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278 Replies to “‘If you eliminate Islam, you realize the world is a pretty peaceful place’.”

  1. The thing is if you consider only the bad points in Islam.
    Everyone has bad characters good characters.
    What I want to say is stop blaming and judging!
    Y you want Muslims to speak against you..
    You think you are pure? Then hold on what about Asaram bapu? Baba Ramdev? Many other examples are there to speak on, but the thing is we don’t speak about it! Cux we know ALLAH is the one, the haters will going to hate us no matter what, but to point on somebody is easy look at yourself? You are not pure eithr! Islam is about ‘love and peace’. I repeat Islam is all about ‘love and peace’. To correct the misconception of all of you it’s not Peice! It’s ‘PEACE’

    • You don’t KNOW Allah is the one.
      You BELIEVE Allah is the one.
      There is a difference.
      3/4 of the world rejects
      your ideology and it will not change.
      Your religion is based on
      hate and fear.
      Your ideology is medieval,
      misogynustic, homophobic,
      anti-science, anti-art
      anti-progress and
      Islam will die out in Europe.
      It will never take hold in USA.
      China has already cracked
      down and will never allow
      radical behavior .
      Islam will fade.

  2. The thing is if you consider only the bad points in Islam.
    Everyone has bad characters good characters.
    What I want to say is stop blaming and judging!
    Y you want Muslims to speak against you..
    You think you are pure? Then hold on what about Asaram bapu? Baba Ramdev? Many other examples are there to speak on, but the thing is we don’t speak about it! Cux we know ALLAH is the one, the haters will going to hate us no matter what, but to point on somebody is easy look at yourself? You are not pure eithr! Islam is about ‘love and peace’. I repeat Islam is all about ‘love and peace’. To correct the misconception of all of you it’s not Peice! It’s ‘PEACE’

    • I value your contribution to this discourse, Umama, because you bring your baggage with you. Thank you. We are all humans that travel the journey from childhood to an imature perception that is not real, but some wish it was and deny reality to make the best sense of it that we can, and a few know they don’t know and will keep an open mind, killing no one for being lost.

      In The West we have grown up with the deception of Marxist Relativism: that all skin colors, sexual predators and submissives, creeds and cultures are equal. They are not, just as we are not equal with the animals and should not rise to the glory of the the lowest beast among us. Wives are not chattel to be ploughed at the convenience of what our right hand possesses.

      You have brought the deception of Heavenly Marxism that all religions are equal. For this shirk Muhammad will kill you – unless of course in the Muslim tradition you are using taqqiya so that he will bless you as good and faithful submitter, because everyone knows the cuckoo will eventually kick all the others out once it’s invited as the same egg into the nest.

      To give us India’s current fake gurus who give themselves honorary titles and say you are the same as these, is the cunning of an Arab that runs through your veins, and as Jesus would say, ‘your Father is Satan’.


      • Haha.. Actually you don’t know anything.
        Muhammed is the person how’ll take all his Ummati’s to jannah , no matter what and then he himself will stro in Hannah this is the promise of My Muhammed to Allah paak.
        The wrongdoers will b punished on their respective sins by the Almighty ALLAH not by Muhammed. And Shirk is haram in Islam like Alcohol like pork. Whosoever disbelieve it and follow shirk will b punished on their accounts in Islam.

        • Thank you Umama,

          You had followed the Deception of the Muslim well, as you have now openly said “I’m a Muslim I’m proud to b a Muslim and most importantly an UMMATI OF MUHAMMED.” That definition of a Mohammedan.

          You came saying you were one of us, respecting all religions equally, sat with us Kufar and People of the Book alike and now declare you will subdue us by making us submit or fight us and rape our wives.

          This is how Medina and Mecca fell.

          You made notice: “The wrongdoers will b punished on their respective sins by the Almighty ALLAH not by Muhammed. And Shirk is haram in Islam like Alcohol like pork. Whosoever disbelieve it and follow shirk will b punished on their accounts in Islam.”

          Always want it both ways, Muslims first they say Allah will sort it out for them, and then they lay into everyone.

          There is no charity in Islam but a barter to get into Heaven.

