Sharia4Holland Lashes Out

Here is an article which delves a little bit deeper into the events seen in the sharia4Belgium video we posted earlier tonight.

Gates of Vienna:

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Earlier tonight we posted a subtitled video of a Sharia4Holland/ Sharia4Belgium event at the Dam in Amsterdam. Below is the accompanying article from De Telegraaf, kindly translated by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan. The translator’s comments are enclosed in square brackets:

Sharia4Holland lashes out

Geert Wilders filed a complaint, according to the police. On Friday a speaker [for Sharia4Holland] on the Dam in Amsterdam called Wilders “this dog of the Romans” with whom “we will deal with” once The Netherlands has become a Muslim state. Also he advised to take warning “from the case Theo van Gogh”.

Sharia4Holland wants to implement sharia law in The Netherlands.

Police in Amsterdam-Amstelland and the public prosecutor started on Saturday their investigation of statements made by members of Shariah4Holland.

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2 Replies to “Sharia4Holland Lashes Out”

  1. Wow, to think we might yet see those slime buckets behind bars, I wonder if the humiliation won’t eat them up from the inside out, as such I would be very surprised if they’re not vamoosing out of the Netherlands as we speak,

    thank you so much for all the great work, keep it coming and God bless…

  2. notice the cops were right there when he made the threats but did nothing and only arrested someone asking a question.

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