Powerful military rifles discovered in north London police raid

Raid: a Belgian Fabrique Nationale assault rifle (top) and an L1A1 self-loading rifle (bottom) were found in a bedroom cupboard

08 June 2012

These are two powerful Army assault rifles seized by police from a London gang.

The terrifying guns were found hidden in a bedroom cupboard after a raid by armed officers in Edmonton.

Today Mohammed Ismail, 29, of Plowmans Close, Upper Edmonton was facing sentencing after admitting possession of the weapons.

Detectives from Scotland Yard’s Central Task Force – which targets London’s crime gangs – stormed his home in February after a tip-off.

Inside a wardrobe in a spare bedroom officers found the Belgian Fabrique Nationale assault rifle capable of fully automatic fire, and L1A1 self-loading rifle capable of semi-automatic fire.

The weapons were regular issue to several armies around the world until the 1990s, have a range of 500 metres and are so powerful they are capable of firing bullets through walls.

Detectives believe Ismail was storing the weapons for Somalian gang members engaged in a violent turf war in north London.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Wagstaff said: “My officers are constantly seeking to target the upper echelons of organised crime linked to the supply of firearms to gang members within London.

“This is an excellent example of their expertise in supporting the efforts of borough and Trident teams in tackling gang violence.

“The self-loading rifle is an extremely devastating assault rifle and this seizure means that two more live weapons have been taken off the streets of London.”

A 23-year-old woman was also arrested in connection with the investigation and remains on bail.

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  2. Rifles are powerful, but religious values are even more powerful. My religion breaks the spiritual stranglehold of Islam with threats of eternal hell and damnation. If the Middle-East doesn’t give up its influence in Europe, they will burn in hell. This is proven by the civil war in Syria. The importance of the civil war in Syria cannot be underestimated. It is the great sign, and an important miracle. It is a bigger miracle than the Koran. By predicting the consequences of the civil war, I provided a better Sura than the Koran. I accepted the challenge of the Koran, and won. Time will prove me right.

  3. The reporter needs to learn to check the facts, the FN in either configuration has a 600 meter range while the round it fires (7.65mm MATO) has a range of 1000 meters. I was trained with a rifle firing that round (the M14) and think the world made a mistake going to a smaller round.

    Having said this the seizure show the utter failure of the British gun laws.

  4. @Iftikhar, As usual, predictable actually, you present the finest example of the muslim deployment of taqiyya and obsfucation. Once again, you hijack the conversation. Considering all the comments we make on the subject of muslim obsfucation, until we’re blue in the face, it is rather nice when you present a perfect, textbook example of the practice, along with your typical projectionism, so I suppose thanks are in order here.

    Well, thank you Iftikhar.

    (And by the way, you succeded in keeping me from commenting on the weapons confication (for now). Good job!)

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