          You said you came here in peace, saying other religions should not concern themselves …and then ended in stating hatred for anyone who does not believe.

          I’m so sorry nothing of Islam’s daily carnage around the world presented on this truthful website touched you, because unbelievers really are not to be enslaved, screwed or killed. The beauty of the Chinese, Indians, Africans and more, are their interpretations of the world around them. Fear does not bring wisdom, it brings warlords and gangs who then deploy terror.

          This is why no one can ever count Muslims as friends, not even Muslims who shut their doors to only close family members using first-cousin marriages for loyalty and the insurance of protection; for a wrong word can set this House of Piranhas on top of them, and they lie and smile to the one-eyed Christian-Socialist shepherds of the West just before they cut their throats.

          Doing what you are told to do exactly like everyone else is not humility, it is cowardice. The Communists have made Socialism their religion, Mohammad made their Moon-God his religion, and pedophiles made homoerotica their religion. Worshipping in return for favor. You are being suckered Umama, to hope for your eternal place with virgins, while used as a pawn. Your use of Quran is wishful speculation without you being able to read and write old Arabic to understand it. Just because Mohammad was illiterate doesn’t mean you have to be.

          Therefore, it has been sad and unenlightening to meet someone so shallow in the knowledge of their declared faith… which is the exact profile of every suicide bomber.

          Please get help from ex-Muslims, Umama. http://www.councilofexmuslims.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=ce29199c2c8cb3470a148b03b4464311;www;action=forum

          I wish you well in escaping your mind-prison and hope you don’t hurt anyone in the meantime. Be kind, only because you want to be kind, and not just because it is halal.

    • Spell it any way you like, Umama, but do you know anything about the life of the man it is supposed to have been revealed to?

          • Excuse me?
            You can’t say, I don’t know things about prophet Muhammad SAW ..
            YOU DO?
            I’m a Muslim I’m proud to b a Muslim and most importantly an UMMATI OF MUHAMMED.
            how are you to point it out like idk about Muhammed.

        • Umama,

          Yes, the world is a testing-your-common-sense place. If you only know what you knew ten years ago, you are twice as thick.

          But you employ here the meaning of ‘testing’ to meet the exacting standards of Mohammad and the pet ogre name Allah who does his will – this Moon God that demands his followers return for one month every year to only feasting by night.

          The test that can be achieved with honors by killing anyone who criticizes the cult of stupidity, in return for fornication and alcohol in Heaven. Such Holy Testing has such low grades to pass.

    • You keep demanding respect when none is earned and all you have is threats to back it up with. That works in Sweden and with children. Not here.

      • Yucki,

        “Year the do”
        Yea the do
        Yea they do
        Yeah they do
        “Yes they do.”
        It was all there in context because English is not his first language.

        He should not be ridiculed further than his slyness, for he will claim injustice, and demand deference for slight before the Socialists of Ignorance, (SI), who are taking down vast swathes of Europe while he supports the values, if not endeavors of the Islamic State, (IS).

        He stands solely on the pride of his willingness of submission of his inferiority to Mohammad and his Allah.

        The average person from around the world is greater than Mohammad in everything. The Western Socialists are not. That is why he feels he can make his moves.

        He believes we will be beholden to his passive-aggression “To all knowledgeable people here. It’s a humble request not to spell QURAN MAJEED wrong time and again . It’s QURAN , spell it correctly please.”

        He appeals to civility and respect when his intentions to rape souls is nothing further from this. This koran is an evil book no matter how you spell it. Only people who lives by their sleeves are interested in the cover.

        His intimidation and threats will only escalate:

        “First of all,I don’t allow you to insult my prophet , so you have to respect him…”

        And once this beachhead is established the lies simply follow “…, it’s true that I am not Christian, but we never insult Jesus ( peace be upon him). I see that the violent in here is you not us my dear. you are attacking us, insulting our prophet then,you come and say that we are the violent!! is this logical??!!
        It’s a pitty that you can not stop insulting Muhammed, though, he asked us to do respect the non-muslims, and to treat them in a good manner whatever happens.”


