French minister wants prostitution to ‘disappear’

There is something very wrong about this story. The policy seems far more, well islamic than socialist. Isn’t Najat an Iranian name?

I have a hard time understanding how any modern socialist party could justify telling women that they are not allowed to have sex with whomever they want for whatever reason they want. Even under Canada’s Conservative government brothels have become legal. This in no way makes human sex trafficking or slavery legal any more than making Aspirin legal for heart patients allows the homeless to use heroin.

This new government in France needs watching closely.

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France 24:

French minister wants prostitution to 'disappear'

France’s new Women’s Rights Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem’s stated mission is to start the eradication of prostitution in France by pushing tough legislation against their clients. Some sex workers and police officers see things differently.

By Tony Todd (text)

French prostitutes’ organisations on Sunday heaped scorn on the new minister for women’s rights after she said she wanted to eradicate the sex trade in France.

In an interview with the weekly Journal de Dimanche, 34-year-old minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (pictured) said: “My objective, like that of the [newly-elected] Socialist Party, is to see prostitution disappear.”

In December 2011, a cross-party initiative in the French lower house of parliament came up with a proposed law that would criminalise paying for sex.

Getting the proposal onto the statute books would be her immediate priority – but for Vallaud-Belkacem, who says she has the support of Interior Minister Manuel Valls, prosecuting clients is just the first step.

“This abolitionist stance is borne of the fact that there are insufficient means at our disposal … to protect the vast majority of prostitutes, who are victims of violence from organised crime networks and from their pimps,” she said.

“The question is not whether we want to abolish prostitution – the answer is yes – but rather how we can have the means to do so.”

According to Guy Goffroy, one of the authors of the proposed bill and a member of the former ruling conservative UMP party, 90 percent of prostitutes working in France are victims of international traffickers.

‘Zero legitimacy’

But sex workers contacted by FRANCE 24 said the measure, if passed, would penalise what they insist is a perfectly legitimate way of making a living and endanger the already precarious lives of prostitutes.

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14 Replies to “French minister wants prostitution to ‘disappear’”

  1. IslamoSocialism coming? Possible action against drinking, smoking pot and gambling as well. Even Gays are not going to be safe at a certain point.
    Remember that the Left is Chameleon, at first it was hostile towards Gays, Greens, Light Narcotics etc. Soviet Union and China criminalised homosexuality and favored heavy industry/nuclear power. Smoking pot was considered “decadent western influence” in communist countries. The decision to support pro-green/pro gay/pro light narcotics policies was part of a deliberate shift by the international Left during the 80s/90s because of changing, more liberal masses. Yet today electorates in Europe are becoming more muslim. Maybe the Left will shift again, in order to accommodate the muslims. For now the Left is silent on the issue of Islam, but i think the shift is near. Nothing stops the Left from turning against those who are part of it today. It happened before. It could happen again. People like George Galloway, Ilmar Reepalu and Ken Livingstone could be the future of the Left in Europe. The other possibility is that the Left will fracture into pro-multicultural/pro-islamic Left and militant atheist Left.

  2. I suppose the next government will appoint teenagers to the rank of ministers. The next one after that we will have pre-teens running government ministries.

  3. Prostitution is good against rape. Iran has legal prostitution, and little rape. Sweden bans prostitution and has a lot of rape. That Belkacem wants to arrest clients, but not the prostitutes themselves is proof of Feminist influence. Anyway, the French have themelves to blame as they legalized abortion, but not euthanasia. Legalizing abortion but not euthanasia is highly immoral, and destructive of demographics. The Netherlands is, together with Belgium, one of the few countries with legal euthanasia. They are blessed with Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang.

  4. That means that hordes of totally otherwise useless imported skanks will have to live on, yes, you guessed it. Welfare. Better be prepared to work until you drop dead.

  5. “a cross-party initiative in the French lower house of parliament came up with a proposed law that would criminalize paying for sex”

    Well, there goes dating and even marriage in France.

  6. Not that I have ever visited a “pro”,
    the truth of the matter is that prostitution will Always happen. Far better that it is legal in government regulated brothels where the girls are safe than street walking IMO.

  7. Great a muslom women telling the west how to treat it’s women. The vision of europe we don’t need,. Send her back to morocco.

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