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6 Replies to “Leftists and Islam continue to terrorize Montreal”

  1. Why the surprise? He’s a muslim and he has been at the forefront of demonstrations against Quebecers who sell Israeli goods. Do you think because he lives in Canada his loyalty is to her? Think again, his first loyalty is to islam and islam’s first loyalty is to the shariah which needs the government to be overthrown to thrive.

    Meanwhile the spoiled brat, entitled students, due to their stupidity and greed are helping the cause of islam.

  2. WPF:


    Meanwhile, in about 5 minutes, a new post should appear with a video. Would love your comments on it.


  3. Re: the new video. I could not post a comment. Thought the video was great, though I’m sure not for the reasons the makers of the video intended. Would give the video my first Marked for Death award, if Wilders doesn’t mind. Too bad one of their own can’t pull them aside and explain.

  4. Leftists and Muslims share an interesting spiritual connection. Leftists developed the idea that racism is the worst sin. Muslims took over the idea and developed the teaching that Iblis, the Muslim Devil, was the First Racist. This creates an interesting opportunity to create an anti-religion.

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