        • The thing I want to say is don’t insult any religion, when I’m not insulting yours then how can you insult mine! My god to me is everything , my muhammed is my pride .. How can I allow any of you to say bad about him. And who are you to insult my beliefs and aspects? Who gave you the right! What I can understand from this is, you might had taught to insult others religion in yours, I guess! I pardon .. But I can think this only because you are doing so.

          • Umama this may be a good time for you to actually read a koran and notice that rather than offer any insight or methods to reduce human suffering, the book is basically nothing more than a long insult to other religions and people.

            In fact what they do to Jesus is nothing short of the most outrageous insult any Christian could possibly imagine. They made Jesus a regular joe, said he wasn’t crucified and that in the end times he will come back to kill the Christians and break the crosses.

            The likely truth or untruth of any of these events doesn’t even matter in the context of your argument, such as it is. The point is that islam was designed as nothing less than, and sadly little more than, a grotesque insult to all other faiths and cultural systems of life, marriage etc. So to say that other people don’t have a right to insult islam while muslims, even when they are not busy enslaving unbelievers, slaughtering entire peoples fitting the definition of Genocide to a T, destroying artifacts, churches, icons and objects of reverence by other groups as fast as they can figure out how to turn on a bulldozer, blowing up ancient 100 foot statues of famous philosophical leaders from the far East, well,

            Frankly your claims and requests are a direct insult to the intelligence. I have put up with you as I was hoping you would make at least one cogent argument. Instead, in true islamic fashion, you make demands backed up by threats and lies. If you have anything reasoned to say, make it soon.

          • Umama,

            You say “The thing I want to say is don’t insult any religion, when I’m not insulting yours…”

            We are not insulting religion. And would never ever consider it an option if you insulted ours. We don’t ask for ‘an eye for an eye’ but for the truth and justice. Stoning a Musselma is a grievance for us, even though in the same circumstances she would stone another Musselma. All Muslims are from conquered peoples who betrayed the greater civilizations of their forefathers.

            All Religion points to a good God or kind Goddess, and by their fruit there is welcome for the stranger. Their heavens come to Earth to dwell among us. The Sikh temple has food, the Christian shelter, the Hindu harmony, only the Muslim separates from the unclean kufar with scorn and derision. We can find within the religious scriptures the unalienable rights of Man because we are made in the image of God; only Islam, Socialism and sexual perversion give Preferential Rights to those who submit, and live as proud nations of vultures to take the property and lives off those who don’t.

            There has been nothing on this board against religion. Just Mohammad, whose Allah serves his every craven desire, from child-abuse, adultery, banditry, slavery and murder. And you associate yourself with this vilest of creatures to jizya tax The People of The Book, who are God’s People.
            How dare you!

            • Tough list for the gentle reader.

              This guy Moh had one psychotic imaginary friend. No wonder his dupes keep trying to convince themselves, yelling over & over: “My allah is better!”

              Better than what? ha-halla-la-la

        • So it’s not a mis-typed statement affirming, “Yes they do! [indeed]”.

          Eeyore said: Wow. A tard homily.
          Three cheers for that!
          */* … */* … */* …

  3. Umama Siddiqi,
    After 9/11 then the London and Madrid Bombings which were crimes committed by Muslims in the name of their religion, I did study Islam to learn about the faith these murderers followed. I was disgusted and appalled at the violent discriminatory nonsense pretending to be a religion. You are a patronizing idiot who hides under an acceptance of one interpretation of Islam while deliberately ignoring those who practice a violent supremacist interpretation because they follow the scriptures and examples more faithfully than you do. Study Islam yourself dude, it might open your closed mind to what Islam really is. And it isn’t the peaceful fantasy you spout.

    • You have no idea about Islam. So it will b good if’ll you shut up. My islam is my religion. My prophet is my Muhammed and my ALLAH is the one . so I don’t need any kind advice of urs to study Islam , I don’t know what religion do you follow but there must b some bad people in your religion too. No one is pure and perfect. I’m not either!
      So, you all have a freaking bad mentality about Islam, so you are speaking much. And whosoever is saying we are not insulting Islam here, so let me tell you, to make pages like Islam is cancer .. To post bad comments regarding Islam and the holy book QURAN MAJEED. so what you people are upto? The thing is to insult is very easy, to point out is much easier but to find mistakes in ourselves is a tough job. Islam allows us to to find mistake in ourselves. Secondly, ALHAMDULILLAH for everything. Your stupid arguments can’t take away my Islam and my ALLAH away from me.
      And if you Are not insulting my religion then apologies and ask to shut this page off. And the others too which consist of crap about my religion.

