Madonna has meeting with conspiracy theorist in Turkey

…and what is with the chicks? Are they even in the same room?

From People of Shambala:

Adnan Oktar, a Creationist and conspiracy theorist says he had a meeting with American pop star Madonna in Turkey, during her recent tour.

Oktar, who believes practitioners of the Jewish Kabbalah are responsible for both world wars and Darwinism (to which he’s opposed) described his 30 minut meeting with the pop star and her children.

Oktar says the meeting was arranged by Yehuda Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Center, a popular, modernized form of the ancient Jewish mystical system. “Through Yehuda Berg, madonna came here, to Istanbul,” Oktar said, talking on his television show. “He was instrumental in [arranging] our meeting.”
Although he acknowledged that the pop star is a follower of Kabbalah, he said that Madonna “loves Allah” and “someone who is awaiting the Mahdi,” Oktar claims during the television broadcast. By this, Oktar appears to mean that Madonna is a religious person, not a Muslim per se.

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10 Replies to “Madonna has meeting with conspiracy theorist in Turkey”

  1. This entire surreal exercise can be summed up as little more than a “fart”…….

    To wit: A lot of hot air from an asshole that irritates bystanders and that serves no useful purpose save the amusement of the party responsible for the release.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Turkey should turn again into an islamic state like in the past. Secularism is not good for the turkish people. This poor brainwashed girls on tv prooves that…

  3. @NeoOttoman. What, and bring back the Osmanli Dynasty? Move the capital back to Istanbul? Will he also reclaim the title of Khaliffa al-islam, along with Padishah and Sultan? Will he reside at Topkapi, or Dolmabaci? Bring back Arabic script? Conscript Balkan Christian boys, convert them to islam while training them for the newly re-established Jannisary Corps? Boy oh boy! I can already hear the Mehter Band playing “Cedin Dedden” after being girded with the sword of Osman. Woo Hoo!

    Is that it? or, are you just a loser Fetullah Gullen groupie?

    Listen up hero, you may say “secularism is not good for the Turkish people” all you want until you’re blue in the face, But I say islam (small caps intended) is bad for the entire human race (not to mention goats!) BTW, Turkey is already turning back into an islamic (small caps again) state via Erdogan’s AKP party, so pull your head out of your goat’s ass, and get thee to a Piggery! Scram!!

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