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21 Replies to “Tommy Robinson in Rochdale”

  1. The Soviets were the ones who put bombs in toys, this occurred when they were trying military conquest as a means of spreading communism to Afghanistan.

    Tommy gives a good speech, and is making some important points, his comments about the government failing the people is a telling point against the Nanny State.

  2. Your right Richard was mixed up with the Viet Cong when they strapped on explosives to children then force them to go up too Americans then blow the kid our men up.

  3. Yeah both cases shows just how much the Marxists think of kids, and don’t forget the way the Moslems in the occupied territories put the kids out front to be killed when they attack the Israelis.

  4. Chicom used the same tactics known as the Human Sea consisting of women and children in the frontal attacks. Let’s see if the muslims can outsmart the Chicom !

  5. The Iranians used children in the first wave against the Iraqis and will unashamedly do it agin in future. Unfortunately those children have explosives strapped to them. Essentially it is only British civilisation and a few friends who are constrained by western Christian morality. It is a handicap that we have to bear for the sake of our own humanity and to ensure that our race is worth preserving…

    Tommy Robinson is a good bloke.

  6. The Iranians also used elderly as mine detectors, they sent them in with the kids to clear paths through the mine fields.

  7. Reading an article I think from the same event shows this:

    “Footage captured by our reporters show firecrackers and missiles thrown into the crowd, fights, and EDL members making apparent Nazi salutes.”

    It shows one guy giving a Nazi salute. Who is this guy and what was he doing there?

    Note: it says “members” plural which photo only shows one.

  8. I want to see a video of the incident, I have held my arm up and waved it to get a friends attention, a picture from the back would have looked like a Nazi salute.

  9. Those pictures are from the front and you can clearly see they are doing the Nazi salute, the other one is from the rear, he could be waving at some one.

  10. If the Iranians used the elderly as mine detectors, they are dangerously close to euthanasia. If we cannot the same tactics in warfare, we should instead pray a lot.

  11. We use technology to clear mine fields, they use the elderly, I prefer our approach. But prayer doesn’t hurt.

    It was the use of the elderly and very young to clear the mine fields that caused Saddam to use nerve gas on the Iranian attackers.

  12. I wouldn’t say disgusted, I would say endangered, he started the war and they were kicking his butt, they almost won that war, something no one in their right mind wanted. Saddam was bad but Iran is orders of magnitude worse.

  13. He couldn’t, since he was the lesser evil the west provided enough weapons so the war would end in a draw. This is where the left gets the idea that Saddam was our boy, bull we didn’t put him in power and the only reason we helped him during that was was the fact that Iran was worse.

    Always remember that you don’t always have a choice between the good guys and the bad guys, often the choice is between the bad guys and the worse guys, no matter what you do an asshole ends up running the third world nation. In that case you chose the one that will do the least damage to you.

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