Yet another Islamic group in Nigeria launches their jihad with a youtube video.

These guys love to play with reverb making this nearly impossible to listen to. But if you can force yourself, you will hear the usual Islamic use of words like ‘innocent’ ‘terror’ etc. with the highly proprietary meanings Muslims imbue these words with.

H/T Before It’s News where there is more info on this group and a good summary of this video.

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6 Replies to “Yet another Islamic group in Nigeria launches their jihad with a youtube video.”


    Its the Reverb-Revolutionaries!!!……sun-ofva-bitch don’t let these pot-lickers near the fucking waa-waa pedal………

    I had to tune out after about 3 minutes….the reverb was killing me…I was having flashbacks to my youth when I was wandering around downtown Vancouver at 3 a.m after smoking a big spliff…….God!!! has it really been 30 years????

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. if what i have heard is true, these black African musturds will soon be fighting their A-rab supremacist musturd neighbours.
    the A-rabs can’t stand any one who isn’t A-rab, musturds included.

  3. Here’s a serious question for anyone who wants to tackle it.

    When is South Africa going to come face to face with Boko Haram and Al Qeada as it trickles south….and when it does trickle south what will be the extent of South Africa’s response.

  4. These men are despicable cowards because they cover their faces like women. If they die they will burn eternally in hell. The proof of my religion lies in Syria. Allah is cut in half, and bleeds to death.

  5. Bilbo I think you heard right.

    Don I don’t know what is going to happen. To an extent it depends on whether or not the Blacks have decided to kill all of the Whites before the clash.

  6. If the Black man chooses to ally himself with Islam, he deserves castration. Resisting castration means eternal damnation, being sodomized by Allah for all eternity. The proof of this is the truth of my religion. I prophesized that Islam will destroy itself in Syria.

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