Killed gendarmes in the Var: The suspect admits the facts

Translated by Michael Laudahn:


The conference of the Toulon prosecutor has permitted to learn more about the circumstances of the double-murder of the two female gendarmes, committed sunday evening in the Var.

The first capital information is the acknowledgement by the alleged killer of the two gendarmes of the facts he is blamed with. He has admitted to be the author of the shots, and to have taken the two service arms of his victims. Also, it is established that the suspect was drunken in the moment of the act. According to the prosecutor, he planned the second murder.

At the occasion of his arrest, the man did not use the weapons which he took from his victims. Known by the police service, he had been sentenced for drugs, theft and violence/rape [french ‘violence’ can mean both parts] laws. At the age of 30, he left prison in september, after 6 months of detention. Last week, he had been condemned to a punishment on probation for violence comitted against his mother.

The individual arrested sunday night is suspected to have killed Alicia Champlon, a 29-year old adjudante, and Audrey Berthaut, maréchal des logis-chef aged 35, mother of two daughters, 5 and 13 years. The two women, stationed at Pierrefeu (Var), had intervened in order to sort out an argument following the theft of a handbag.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the suspect at first shot two rounds at Audrey Berthaut, a fact considered ‘murder’, before following her colleague and shooting six rounds in her direction, emphasised the prosecutor. In this second case, ‘a planned volition to kill, thus assassination’, can be maintained agaianst the suspect.

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  1. I was an MP in the LANG, in Louisiana & this is the exact reason why I oppose women in roles meant for men.

    The whole PC BS is why these beautiful women lost their lives.

  2. These women were killed because they are French and extremist muslims want to kill the French because of them banning burka bags. Who it was doesn’t matter the person who shot them but he is cut from the same cloth as Mohammed Murah and I would not blame them for being conscripts of French descent. They do have conscription in France like Israel and China do for their women.

  3. I would bet he is also someone who grew up there. Foreign men have more class than to do what that scum did to those lovely ladies. It is race based and religion based.

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