Muslims in Athens show how multicultural and integrationist they are

Yes, I know this video is from the Golden Dawn, Greek Neo-Nazi channel, but to paraphrase that great German statesman, Thilo Sarrazin, “because the Nazis say the sky is blue am I supposed to say it isn’t just to avoid agreeing with them?”

Thanks Don L

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  1. The winds of change have begun to blow…….from Israel to Greece through France and across Europe…….finally… rid us of that which seeks to put the entire civilized world on its knees in worship of a madman or, in the alternative, in chains or to the muslim knife….which you ask?…it matters not to them……

    Let us remove from our midst that which seeks our demise.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. are they really “neo-nazi”?

    perhaps they don’t know about the world wide baha’i with a similar population mass with zero recognition as to their influence in worldwide halls of lever pulling

  3. Whilst I don’t like what is happening, I equally loathe the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party

    Yes they are most definitely neo-Nazis. They even give the Nazi salute

    Do a search for ‘Golden Dawn neo-nazi party’

  4. Van G:

    The Golden Dawn are nazi in every way, copying Hitler’s methods as closely as possible. Violent intimidation, symbols, rhetoric, appearance of strong man etc. It was the inevitable consequence of ignoring reality IMO, on immigration etc. In fact my page, “Agendas and views of this site” specifically predict exactly this.

  5. Shame I can’t get it online. There is a huge write up about the Party in this week’s Australian Jewish News.

    I do know there is talk of banning them.

  6. Shirl in Oz:

    Banning legally constituted political parties is what the Nazi’s did.

    “Rock and a hard place” springs to mind.

  7. Arthur ..maybe banning was the wrong turn of phrase. It should be preventing them, because as yet they haven’t formed

  8. They are waving a green flag, the colour of Islam. No matter. When the chips are down, Greeks, as well as these Muslim know in their hearts, that they don’t belong in Greece. Period.

  9. That these are ILLEGAL immigrants who dare assemble in the streets because they know they’ve got nothing to fear is testimony to just how, irredeemably, decadent the west has become.

  10. Desperate times bring out desperate responses. And boy are times desperate in Europe. But the main culprits for the existence of groups such as Golden Dawn are the faceless apparatchiks of the EU. And its not just the financial crisis but the existential crisis that looms over Greece and Europe as a whole – brought about by the open doors policy of the EU.

    In a way groups such as Golden Dawn are indicators that Europe is not quite dead yet. If there were no such groups, then would be the time to get really worried, as it would be an indication that the war was lost – Fin.

  11. The very fact that the Palestinian people “suffers” proves that either the world isn’t dependent on Muslim oil, or that the oil sheiks are cowards that fear Israeli nukes. They will burn in Hell if they don’t give their money and oil to Europe. Also, as long as Muslim men rape non-Muslim women, Muslim women forfeit the right to resist rape. The right of revenge is a collective right. Muslim men who protect their women should have all limbs cut off, as Islam forbids euthanasia. As well, Muslims who resist retaliation will burn in Hell. The proof of this is that the Gulf states are threatened by Iran, and the civil war in Syria will destroy Islam. My religion firmly believes in eternal damnation, as well as allowing euthanasia in many cases.

  12. Muslims who prepare suicide attacks should get the same treatment. Barbaric mutilation, like gouging the eyes and cutting the limbs, as Islam forbids euthanasia. Torturing Muslims is also very good. A Muslim cannot commit suicide to prevent capture. My religion allows suicide to prevent capture by Muslims.

  13. Nuking Mecca would also be a very good idea. It would be very stupid for Muslims to retaliate. Destroying the world economy means that they do not only lose their “god”, but also their money.

  14. Arthur wrote <<<<<>>>>

    Where on earth did you get that from? They haven’t got a registered Party even.

    There were people at a Melbourne parade apparently wearing their t-shirts and carrying a banner/flag

  15. DP11 has it; if the fascist EU had not permitted mass immigration from the 7th century, forcing it literally down our throats (and in the UK it has been going on since the European idea was first mooted, just after WW2,) there would be no Golden Dawn.

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