Ethnic violence in Myanmar seems ‘neverending’



Sectarian violence has engulfed Myanmar’s frontier state of Rakhine in recent days, with clashes between Buddhist and Muslim ethnic groups. Tension between the two groups is not new and there are few solutions in sight.

The cycle of revenge attacks between ethnic groups in the border state of Rakhine is posing a new challenge to Myanmar’s reformist government, with the repercussions now rippling across the border into neighboring Bangladesh.

The latest surge in sectarian unrest began with the rape and murder of a Rakhine Buddhist woman, allegedly by three Muslims, late last month. Within days, the response had turned more brutal, with at least 10 Muslims killed when they were pulled off a bus in the Taungup township.

Last Friday, Muslims belonging to the Rohingya ethnic minority are alleged to have run amok in the town of Maung Taw, burning down hundreds of houses and killing seven people.

By Monday, many Rohingya were taking flight, with groups of men – apparently ethnic Rakhine Buddhists – roaming the streets of the state capital Sittwe carrying sticks and knives.

Announcing a state of emergency in the region on Sunday, President Thein Sein warned of the possible terrible outcome, with security forces drafted into the area.


President Thein SeinThein Sein has warned that the violence might spread

“The situation could deteriorate and could extend beyond Rakhine state if we are killing each other with such sectarianism, endless hatred, the desire for vengeance and anarchy,” Thein Sein said.

Attacks ‘well-planned and organized’

However, the president of the British-based Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO), Nurul Islam, said he believed that the attacks had in part been orchestrated by the security forces themselves.

He claimed Muslim residents had been fired upon for breaking a curfew when they fled homes that Rakhine extremists had set alight.

“All of this is well planned and organized. The leading Rakhine political organization is behind this,” he told Deutsche Welle.

Under Myanmar law, the Rohingya are denied citizenship, with many of the Buddhist majority in the state describing them as illegal immigrants. Many Rohingya travel between Myanmar and Bangladesh and the government says their presence in Myanmar does not date back to 1814 – a requirement that needs to be met under the country’s citizenship laws. Bangladesh claims the Rohingya are from Myanmar.

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  1. With an exploding population, Bangladesh is bursting at the seams, so Bangladeshis are pouring (not legally of course) into Burma, Nepal, and India. They start slowly, and before you know it, they drive out the locals, and claim the area for their own. Its standard Islamic MO.

    I hope for their own good they don’t start this shiite in Nepal- Gurkhas don’t like this kind of thing.

  2. Very interesting.

    (1) if its true, the government has to hide to take actions against them?

    (2) vigilante justice turns into the battle (that was probably inevitable)

    (3) the British based organization’s claim that the government was behind the retaliation could still be an act of retaliation by the Muslims -its their own people. (the “british based” threw me off for a second)

    (4) did the rapists ever get caught?

  3. More violence that is centered around the Moslems, unfortunately there have been so many lies about anti-Moslem discrimination that we can’t take this groups word they were the victims.

  4. The pattern is always the same. The so-called ‘Rohingya’ are Bangladeshi Muslims who have invaded Burma. Being what they are, they are religiously obliged to spread Islam by terror and these riots are part of their jihad. Its the same everywhere where muslims were allowed to settle behind -what they perceive to be- enemy lines.

    You find similar problems in Bhutan and Assam in India, whereas the Muslims in Bangladesh or Pakistan are breeding like monkeys and systematically annihilate the remaining Hindus, Christians, Animists or whatever is left from the jahiliyya, pre-Islamic times.

    The jihad in the south of Thailand or in Mindanao in the Philippines, the coup in the Ivory coast last year in Africa, the jihad in Mali, Nigeria, Ethiopia and in Europe is all part and parcel of the same thing.

    Claims have been made for parts of Australia, Canada and the US; thanks to the despicable Klintoons, the EU dimwits and the despots from the UN we now have 3 mohammedan narco-jihad fiefdoms right smack in the middle of Europe.

    Interesting times ahead, folks!

  5. Destroy all the Mosques, deport or kill the clerics, give them the choice renounce Islam and stay under Burmese law, or leave.
    Pay them to go back to the Caliphate where they’ll be so much happier.
    But, if you stay and continue and are caught practicing Islam you die.
    Seems fair to me, fair warning, fair time given, can’t see any problem with that.

  6. blindguard

    This problem should have been taken care of at the time of the military regime. Now it may be too late.

    Liberal democracy has become the vanguard for Islam. It would never have come to this if frontiers had been protected.

  7. DP liberal democracy isn’t at fault, the socialist using our own laws and compassion to destroy has caused the problem.

  8. Richard

    Socialism is just one part of the problem. The real problem as far as I see it, is that Liberalism is the main culprit. Modern Liberalism, ie the proposition that all humans, regardless of their animating culture, will subscribe to Western values, has so captured the mindset of the ruling elite, that even hard conservatives cannot gainsay it. In fact they accept it as they would accept that the sky is blue. Pres G Bush was one such, and one can hardly accuse him of being a socialist.

  9. Muslims breeding like monkeys should be treated by castration and forced abortion. Muslim women deserve rape by non-Muslim men. Muslims who resist and die in Jihad will burn eternally in Hell. The proof of this is the civil war in Syria, as well as the fact that Allah isn’t able to destroy Israel. Only when the Muslim world gives its money and oil to Europe will God stop to chastise the Umma. The “suffering” of the Palestinian people proves that the world isn’t dependent on Muslim oil, or that the oil sheiks fear Israeli nukes, or that the oil sheiks don’t care for the Palestinians and are greedy. This proves the oil sheiks will burn in Hell.

  10. I like those citizenship laws. They should be applied to Europe. That would mean alot of foreignors would lose it and alot of Americans Canadians Kiwis etc would gain it.

  11. Islam allows lying. It is very hard for non-Muslims to check the Koran and the Hadith. Everybody, however can read the Bible, and see that Christians aren’t allowed to lie. The Muslim will burn in Hell.

  12. It may sound contradictory to advocate the punishment of Muslim women, while at the same time saying they are oppressed, but Muslims are just as contradictory by calling non-Muslim women oppressed and calling them at the same time whores. I am tempted to return contradiction with contradiction. Or maybe I should return to individual rights, and punish just the men.

  13. DP sorry about the time it took to get back to you. You are right about that meme being to blame for a lot of our problems, I don’t know if the leftists who started that idea were just stupid or if they did this deliberately to damage the west? I do know that a lot of their actions are designed to destroy us so they can take over.

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