      • Wait, you apologize and then ask that this site be shut down? Are you a troll or just learning disabled?

        Everyone here except you has given reasoned arguments and offered you every opportunity to show why these reasons are incorrect. They have cited chapter and verse of your own scripture to show why your assertions, and that is all they have been so far, are not in any way connected to islam.

        It is not we who need to stop. It is you, and all like you.

  4. PS Umama You say you can’t allow us to speak badly of your Mohammed or Allah – how dare you. Who do you think you are? You don’t control what I think and have no right to censor or control what I say. From the nonsense you speak I have studied Islam in more depth than you and have a better understanding of it than you with your blind unthinking acceptance of a fantasy tale.

    • Haan, for sure I won’t allow you to say bad about my religion, my ALLAH and my Muhammed as well.
      Because my upbringing don’t allow me to do so, maybe you are allowed to do so because it might had taught to you in your religion to insult others believes and religion.
      Fear your lord, I FEAR MY ALLAH

      • Exactly how do you plan to not allow people to say factual and important warnings, or as you put it, “bad things” about your religion? You keep threatening us all, but how exactly?

      • You say you fear Allah Umama but I’d bet your biggest fear is the disapproval and violent reaction of other Muslims if you were to question or doubt Islamic teachings.

        Religious spirituality should be a personal relationship between an individual and their god, but not in Islam where people are taught to ignore their ability to reason and to blindly follow whatever the preachers and scholars tell them to believe.

        Muslims fear to question established interpretations of Islamic doctrine as other Muslims would call them an apostate, and in some Islamic countries, this results in a death sentence, either carried out by the State, or by a raging violent mob.

        This fear of violence has prevented reform and left Islam as a moribund backward faith unable to adapt to more civilized times. It remains stuck with the morals and values of a barbaric uncivilized age, when treating women as chattels and killing unbelievers and taking them as slaves was tolerated. The same vile teachings being followed today by Isis.

        Other Muslims ignore these violent teachings, knowing they are incompatible with civilised behaviour and pretend Isis and other terror groups have nothing to do with Islam when they are following the teachings in the Quran and in the examples in the life of Mohammed. The exact same teachings still being used by Muslims to justify killing and oppressing others .

        Muslims who deny the existence of these hateful aspects of their faith don’t know the teachings as well as they should, or they are deceitful and pretend Islam is a religion of peace, when it clearly is not.

  5. If you are a woman have you had your clit cut off and your vagina closed with reeds placed in them to be cut open upon your marriage bed? (can you imagine doing that? Hey honey, I’ve got this sharp tuna fish top that some toothless woman gave me to cut open your vagina, will only take a minute and you’ll bleed like a stuck pig which will be great because everyone will know you as a virgin when I show the bloody sheets and then I’ll screw you silly! So bear down, this is going to be the greatest night of your life while I rape your wounded body!)
    Do you look forward to it?

    Do you understand the difference between barbaric culture of 1,400 years ago and modern culture and science?
    Here is where I should start the profanities…
    Don’t talk to me about what your mother, father and relatives say about Islam.
    I live in the real world.
    Your political ideology has nothing to do with peace.
    It is peace only when the rest of the world submits to Islamic ideology.

    Until then you will continue your crusade. You will continue to demand halal meat slaughter for public venues, which I find abhorrent, and you will continue public veiling which leads to crime and women’s subjugation. In short, your 14th century culture will continue adjustment from the 21st century world.

    You are nothing more than an Islamic shill. Possibly so uneducated that you don’t even know it. Western culture lets you live in a comparatively comfortable society.

    My best advice to you is to read up on your religion in order to understand what the “extremists” are doing. You will quickly find that what they are doing is not extremist at all. They are following the tenets of a terribly war like, misogynist and blood thirsty ideology and it is in perfect keeping with the tenets of Islam.

