Ezra Levant being censored by hidden and unaccountable overlords

I love my country. Canada is an amazing place with an amazing people in many ways, and no, not just because the entire East coast could be the Shire, and the population, Hobbits.

But that also.

However in some ways, we really are a third world toilet. Ezra Levant was the leading edge of the now-successful assault on the so-called, ‘Human Rights Commissions’ which in fact suppressed basic human rights for their own financial gain and the advancement of their personal politics. The commissions still exist, but at least Ezra caused them to have an incisor or two removed. Hopefully without anesthetic.

Now, Ezra is taking on the long-overdue battle with other hidden, patronage-appointed boards who regulate secretly what we may or may not hear on broadcast TV.

No wonder everyone is turning to the internet.

Lets hope he wins this battle, then takes the CRTC to the veterinarian, if you know what I mean, and has an organ removed from them they should never have had in the first place.

Thank you Ezra. You have, and continue to do more for freedom and individual liberty in Canada than possibly any other single person in our history.

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  1. Despite Ezra’s hyperkinetic presentations, which make me nervous, I have to admit I’m a fan. He is a modern day Don Quixote tilting at injustice, and our country needs him if we value the principles of democracy.

  2. This segment was so entertaining, wish I had some popcorn while watching Ezra rip these censors to shreds. I especially enjoyed Ezra’s tear at around the 21 minute mark when he addresses the following quote also in a screen capture behind him:

    he had used the term in a blatant attempt to attack the Chiquita executive
    . . .to which Ezra rips:

    “Uh, yeah. You got me. You cracked the case! See, I admit I was insulting Chiquita bananas . . .what tipped you fellas off?”

    That there is a seriously funny and much needed slap against these repugnant hypocritical censors. VIVA SUNTV! VIVA EzraLevant! Chinga tu madre CBSC!

  3. Ezra is a modern day hero, courageous and determined…. someone who really is a person whose life and actions I respect….a person of worth….
    Bravo Ezra for you and all you do xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Alienated:

    I would add to that, it is most certainly we who are being censored. I shutter to think what it is we have not been able to hear that we urgently need to, in order to make rational decisions for our selves and our communities. Every day I realize incrementally how many ways we lost the cold war.

    Leftists control the information flow. So our decisions, whether for reasons of crypto-enviornmentalism or pseudo-health, are no surprise.

  5. I can’t get enough of Ezra. He’s the junkyard dog you want protecting your rights.

    Only the leftist loons are foolish enough to take him on. What a bunch of ill-conceived intellectual tripe trying to shut him up. You leftist losers look like a bunch of clowns.

    Keep up the good work Ezra.

  6. Bravo Ezra. The left wing scourges in our society have met their match. Unfortunately, there is still the problem of being able to see Ezra’s show over Rogers’ Basic Cable service. Not enough Canadian are exposed to his greatness.

  7. Thanks to the internet, I NEVER listen to Canadian radio, I NEVER watch Canadian TV and I NEVER read Canadian newspapers.

    This is not how to respond to bullies, I know, but what are my choices? Bland Muslim friendly Canadian news or FOX news?

    The anger is that these scumbags get a good salary for this and a pension!!!

  8. I admire Ezra. I became aware of him, when he fought the human right commission. I mailed him then a comment, expressing how much I respected his position. What totally won me over though is this, he doesn’t mind to criticise jews too. I enjoyed when he said, “whatever happened? It used to be, when 2 jews argued, they came up with 3 different opinions.”
    I have lived in East Germany for a few years as a teenager, so I have experienced communism first hand. What a rotten, lying, demoralizing system that is.
    We need Ezra very much in this country, so I wish him success for the good of all of us.

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