Switzerland: ‘No more emergency aid for north africans’

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In order to reduce the number of asylum requests, the President der Konferenz der kantonalen Justiz- und Polizeidirektoren [president of the cantons’ justice and police directors, KKJPD] demands strict measures. He particularly aims at those from the Islamic Maghreb.

Hans-Jürg Käser

– According to Hans-Jürg Käser, many young maghrebis arrive without any asylum grounds: ‘They must no longer receive anything from Switzerland, we need to get rid of them as soon as possible.’

For Hans-Jürg Käser, Präsident der Konferenz der kantonalen Justiz- und Polizeidirektoren (KKJPD), the rise in asylum demands is no longer manageable. As a countermeasure, the FDP [party in the middle of the spectrum] member of the Bern government proposes a strict application of the laws on asylum and foreigners.  

The asylum procedures need to be accelerated drastically, demands Käser in an interview with the friday edition of the western swiss [= francophone Switzerland] newspaper ‘Le Temps’. Ideally, three quarters of the demands ought to be treated within one month, compared to 1000 days today. Moreover, the options for appeal need to be limited, because 85 % of those rejected use them. 

Holland – a model

‘We need to do everything to stop Switzerland from being Europe’s most attractive country with regard to asylum’, says the KKJPD president in his interview. He even thinks out loud about a possible stop of the emergency aid [= financial and material aid which rejected asylum seekers are entitled to, instead of the more comprehensive welfare]. 

Käser called Holland a model, where 70 % of all asylum demands were dealt with within 8 days, and where the major asylum centre, Ter Apel, is closed off and disposes of a prison for 400 persons. 

In the interview, the KKJPD president also mentioned the ‘arab spring’: Many young maghrebis would come to Switzerland without any asylum grounds, moreover crime would be growing. ‘They must no longer receive anything from Switzerland, we need to get rid of them as soon as possible.’


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  1. Those mahoundians should never be given asylum in Switzerland not only because any mahoundian from a mahoundian country is a bogus asylum seeker by definition, but also because they travel through other countries where they could make bogus asylum claims to get there… Due to the obvious fact that Switzerland does not border the Mediterranean, Western Asia, Porkistan, Bangladesh, Sweden or Norway.

  2. Wasn’t the Arab Spring supposed to have reformed everything? Precisely what do these immigrants need asylum from? The only ones who should qualify for true asylum status are persecuted non-Muslims from the Middle East–Christians, Copts, Jews, Yazidis, Sikhs, etc.

  3. American Delight’s point reminds me of a question no one in the islamophilic media was obviously asking as “freedom”, “democracy” and “the end of authoritarianism” swept North Africa, and the boatloads of mahoundians started departing for Sicily, Malta, Lampedusa and other Mediterranean locations… If all those islamophilic monkeys were shrieking about how much better everything would get for black-cube worshippers after the fall of the dictators ruling over them, why on Earth would their beloved inbred bedouin savages have any need to be welcomed in Europe in ever larger numbers as (bogus) refugees?

    If anything, this whole Arab Spring nonsense, according to the narrative promoted by the media (and John McCain, Lindsay Graham and their other buddy that went to Libya, among many other such ignorant fools in politics across the civilized world) ought to have made it harder for mahoundians not to be kicked immediately off any square foot of European soil they managed to get their hoofs on.

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