangelismos hospital in Athens, who says that “during every [12-hour] shift we have to deal with six or seven cases of foreigners who have been attacked and who are suffering from cuts, bruises and often even knife wounds”.

The attackers, who generally catch their victims by surprise, arrive in groups, hooded and dressed all in black, making them difficult to identify. Even if victims are able to identify and report their attackers to police, they are very unlikely to do so for fear of being attacked again, or worse. Yet everyone knows that almost all of the attackers are members or sympathisers of Golden Dawn, the far-right party with clear pro-Nazi sympathies, which at the recent general election earned almost 7% of the vote and 18 seats in Parliament. Kathimerini reports as an indicative factor that attacks against immigrants in the Athens area of Thissio have doubled since the party opened a new office in the area two months ago, a statistic backed up by health officials at the local hospital. A number of attacks have been recorded in the last month across Attica, of which Athens is the capital, but also on the island of Crete. Last Monday, a group of assailants, who are yet to be identified, carried out a bloody attack on a 25-year old homeless Egyptian who had found temporary shelter in a square in Chania, in Crete. After being savagely beaten with iron bars, the man was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition, and doctors were forced to remove one of his kidneys. A day earlier, four men had attacked two Algerian immigrants in their early twenties as they slept on the beach of Nea Hora. In this case, the attackers used not only metal bars but also wooden clubs and knives. The two victims, who also had their mobile phones and some money stolen, also ended up in hospital in Chania. These are just two of the most recent episodes.

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25 Replies to “Greece: Alarming rise in violence against immigrants”

  1. Well, this is the result of allowing immigrants to flow without control to Europe: the ultranationalist movements. Had it not been for those insane immigrational policies of wide open borders, nothing like this would happen now. But politicians are stupid by nature and think they can do whatever they want without consequences. They are totally disconnected from the realities common people has to live in. Peole have a thousands of years old instinct of seeking security within a group formed by people with common characteristics. If a homogeneous community is flooded with alien elements, the integrants of the original community will sooner or later try to gather again and defend themselves and seek security among people of their own, people they can trust. This is a thousands of years old instinct thanks to which civilizations and other human communities have lived for long periods of time, and to which humans themselves have survived thoroughout the millenias. A simple example to this: The Umma. What is the Umma? The community of muslims. The umma does not accept infidels into their circles, only believers. This is how muslims remain strong despite internal ideological differences. The umma unites them and makes them strong.

    This is lacking nowadays in western countries. They die slowly due to the heterogenization of their communities. But after reaching a certain critical point (see Greece), people do not care anymore about being called racist or fascist if the very basic survival is at stake. The western politicians are playing again a very dangerous game with human nature, a game which will have a horrendous outcome.

    Commenter skip made a good remark in a recent post:

    “The aging population argument. In the old days it was ” we need them for economic growth!”. Then it was “They do the jobs we don’t do!”. Then it became ” they are fleeing wars!”. Now “its we need them to support our taxes!”. But in reality its the socialist ideal of a one world government. How can you achieve it with nation states? Well you have to subsume them, especially the birth place of the nation state – Europe.”

    This is their game, to destroy nation states. They might succeed, but people will then form new groups, new “nations” in search of safety, as happened after the fall of the roman empire. The allmighty “global” roman empire disappeared, and new countries began to take shape throughout the centuries. They play a very stupid and irresponsible game, putting in danger millions of lives for nothing, for an utopia, for an idea born of their lunatic sense of superiority over other people and nature itself.

    How deluded and stupid they are.

  2. I’ve just translated an article about the situation in Germany. Criminal immigrants are protected by their populous families who back them against the very german government… with success. These criminals seek and are granted protection through their families, their communities. And what are No-Go zones but “regions” populated by a homogeneous community of immigrants? Foreigners are not accepted there, those communities defend their integrity by attacking even the police of the country in which the given No-Go zone lies. This is called “tribalization”. This is the result of multiculturalism, of trying to fuse cultures and societies. Like trying to fuse water and oil.

    Westerners will also follow this path sooner or later if they want to survive. Fjordman wrote that Europe will undergo a process of retribalization. He’s right. It will happen. And instead of creating a unified superstate, what politicians will achieve will be a myriad of microstates fighting to survive. The example is not very good, but resembles to what the norwegian government wanted to achieve by trying to create a “samnorsk” norwegian standard language by fusing Boksmal and Nynorsk. This created a wide spectrum of varieties from these two dialects!

  3. I regret the fact these immigrants are being attacked, I also regret the fact these immigrants felt it was acceptable to illegally enter another country. When leaders fail to prevent such incursions on their territory, and even encourage them, the people will eventually reject those leaders, and reject a corrupted rule of law which failed to protect their interests. The future seems bleak.