    • At women the Muslims throw acid, if she will not be his whore;
      For children there is buggery if they do memorize the score.
      For men there is submission of which there are but four,
      Allah is Muhammad’s prophet, die, or start stealing from the poor.

    • Babs wrote: It is peace only when the rest of the world submits to Islamic ideology.

      Dear Babs, I think you are too charitable. Once a people have submitted to Muhammednism, they start killing each other, for who is the muhammedist of all. Its the same story of blood, blood and more blood, but now within the family of Muhammed. See Iraq, Afghanistan, now Yemen, etc.

    • I hadn’t thought of that.
      If Umama is female, she’s been cut.
      Many victims will suffer PTSD – on top of all the rest – for life. They may well be disinclined to look too closely into the nasty old KORAN, source of so much suffering.

  6. Umama Sïddìq?í and other Muslims, should note that we are not your enemy. Your real, present, and immediate enemy is your fellow Muslims

    If you are living in the West Umama Sïddìq?í, then we might be able to protect you from your fellow Muslims, but not from your own immediate family. If you live in the lands that your forefathers raped and enslaved, then its going to get increasingly tough.

  7. Why do Muslims come on thsi site, professing peace, peace, and then threaten the site owner, and threaten all and sundry.

    Muslims always remind me of that movie in which invading Martians loudly proclaim, “We come in peace, come out Humans, we come in peace”, and then obliterate them with their ray guns, when a few gullible humans do.

    • Islam is in part a political ideology and therefore must be open to discussion, don’t you think? Are you really saying that it is reasonable for a political ideology to insist on perfect freedom from all criticism? I, personally, do not believe in nor approve of the political aspects of Islam and I do not want it to become the law in my country. Are you saying that I should be barred from even saying that? Do you think I should be forced to accept Islam without even being allowed to speak about it? Do you really think that’s reasonable?

    • So you see Umama – nobody here hates you at all, but know you are paranoid and mentally unwell. We see you as a sacred life, not a dhimmi prostrating to the murderer and his Satan. We cannot hurry you in your healing, but have laws written by our past ancestors who struggled to free the common Man, men and women, that protected spouses from bigamy and the hypocrisy of the self-righteous. Yours is only one third of the battle-front in this war to protect the mind of the child.

      The Muslims that came to the West to be free and left alone are afraid of people like you.

      To the Hebrews, Jesus said, ‘love your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself’ because he completed what had gone missing in their pride of culture.

      However, the Ishmaelites have a false God because it resided in an insincere heart and so can only join forces with the false Collectivists who would stamp the heel of Communism on everyone, and so worse than Russians drowning their despair in vodka, their offspring drown themselves in mimicking affection and never discovering what is trust and loyalty.

      You did not bring love. Because you do not know what love is. You uttered “As-salamu alaykum” to pretend peace with the intention of harm and to sow dissent among the weakest saying that you were offended that “Quran” was misspelt. It would work powerfully on Obama, but your present unhappy soulessness that speaks so loudly, does not work here.

      We could hear your emptiness – by your life lived on your sleeve.

    • I wasn’t taught to hate Islam, I wasn’t taught any religion but coming from a childhood of extreme neglect and abuse and having been brutally assaulted breaking 4 ribs and my skull I now say if your religion or belief is to say I ( a woman) doesn’t matter as much as your own self then I say you should be Killed! If Shira law becomes acceptable and I get Only 1 person who lays 1 finger on me I Will take my assault and make my life into killing that persons ENTIRE FAMILY!! DO NOT TOUCH ME! If God ( any of your religion) came to earth and someone touches me I will gladly kill them in front of your God, keep your hands to your fucking self and everything will be fine with me! But their are more and more radicals everyday, come find me if I’m wrong I will have many weapons to take out anyone who touches me or my property… And I wouldn’t call the cops, I would just feed my dogs who are all attack dogs each with a different forms of commands. Islam is a joke it’s a way to control people, someone on here got mad and said its a beautiful religion and that their all slave to Allah, yea that person said that sucide bombers are a disgrace to their religion but if your a slave to Allah and all read and follow the same guidelines then damn I hope the entire world can get along to do an extinction, I don’t even see Muslim children the same as any other child in the world, they kill women and children throughout history fuck it I’m tired of being the nice person who Always gets screwed over giving people the benefit of the doubt! I don’t care to be nice anymore nor will I be, let me break your back and skull and ribs…. Tell me how it feels! I was attacked by a man claiming to be Muslim July 27 last year, I Haven’t recovered and need surgery or I’m going to be paralyzed do to my spine. You all agree and share shit give me the money I need for your ‘ brothers debts’ if not then I wouldn’t even blink once before taking a Muslims ( or ANY) persons loves and life away! If I get assaulted because Shira law is in effect I know quite a few people I’m going to kill in public, I’m so tired of men thinking women are objects and things. Fuck that!

