Law enforcement at work in Spain.

Thanks to Don Laird as well as Hermes for sending in and translating this clip. The attendant story that goes with this clip should be available tomorrow on GoV.

Meanwhile, here is some police action in Spain

The local police opens an investigation regarding the shots in Lavapiés

It will be a formal procedure, the results of which will not be made public

The local police have opened an inner investigation in order to throw light on the circumstances of what happened yesterday in the quarter of Lavapiés when one of the agents who carried out the detention of an illegal vendor shot twice in the air in order to disperse a group of africans who were insulting them after they arrested one of their mates.
According to the informations given by a spokesperson of the local police, this kind of investigations are opened whenever an agent opens fire with his service gun. It is an internal proceeding carried out by the police force of the town hall, the results of which are not made public.
The incident was being heavily commented even today in the neighborhood as well as on internet, where the news and the video about the two policemen arresting the suspect and the clash between them and the immigrants published yesterday by ABC reached a wide audience
In the police office
Regarding the detainee, a man from Senegal, the local police informed that he had already been handed over to the national police, which is the responsible for the keeping in custody of the detainees, and if determined, to bring them to court. According to the version of the police, the man was caught by surprise by plain-clothes officers when he was illegally selling goods near the Rastro (street market). When the agents asked him for his papers, he tried to flee.
According to judicial sources, the majority of this kind of detentions end with the detainee being released from the police station itself. The illegal vendors are usually not prosecuted, but a report is issued by which later they are called to court. The issue would be more problematic for the detainee if he has no valid papers. In this case, he could be imprisoned in a migrants internment center.

Thank you Hermes for the translation

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  1. Shades of things to come…..the crop to reap, the harvest of the multiculturalism sown….and I think its going to be a bitch.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    PS…..Vlad, Eyorre, Fjordman and all the rest………never stop……please keep up the good wok….leave no stone unturned, no corner unlit……let us drag these bastards kicking, screaming and squirming into the light of day….

  2. What is worth noting that the Senegalese saw off the police. In effect they regard that area as their own, and not part of Spain.

    The same is true for all African, Asian ands Muslim invasion of Europe, facilitated by the EU.

  3. Anywhere these people plant themselves becomes their tribal area, in their minds. You can see it in the insane behavior of the tribesman who is having a fit over a non-tribesman trying to tell his fellow tribesman what to do and daring to put hands on him. They are savages and insane by our standards and so are the people who allow & encourage them to come and take over Western countries.

    Very, very bad times are around the corner. I do not see most Europeans or Westerners just bending over and taking this for much longer.

  4. When*Pigs*Fly I have been seeing the coming violence since Gulf War I, people thought I was a nut when I warned them about the coming war with Islam, now they are admitting I was right. If/when the EU disintegrates fights will occur all over Europe, fights that will make this seem like a pillow fight.

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