1. I agree you will not get it back. But there is another side to this thing. When people get so rich they do get corrupted and happy with what they have. No need to upset the money coming in and the life that is good. When that happens a lot of the jihad talk is said only for show. The heart goes out of the jihad. Fat, corrupt,useless. Killed by easy living. This happens a lot with muslims who we see in places like the gulf like Qatar etc. The Palestinians and the leadership have settled for being eternal losers because that is what brings the money in. Oil also brings in easy money and with foreigners doing the work the Qatari people sit back and become fat, corrupts and useless.

  2. Yes, Don, they become soft and afraid of death. We can win if we lose our fear of death. Christians believe in Heaven, atheists believe in euthanasia. Is life under Shari’a worth living? The threat of blowing up the world will strike fear in many rich Muslims. This I call planetary euthanasia. Beat the suicide bomber with the biggest suicide bombing in human history.

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