  4. Pure propaganda which is trying to discredit a growing and much needed party in Greece. Golden Dawn is not and never has been a neo-nazi movement or party. In Greece a country of a slight bit more than 11 million people more than 2 million of the people are illegal immigrants. Who under Greek law may take advantage of Greece’s welfare state, but who pay and give nothing back to the state. In the Eurozone borders are not monitored, and Greece is on the front line, that is why upwards of 80% of Europe’s illegal migrants are thought to come in from Greece. Part of Greece’s problem is Greece’s inability to incorporate so many illegal immigrants into the countries culture, and inability to protect their own citizenry from extremely high crime rates commited on Greeks. Illegal immigration has turned some parts of Athens into literal no go zones, for GREEKS! Golden Dawn is attempting to address things that go against the best interest of international corporations,.

    May this party continue to grow in numbers.

  5. Hermes’s comments are right on the money… Greece has reached a critical point which sooner or later, if the tide of islamic “cesspool-ization” of civilized countries is not reversed peacefully and through strict rule of law, as a handful of political parties have been trying to do across Europe, it will be reversed through whatever means that infidel populations will find at their disposal for that.

  6. If the politicians will not take responsibility for the immigration monster they created then the people must. If this is what it takes to reverse the problem, then so be it! It’s much better than the alternative.

  7. I was curious about the newspaper this story links to. Described as ‘’one of the leaders among world news agencies…a not-for-profit cooperative, whose members and owners are 36 leading news organizations in Italy. Its mission is the distribution of fair and objective news reporting’’

    I don’t believe a word of that. How objective can it be when they obscure other facts and simply describe the attacks as ‘Racially Motivated? It’s the same old tactic, define any objection to mass immigration as racist, to silence criticism.

    Predictably the ironically named anti fascists agree with this propaganda and put out a statement saying “Society as a whole needs to stay united and close-knit in the face of these episodes of extreme racism. We need to create a network of protection around all people against these fascist gangs’’

    Ah, the useful idiots of the left. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  8. Sorry but it is either the Greek boy, fighting for his country or the muzrat attacking and stabbing him! This is what the EU/Fourth Reich has brought us to!

  9. I have to agree w the other commentators.. I’ve read no facts about them being neo nazi, other than leftist smears.. Not sure how I feel about this.. Which apparently many agree since many comments are generated.

  10. The media is smearing a growing party, Greeks are peaceful people as are Golden Dawn. Peaceful people are being smeared by leftist lunatic media.

  11. I think that it is where we are at.
    Kick their butts out of the country before they start kicking you out of your homes.

  12. Here is a disturbing statement by the golden dawn party using Hamas propaganda against Israel:

    Israel made a comment about how they are concerned with the possibility of a new Nazi organization forming. The Golden dawn party rather then denying they are Nazi’s like they attacks Israel with Hamas propaganda.

  13. I seen their flag yes it is similar to the Nazi symbol but they claim it isn’t from that which is fine I would let that go. I seen the solute it was definitely a Nazi solute but I am not so sure what he was doing insulting someone or actually saluting.

    Both of those are questionable in my mind. But easily used against them by the Main stream media.

    I am still keeping an open mind. The media are very good at destroying good organizations. i would rather take things from their own mouths and actions.

  14. A lot of this does have a birth in the economic crisis. Hermes wrote:”people do not care anymore about being called racist or fascist if the very basic survival is at stake.”

  15. The symbol of Golden Dawn is the classical greek meander:

    It is the most typical greek symbol, appearing in greek pots, columns, garments, etc.. whereas the swastika had absolutely nothing to do with Germany and the meander. The swastika is a 3000 years old symbol already used in ancient india in the vedic traditions, and it can be found nowadays on many buddha statues across Asia. Svastika is Sanskrit for “all is well” and is seen throughout Asia today–including emblazoned upon Buddha statues around the world. Thus, it was intended to be a message of harmony and well-being to all those who gazed upon its satisfyingly balanced shape. In Buddhism it is almost always seen pointing left, whereas the Nazis used it facing right.

    The nazis corrupted this holy symbol to the very extreme by adopting it for themselves. Same would have happened with the christian cross if the nazis adopt it for their evil puposes.

  16. The Pakis create problems through out the world. However, there is one place that they are quiet and that is in Saudi. There are more pakis there than even the UK and in that country they are quiet as little mice with the big Saudi Cat prowling. Still get there ass kicked by the Greeks is a good thing. Bravo to the Greeks.

  17. Golden Dawn does have National-Socialist leanings. And it is also very true that Pakis don’t cause trouble in Saudi-Arabia. The Muslims will see this as proof of the superiority of Sharia. But it still entrenches Saudi racism against Pakistanis.

  18. Saudi racism like you say is entrenched through Sharia but racism is racism. I have seen a video of on youtube of Saudi man hitting and racially abusing a Bangladeshi or a former East Pakistani. He calls him a dog and all sorts and it is painful to watch. You can see the guy is just writhing under this guy and his racism. He tries the I am a muslim when asked about his orgins but that does not help. Really sad video but racism is not a painless thing. We will see how things turn out in Greece.

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