  8. Perfectchild

    Muslims have been so thoroughly brainwashed from birth that they do not have any concept of truth and doubt. There are no doubts in the Muslim mind, just the certainties of the koran. I’ve never come across a religious tract as full of idiocies coupled with murderous barbarity.

    Its a pleasure reading what you wrote to the two Muslims who have come to this site. As usual they are so filled with heir own importance, that they assume we will all fall at their feet. It is this sense of being a Muslim, and therefore the possessor of the “Truth”, that gives them their arrogance.

    The fact that Muslims will give their eye teeth to live in the West, possibly on Benefits, does not suggest to them that something is wrong with their world view.

    Its this total brainwashing that Muslims receive from birth, that has destroyed their critical faculties. I hope though, that they will open their eyes. But they can only learn from a position of humility.

    • DP111,

      It is a revelation to watch the faces of those who profess their God equal to everyones, “there is no compulsion in religion” and then enjoin you to support one of their tennants which become more demanding until enforcing as statutory their festivals as holidays and any attempt to stop further incursions are met with hostility and violence, to replace the Mecca you once live in. Marriage becomes the oppression and open degradation of women.

      Umama is not knowledgeable for an average person of his own age and has exposed Islam to ridicule, here. Only an Imam well-versed in the reasoning of every complaint offered would refute with sura and hadith the Science of The Koran that the sun went around the earth. He didn’t, and this has dishonored Muslims everywhere. Now he has provide his brothers and sisters with the path to apostasy and freedom. This may be what he secretly was seeking all along to free his own mind’s agony. For he has heard now from men and women, athiest and religious, of all who are not against Jesus’ teachings to love your neighbor as yourself.

      Umama parroted as if he wanted us to be in bondage like him, as if he believes he can receive extra favor from his Cruel Allah and avoid Hell-Fire, while we want him to be set free from this brutal deception by Muhammad’s.

      It has been healthy for everyone concerned to speak for the freedom of the child, and we know in The West the Socialists are seeking Net Neutrality to prevent this help while they enslave our generations ahead into the dependency of debt. Communist, Islamist or the Sexual-Identity Created, the Devil care’s not how you kill your soul. Whether on a mass-produced carpet begging for Mercy from Walmart or from the handouts of industrial housing and condoms.

      Keep anonimous Umama and re-read and bookmark our wisdom with links offered to you because they will one day suddenly make sense and return your life back to you.

      It is what it is.

  9. perfectchild

    Muslims are to be pitied. In fact they are victims, as they often state, after every bloody terrorist attack. But not victims of Islamophobia, but their fear of other Muslims, who follow Islam more “correctly”. Thus the beating and burning to death of a poor Muslim woman in Afghanistan. Thus all the beatings and killing of Christians all over the Islamic world.

    So they come to the West, for bread and sustenance in the first, and also in the hope that they will get others to join them in their prison, and confirm their choice – a choice they dont have, and thus all the more imperative to get others to confirm it.

  10. DP111 I agree with you. Umama says he fears Allah but his biggest fear is the disapproval or violent reaction of other Muslims if he questions Islamic teachings.

    Religious spirituality is a personal relationship between an individual and their god except in Islam where people are taught to ignore their ability to reason and blindly follow whatever the preachers and scholars tell them. Muslims fear to question established interpretations of Islamic doctrine as others will accuse them of apostasy which can be a death sentence, either carried out by the State, or by a raging violent mob.

