Narowal village: Christian family pleads for justice after child rape, stillbirths

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Published: June 4, 2012

The rape victim said they drugged her, took her to the fields and raped her.

LAHORE: Police investigators in Narowal are siding with men accused of gang-raping a 13-year-old Christian girl and then torturing her family and killing her two unborn cousins, say the girl’s family.

Though FIRs of both incidents have been registered, the police have already declared one of the three accused, a retired inspector’s son, innocent in the rape case. In the case for causing two stillbirths, the police are not arresting the accused even though a judge cancelled their interim bails.

The rape victim, a student of class six, told Civil Judge Mansoor Ahmed Warraich that Irfan, his employee Shahid and an unidentified man had kidnapped her as she walked past Irfan’s house on March 29. She said they drugged her, took her to the fields and raped her. She said she had been unable to cry out as her attackers stuffed some cloth in her mouth. She said that she woke up the next morning still in the fields, roused by family members who had been looking for her since she went missing. She said she had not gone to school since the day of the incident and never wanted to return.

Parveen Bibi, the family matriarch, told The Express Tribune that they had tried to lodge a case first at Domal police chowki, then Saddar police station, Narowal, but the police refused to register an FIR and instead urged the family to reach a settlement with the accused. They refused, and around 10 days later an FIR under Section 376 (rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code was finally registered at the police station.

A medical examination of the victim was conducted and established that she had been raped.

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  1. My religion allows retaliation. Christianity doesn’t. Muslims will claim rape doesn’t happen in Muslim societies, and that their societies are morally superior. But the Muslim is a hypocrite. The only reason there is no crime in Muslim societies is because the Muslim goes to non-Muslim lands to commit crimes towards non-Muslims. The Muslim has a dual morality, only a dual morality against Muslims can break Islam. A Muslim who steals from a non-Muslim should have his right hand cut off, no questions asked. Only this will restore order. Islam destroys itself in Syria. This proves the moral rightness of my ideas.

  2. Stupidity of the West gave Pakistan nuclear weapons. His obsession with Anti-Racism gave Pakistani scientists the chance to steal nuclear secrets. Only when the West gives up its idol of Anti-Racism, God will grant victory over Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan discovered my website. If they do not like my religion, they should devise a Pakistani religion. The koran will be translated in Urdu, and tweaked a little bit. In the new koran, Allah says the koran was revealed in Urdu. The Pakistani, not the Arab, will be Allah’s favored race. After all, Allah gave the nukes to the Pakistani, not others. This proves Allah’s blessing to the Pakistan. If a Pakistani man wants a Saudi wife, the Saudi should not refuse this to him, or otherwise he will come under the curse of Allah.

  3. Don’t forget the Chinese, they helped so India would have two nuclear armed enemies to worry about. China wants more of India and is using the Pakistanis to divert some of the Indian attention.

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