Khadr family admit they are terrorists March 3 2004

Much of this material has fallen down the memory hole thanks to concerted efforts by CBC and others who have decided to white wash the Khadrs into a leftist, ’cause celebrate’. So I felt it was time to put some facts back into evidence.

I am still looking for the once ubiquitous, now extinct footage of the Khadr family calling all Canadians homoseuxal drug addicts and talking about how much they hated us all, but planned to force us to spend our health care budget on their wounded son, himself wounded in a battle with Canadian forces on behalf of Al Queda.

Download the PDF below please in case this post disappears as well.

Khadr’s son, wife, daughter admit family were terrorists, CBC-TV reports (THE CANADIAN PRESS) 2004-03-03

Khadr’s son, wife, daughter admit family were terrorists, CBC-TV reports

The Canadian Press [Toronto] 03 Mar 2004: n/a.

TORONTO (CP) – A Canadian family that has long denied ties to al-Qaida now admits that they are not only terrorists but believe it’s noble for them to die for the cause.

Abdurahman Khadr admitted to CBC-TV’s The National on Wednesday that some of his brothers and father fought as al-Qaida terrorists and that they even stayed with Osama bin Laden.

And his mother and sister, interviewed in Pakistan, said they were proud of their family’s connection to the terrorists behind the September 2001 attacks.

“Until now everybody says we are an al-Qaida connected family but when I say this, just by me saying it, I just admitted we are an al-Qaida family. We had connections to al-Qaida,” Abdurahman Khadr said in Toronto.

“My family in Pakistan will never admit this. . . they will deny it.”

But his mother and sister proudly admit to being adherents of the group, while admitting they were never really accepted by either the terrorists or western society.

The patriarch, 57-year-old Ahmed Said Khadr, who was born in Egypt but became a Canadian citizen, was killed fighting Pakistani forces in October.

One of his sons, 14-year-old Karim, was wounded in the battle and is in a military hospital in Rawalpindi,

paralysed from the waist down.

Another son, Omar, was captured by U.S. forces after an attack in Afghanistan and is being held at the American jail in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Abdurahman Khadr was he was released from the U.S. jail because he decided to co-operate with authorities. He returned to Toronto last year and says he wants to be a peaceful Muslim.

He said he was “raised to become an al-Qaida, was raised to become a suicide bomber, was raised to become a bad person . . . I decided on my own that I do not want to be that.

“I want to be a good, strong, civilized, peaceful Muslim.”

Ahmed Said Khadr’s wife, Maha, and 23-year-old daughter, Zaynab, say that the father was proud to die as a martyr, a soldier of Islam.

“We believe that death comes when God had planned it, before He created the humanity, it’s planned, so I just accept, – but it hurt,” Maha said.

“We believe dying by the hand of your enemy,” Zaynab told CBC. “My father had always wished that he would be killed . . . he would be killed for the sake of Allah. I remember when we were very young he would say, ‘if you guys love me, pray for me that I get jihaded, which is killed.’ “

Maha said she would be happy if her children died the same way. “You know we are promised that we go to heaven,” she says.

Zaynab added: “I’d love to die like that. I’d love my daughter to die, even if (it is) simple, very simple, naive.”

Abdullah, 22, escaped the fighting that killed his father and paralysed his brother because he was away from the house.

He says his father talked about becoming a martyr.
“Dying for Islam is. . .hopeful for every Muslim,” Abdullah said in Pakistan.

“Everybody loves to die for his religion. Every Muslim dreams of being a shaheed for Islam, like you die for your religion. Everybody dreams of this, even a Christian would like to die for their religion.”

Abdurahman Khadr said his family knew bin Laden and lived at the terrorist leader’s compound in Pakistan in the 1990s.

The al-Qaida leader later attended the wedding of the daughter in September 1999, said the family. “He never jokes, very quiet person, very polite,” Abdullah Khadr said of bin Laden.
“He can be a saint, something like a saint. I see him as a very peaceful man.”


Abdurahman Khadr’s reluctance to follow the stern Muslim strictures imposed in the bin Laden compound caused increasing tension with his father.

He said his father tried three times to persuade him to become a suicide bomber, sitting him down with a radical cleric in the bin Laden camp and telling him the sacrifice would make him the pride of the family.

“I was totally against it . . . I don’t believe in blowing myself up and killing innocent people,” Abdurahman said.

Copyright Canadian Press Mar 3, 2004



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4 Replies to “Khadr family admit they are terrorists March 3 2004”

  1. Vlad and Eyorre,

    You magnificent bastards!!!

    This is exactly what I have called for for several years. This is the nail in the coffin of that poisonous family’s desire to stay here in Canada.

    A couple of years ago, on several occasions, I have written CTV, Global and CBC and asked for copies of video footage of Maha and Zaynab, clad in niqubs, screaming their desire to eradicate all Westerners. They did this virtually countless times but of course these bastards at MSM are burying everything they can. All I get is silence.

    Certainly we must be able to dig this video footage out of their hands somehow, either through litigation or having it removed from within by employees who are sick to death of political correctness setting murderers loose amongst us.

    Perhaps the folks at SUN TV can work with their contacts and drag this footage into the light of day………..exposure is the ointment that will cure this debilitating putrid fungus called Khadr-itis……..

    Lets work on that shall we???

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    PS: The disappearance of these records are all the more reason why we must be very diligent in making dozens of copies of video footage of the muslims and their islamic excesses and archiving them on many web hosting sites so as not to loose them to the delicate sensibilities of websites like YouTube.

  2. Dearest Sebbe,

    Yes “WE” have, those who are active in the fight against muslims and islam…..

    However, many of our fellow citizens, gripped with purposeful ignorance and apathy hvae forgotten…or could care less…..therein lays the responsibility inherent in our fight, to once again, bring to their attention, the need to strip the Khadrs of the citizenship and deport them to the islamic country of their choice……and do this soon.

    With respect to “Knowing”….we are in this fight because, whilst we “Know”…we seem to have forgotten the hundreds of lessons we were taught by muslims in the 1400 years since 632 AD………so much for “knowing”…..

    Now, now that we “know”, let us busy ourselves in dealing, once and for all, with the islamic problem….all….repeat all, facets of the islamic problem….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Sebbe:

    If you try searching the internet for info on the Khadr’s you will find mostly sanitized CBC propaganda which utterly fabricates some information while ommiting key information in order to make Khadr a victim and the Canadian and American governments as the ‘real terrorists’. You would be quite surprised to know what lengths I had to go to, to get what I have posted so far.

    This link below is much more typical of what the Canadian public is being spoon fed, or rather force-fed like an Islamic marriage:

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