Danish Defense League plans to become much more proactive

Translation by Michael Laudahn

From DR.Dk


in the name of freedom of speech


The islam-critical organization Danish Defense League will become much more direct in its methods.

In the future, 100 of their men will simply go into ghettos and demonstrate against islamism, according to what they tell ‘Orientering’ [Danish radio program]. This will happen by, among other things, showing Mohammed cartoons – in the name of freedom. But DDL does not intend to announce these actions for police, because the organisation really has had enough of the police. 

This kind of actions can easily lead to riots, but this is the way it has to be, says Kasper Mortensen, the organisation’s speaker. 

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9 Replies to “Danish Defense League plans to become much more proactive”

  1. This will result in open violent conflict………in other words it will result in the inevitable conclusion to opposing muslim aggression around the world…..

    Perhaps the Danes simply think that……”Why put off till tomorrow what one can do today”?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Standing firm has worked for the EDL. If the danish DL stands firm it will work for them as well.

    But for god’s sake they had better get good real fast in dealing with the media and in framing the issues before the extreme leftists try to use them to get into power.

    The islamists and their extreme leftists cats paws will go berzerk. The DDL needs to study what happened to other groups very closely in how to deal with the extreme leftists and the bullcrap that they will sling.

  3. Go DDL, Denmark for the Danes.
    I don’t know how much knife proof vests cost but I would consider getting one. Work on your self defence tactics and disipline, you may need some women also to deal with female communist provacataurs and and how about 100 dogs.
    I wish you all he best and I hope it catches on in all western countries.

  4. DDL Brothers, this is folly,
    but if you insist on this course of action 2 things,
    body armour is affordable and good luck you nutters

  5. go, ddl, go! only violent rebellion will cause the islamophiles to wake up and notice the danger. but create a women´s group too…

  6. The Danes are remembering their ancestors who scare all of Europe for a long time, this is what I have been expecting. The Moslems should take a look at history to see what they are unleashing upon themselves.

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