    This fear leaves Islam moribund and unable to adapt to more civilized times, stuck with the morals and values of a barbaric uncivilised age when treating women as chattels and killing unbelievers and taking them as slaves was tolerated. The same vile teachings followed today by Isis.

    Umama ignores these teachings knowing they are incompatible with civilized behaviour and pretends Isis and other Islamic terror groups have nothing to do with Islam when it is easily proved they are following the Quran and the examples set by Mohammed Muslims who deny this are deluded or deceitful, insisting Islam is a religion of peace, when it clearly is not.

  11. One cannot debate with a mind forever locked in the seventh century, one can only do everything in one’s power to prevent anyone else being shepherded into that evolutionary cul-de-sac.

  12. “Jihad” the board game = for Most the family
    players 2 x teams of any size (males only)

    Team 1 wear red gingham tea towals over head.
    Team 2 wear black and white ones.

    Preparing to start the game.
    The Game Board goes on the on the ceiling with the game side facing the ceiling, so the players roaming beneath can see MB games in big letters above them and little more which adds to the mystery.

    Take the bag of cards , dice , mars bar, counters , rockets , icons -houses , cars , guns , bag of rice goats , children and woman ,. Give it big shake so they are all mixed then pour the lot onto a table in the middle of the playing space. directly beneath the game board that is stuck face down on the ceiling. as soon as the noise of alla snacking gets to a stable level they are ready to begin.

    Start of game.

    Somebody will go to take something from the table a little car or a card or something an put it in his pocket , this will set off a bit of alla akbar oo oo all alla akabar. the whole room will start twitching their ak 47 triggers, tension builds until a person jumps up on the table and starts giving a speech and then it calms down abit . next person grabs something of the table and puts it in his pocket, the tensions rises man jumps on the table but cannot calm them down now its bullets flying , everyman for him self grabbing bits of the table , they all run off as fast as posible raping woman and children on the way.

  13. Any attempt to use reason or logic with a Muslim is doomed to failure. They have been programmed from birth through family, government, schools and formal religious associations to not question their own faith. They are quite simply brainwashed! Prayer while facing Mecca 5 times a day reinforces their beliefs. Islam is no more than an infectious virulent virus that must be isolated or eliminated if non Muslims are ever to live in peace. In short, any attempt to reason with an uneducated idiot is doomed to failure and a waste of breath. The core of Islam is their Quran. The Quran is nothing more than a hate document that provides guidance to a cult.

  14. Islam is clearly a cancer. It needs to be removed asap.Just wiped off and forgotten forever.
    This is not even religion, this is satanic sect. Hussein Obama and his cocksucker Kerry are their close friends.

  15. The savages can’t even type properly.competent at shooting/bombing unarmed civilians though.too many scroungers infesting Europe,since other muslim shitholes don’t even want them.get them all back to grovelling to the false prophet on little rugs in their own un-evolved continent,whom haven’t contributed ANYTHING to the planet,except murder & paedophilic obsessions

  16. saudi arabia abolished slavery in 1972 and it still exists in some islamic countries… they’re like shameless savages lagging behind humanity.

  17. Muslim says ,Islam is religion of Peace. But history shows word “Peace” is no in Islam. Islam says in Sahih Bukhari and Quran that is Allah is One and Prophet Muhammad is massenger, if any not agreed with this , that is kaffir (Unbeliever) Islam says Kill him. Further Islam says Kill kaffir man , and take kaffir’s women and children and slave them.
    In Saudi Arabia Time of Muhammad after conquest of Mecca, Muhammad behead all Christians and Jews and some converted in Islam with Force.
    This is The Islam and Qualities of Muhammad.
    Hijjaj bib Yousuf, Aurangzeb Mugahl, Mehmood Ghaznavi and Ahmed Shah Abdali are most cursed person of Islam.

  18. Most of these comments wander about on the path of truth. The one God of creation continues to allow us time and His air to live and develop. However- belief is not confined to just the modern religions. Try to open your thoughts to histories of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism. The Way of truth is the core for human pursuit. We have many true prophets and many false prophets. Death is not the Way, but an end to pursuit. We must live to continue, we must love to live.

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