In honour of the Islamic Brotherhood win in Egypt today, some special videos.

I plan to do a series of videos relating to Ikhwan (The Muslim Brotherhood) over the next few weeks. This is an old one. One that a team of us did which was a multi-month task, partly because I was very new at subtitling and had to place each title by hand, and partially because we had several people translating from German to English and setting the times for each statement. But it was worth it. Probably the best thing ever done on the relationship between Amin al-Husseini and Adolph Hitler.

There is more and better coming down the pipe. But for those who have not seen this, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Unfortunately the name of this important documentary contains a misleading term for the head dress of the muslims, Turban, which is also the head dress of Sikhs and Hindu’s…….this is the same problem they are running into in Britain where Sikh’s and Hindu’s are being lumped into the crimes and horrifically deviant behavior of muslims by the same being referred to as “Asians”…….this is a terrible slander on Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, Sikh’s and Hindu’s who do not nor would ever consider behaving in the murderously barbaric and depraved way the muslims do around the globe.

    This documentary helps us understand the true nature of the vast majority of muslims and islam. Add to that the clarity found in the foundational charters of groups like HAMAS and Hezbollah which call for the commencement of a second holocaust and the global annihilation of every single living Jew.

    Now begin to connect the dots…..and let no one say they weren’t warned.

    Understand history, understand the commonality with those fascists of yesteryear and those who casually wander the halls of the White House, understand the murderous and distracting rhetoric of those founders of the Muslim Brotherhood, those founders of CAIR and many many other front groups for muslim terrorism and then with that understanding and education render the sage observation of George Santayana impotent…..”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”….

    Here, below, are a couple of paragraphs from a piece I wrote a while back called “Of Doctorates and Duplicity” that dealt with the treachery of Dr. Trish Fulton, president of the Huron University College, London, Ontario, Canada.

    Dr. Fulton had, on behalf of the university, accepted 2 million dollars in funding from a group she knew was directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Howls of protest from across Canada fell on Dr. Trish Fulton’s politically correct, leftist ears (the deaf kind).

    In the paragraphs below I describe what potentially looms on the horizon should we fail in our fight against islam and muslims. For those of you who casually dismiss my paragraph as inflammatory….consider, scant decades ago, the tens of thousands of women who were marched to the edge of pits and, whilst holding or leading children, shot in the head. We allowed mass slaughter a remarkably few years ago because we had forgotten history and the frailty of human nature…….lets not make that mistake twice.

    (excerpt from “Of Doctorates and Duplicity”)

    “This is reality; this is the Muslim Students Association, the Muslim Students Union, The Muslim Brotherhood and countless other muslim groups whose clearly stated goal is a program of genocide that cuts a wide swath across humanity. These are the wolves that walk, with impunity, amongst us. Their agenda is not limited to Jews…they hate Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus, Christians, Catholics, Confucians and non-believers alike. They don’t hold secret meetings, they don’t speak in code or give secret club signs……they write it on signs, publish it on the internet and scream it in our faces…….and we stand, ignorant, indecisive, silent and afraid.

    These are muslims, members of The Muslim Brotherhood, followers of the “religion of peace” that your sons and daughters attend university with. These are the advocates of mass murder that sit in classrooms patiently waiting for their moment. These are the future camp commandants and muslim SS.
    These are the men and women who will stand in front of you and, running their fingers through your children’s hair, will smile and say “choose”….”choose which one of your children lives and which one dies, choose, because our new islamic policy (shariah law) dictates that there can only be one infidel child per infidel family and we regret that policy is retroactive, regardless of year of birth……orders from the Caliphate you understand ”…… you can’t speak…..your wife weakens and slumps against you….the child in your arms crushes into you burying her head in your neck….how is it possible to choose between giving life and taking life?….to choose between two of the things that you love more than life itself?…..but you will choose, for not to choose is a death sentence for all…… it is the very cowardice that rendered you silent as islam eroded your country, your parliament, your schools, your courts, your churches and your way of life….the same cowardice that brings you to this moment…. tears stream down your face as you push your other child towards them…..he draws back, clutching your pant leg saying “no father”….”please no”…… can’t even look him in the eye as you lie through your teeth ….you hiss ”go with them now, it’ll be alright”……these are the men and women who will lead the child you sentenced to death away to the edge of a pit…..they will whisper soothingly into your child’s ear…..your child will kneel, crying and terrified, softy calling your name……trembling, eyes closed, not wanting to look at the hundreds of children’s bodies in the pit, your child waits……the pistol will be placed at the back of your child’s head and the trigger will be pulled… the body pitches forward a geyser of blood will erupt from your child’s head, a pink mist in the morning sun…..and on this, the blackest day of your life……these men and women will smile……..the will of allah and muhammad done………

    This must not be allowed to happen……this must stopped!!!!!

    I want you to locate the movies Conspiracy, Sophie’s Choice and Schindlers List. I want you to watch Sophie’s Choice and then, tonight, when your children are sleeping, go into their rooms and try to decide which one you would chose to be executed. I want you to watch Schindler’s List and see reflected in the face of SS Commandant Amon Goethe the faces of Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper, the directors of CAIR. I want you to watch Conspiracy (HBO) and see reflected in the face of Reinhard Heydrich the leering smile of Dr. Jamal Badawi and Mohammed Badie, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Have we become so complacent and so ignorant that we would allow the horror of the Holocaust to happen once again, less than 6 decades later? Have we become so self absorbed that we would ignore the lessons history teaches us? Must the musings of George Santayana and Edmund Burke be our epitaph?”

    How the next few years unfold is solely up to us. We can chose to ignore history or we can learn from our losses and refuse to walk those paths of madness again. Already they are putting those on trial in Jordan for the “crime” of leaving islam…..the penalty for that is death…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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