Anjem Choudary: Overthrowing non-islamic regimes is my fulltime job’ – interview with belgian news magazine

From Belgian News mag…


Translated by Michael Laudahn (With thanks)

From London, british moslem extremist Anjem Choudari continues constructing his Global Sharia Movement, with affiliates such as Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland. ‘We must dominate the entire world’, he admits without batting an eye. 

‘However, I am not a Dr No. Not that I share the ideals of honorable organisations just like Al-Qaeda, neither that I pull at all the wires’, says Choudari this week in an interview with [the paper edition of] Knack [belgian dutch-language weekly for Flanders].

Several [online] excerpts 

‘The Global Sharia Movement exists, just as so many other movements like Al-Qaida, the taliban or Al-Shabaab, who all are partisans of the same philosophy. The reason that I am sitting also behind all the other movements is not because we foster the same ideas. The unique thing about islam is that there are no different versions of it. Al-Qaeda is a noble organisation also appealing to sharia and a return to the roots of islam. Because I am living under a ‘security covenant’, I am not allowed to procede here to ‘a 9/11’ or ‘a 7/7′ (the attacks against the New York Word Trade Center and the London underground, editor [Knack]). The moslems of Sudan, Afghanistan or Irak are sitting in the middle of a war situation. In a war, men kill each other. Today’s operations are resistance acts against the occupiers.’


‘The moslems’ goal is clearly written in the koran, chapter 9, verse 33. We *must* dominate the entire world, if you like it or not. Islam is the divine law explaining us how man must worship his creator. We believe that islam is for humanity and for society. If you believe in something noble, then it is normal that you wish to share it with the society in which you live? Why can’t we proclaim the pure worshipping of god, just as others may overtly propagate homosexuality and the drug and alcohol culture?’


‘There is no freedom in Belgium, because there are a number of man-made laws, among which hate laws which they now apply against Sharia4Belgium. We would like to enter a debate with people, but the british, dutch and belgian authorities do not permit it. They want to ban us, lable us as terrorists and create a tense and hostile situation where it is self-evident that moslems will react. We simply want to survive and practise our religion. It is my fulltime job to overthrow the non-islamic regimes and to implement sharia.’ 

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13 Replies to “Anjem Choudary: Overthrowing non-islamic regimes is my fulltime job’ – interview with belgian news magazine”

  1. Unfortunately, I think hell could very well freeze over. But more likely, the end of the world will come due to a war in the Middle-East. And then the Last Day, the Day of Judgement.

  2. “His Full time job”! Well he should be fired. In any case, my understanding is that he is basically living off the British welfare system. Time to turn the tap off.

  3. ‘Full time job, eh!’. Living on State Benefit handouts? Something not right there. Not supposed to be able to do that.

  4. More that, to get all those benefits I thought you were supposed to be looking for paid work in a genuine effort to get off the benefits, and if you weren’t looking for work the benefits are supposed to stop, kind of thing. So if that guy is fit and able to do his ‘full time job’ of destroying civilization as we know it, then he clearly is fit enough to be doing a proper job instead. Don’t see why British taxpayers money is being handed to this article, police protection as well I am told. Completely looked after, in fact, …WHY?

  5. He is going to get the civil war he is pushing for, he may even get the destruction of western civ as he is pushing for, what he won’t get is victory for the Moslems.

  6. “The unique thing about islam is that there are no different versions of it.”

    try telling that to a Shiite, Sunni or Alawite.
    the versions are so different, they spend half their “combat” effort trying to kill each other.
    the man is a loon.
    i hope the civil war he is promoting kicks off.
    we will then have the opportunity to wipe the musturds off the face of the UK.
    bring it on i say.

  7. @Richard

    That is the right spirit. We must be willing to die for our freedom. On the one hand, Muslims threaten to cut off oil supply, on the other hand they claim the West oppresses them. Something is not right. Either they have the power, or we.

  8. The Moslems are like the Russians, they must be either slaves or masters, we are going to have to show them which they are by stepping on them until they apologize and then step on them until they mean the apology.

  9. As long as mosques allow all dark-skinned men without beards to enter, we should assume the same and treat them as Muslims. They should always be second-class citizens. Their women, however, can redeem themselves by marrying a non-dark-skinned man. The Muslim will say he is already a second class citizen, because he cannot get a job. But that is his own fault, as he doesn’t attack the business men that deny him a job.

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