Mob kills 6 Muslims in Nigeria

When the government cannot or will not protect you, then vigilantism is the logical result. “Justice,” one famous  judge once wrote, “must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done”.

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An angry mob killed at least six Muslim youths in Nigeria on Monday. The killings follow attacks on two churches last weekend. DW talked to the Catholic Archbishop of Jos about the violence and possible solutions.

In the international media, the violence in Nigeria’s North is often described as a conflict between Muslim and the Christian communities. In recent months, a number of religious leaders have spoken out and denied that the religion is triggering the clashes. Instead, they blame economic and political factors for the increasing levels of violence.

Ignatius Kaigama is the Catholic Archbishop of Jos. The city has made headlines as one of the hotspots of the violence in recent years. Kaigama has played an active role in mediation efforts between warring parties.

Last Monday local media reported that a Christian mob killed six Muslim youth in a revenge attack. On the weekend, a suicide bomber had hit a church in Jos while gunmen opened fire at churchgoers in Borno State.

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25 Replies to “Mob kills 6 Muslims in Nigeria”

  1. I have not one bit of sympathy for these dead men……..reap the whirlwind……..or as you sow so shall you reap………my only wish is that their deaths came quickly…..the very same wish I would have for a rabid dog…..

    The muslims have gravely underestimated their opponents around the globe……they have also badly underestimated their own ability or capability to wage an enthusiastic war against whole populations of the Western world…….their provocations, unceasing and growing exponentially more injurious by the day, are setting the stage for a global bloodbath that will see their numbers reduced to a mere pittance…….earmarks of that bloodbath can be seen around the world………once commenced it will be breathtaking and in their moment of agony they will see those once sympathetic, turn away indifferent to their screams for mercy……

    I imagine those more timid of the muslim populations will, once the backlash is fully underway, echo the words of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto……..the observant Admiral Yamamoto sagely commented on the looming reaction of the United States of America after the bombing of Pearl Harbour with this insightful little gem….

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    There is a reckoning coming…..a well deserved reckoning…..mark my words…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Don Laird, you are so right – I feel we are reaching the tipping point, bring it on “Once more unto the breach dear friends!

  3. Don Laird, I applaud your hopes. I don’t think that the caliphate will ever get a real foothold in the West, however the trends of rampant immigration especially in Europe warn of of some very ugly civil wars in the not too distant future. Politics are the thin edge of the wedge and too many anti-Western haters of our civilization are already in the political arena. After 20% support it becomes impossible to stop a determined voting bloc. Look at the last 25 years of Nazareth history and you can see what I mean.

    The cultural relativists in the name of “equality” at all costs are our fifth column and as they aid and abet this phenomenon they are the main stumbling block to our return to a place of reason and pride for our own Western civilization. In my limited experience of a few decades of sparring with lefty acquaintances it seems to me that the only thing that can change the minds of the majority of these brainwashed countrymen is the limited life span of the human body.

    Which takes us to the subject of our next generation. The youth are our future. To get an idea of the results of our public educational system one has to look no further than Montreal. THAT is the fifth column which we must deal with.

    Hitler once said, “Give me your youth and in ten years I will change society.” Time to get a hold on our own educational system, talk to the young, spend time with them on these subjects, make sure that their heads are screwed on straight. Only then can we have any hope.

  4. Don do you know that Yamamoto also said that after bombing Pearl he could run riot in the Pacific for 6 months but what then? The Battle of Midway was around 6 months after Pearl, and after that the Japanese never went on the offensive again. I will admit that it took a couple of years for this to become apparent.

    Dallas you are right in almost everything you said, the only thing I will disagree with is the people changing their minds, the true leftist never will, the deluded will learn when reality hits them hard enough.

    As for the civil wars, I think the protests and riots we are currently seeing are the opening rounds in the civil wars, they will be bloody and will re-0ccur at periodic intervals for the rest of this Century. The wars will not be limited to Europe and North America (although both will be bloodied in them) but will occur around the world. When these wars are over, or at a temporary halt for R&R the map makers will be busy redrawing the maps of the world to fit the new borders.

    We can expect great scientific discoveries and advancement during the war years, war always pushes research and innovation.

  5. Richard, ah yes of course, always a bright side to things. Meanwhile, bravo to the Nigerian fight-back. Maybe if America finds itself a non-muslim President later this year, civilization will be able to start doing it’s duty again, helping the good guys and reversing all the massive damage that has been encouraged and enabled everywhere.

  6. Another thing to ponder. If Muslims threaten an oil boycot of let’s say, Europe, Muslims in Europe will be hurt, too. By the way, how did the mob know that the men were Muslims?

  7. I think it is the most pernicious bit of logical fallacy, possibly ever. Faux environmentalists who pedal global warming nearly always resort to Pascal’s wager when you corner them with facts.

    “Well, yes recycling, global warming, acid rain, nuclear winter etc. etc. may not be exactly as presented but at least it makes people think correctly about the environment”

    There is always a cost to a false belief. Some are lethal like Islam and others are more benign. The best you can hope for is that your false belief is sufficiently close to reality that it can sustain you till you die without taking too much damage.

  8. Yes, but Pascal’s Wager points out that the costs of the false belief Atheism, are infinitely worse than the costs of the false belief Theism. Environmentalists use Pascal’s Wager correctly. Only the religious belief that the world will end anyway can oppose environmentalism. As soon as Atheism enters your mind, you will worry about overpopulation, and, at odds with Darwinism, stop reproducing. Then you will be overrun by religious people who do reproduce.

  9. 1. Atheism is not a false belief. However, as you point out, it may well be a counter productive one, as Western peoples (as opposed to Chinese and Indian who seem to be able to have large families without a god in the picture) will have more children than atheists as a rule. Catholics, for example, in Canada certainly have more children than secular people do, and also have stronger communities and are a better friend (ironically) of classically liberal values than the left leaning open-atheists.

    2. There is no ‘correct’ use of Pascal. Pascal’s wager is a logical fallacy. It remains a fallacy, even if a particular application of it seems to work out. Like the broken digital clock, can be right once a day.

    3. It is also fallacious to say that only X can defeat environmentalism. Actually genuine science and real environmentalism can defeat the neo-Marxist hyperbole which is spoon fed to us daily as environmental concerns. For example, the excellent movie, ‘The Cloud Mystery’ is real science and sets the record straight.

    The Catholic Church has made it extremely clear that Darwin is correct. That any attempt to reconcile it with supernaturalism, such as ‘Intelligent design’ is a bad idea and to be shunned. The Church in fact is much more reason based than most know, even practicing Catholics.

  10. Trolls like to run the thread off topic and keep it off topic. They will look for an irelevant theme that they think they can keep you on, maybe a pet subject of yours they have noticed from earlier posts. The intention is to deflect attention from something they don’t want people to be concentrating on. Villages of Christians roasted alive by muslim attackers might be that sort of topic.

  11. Atheism may well be false, but it is not a belief. It is lack of belief.

    So it cannot be a false belief. But it can be wrong. Let me know when god appears. I’ll tell the atheists myself.

  12. If Atheism is wrong, then reality could be made out of cottage cheese and we are all poker chips in a grand game of Fizbin where infinity self replicating gods all gamble for our various industrial waste products.

    This is my favorite reason why a person should never play a game they didn’t invent themselves

    Pretty much goes for most religions as well.

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