Better than average show on global warming by prof of pale-climatology from Oz. and more.

This really is very good.

I would have uploaded it here, but I am having some minor tech issues.

Here is a link to the show on CFRA:     

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  1. Excellent! But every time I try to discuss this issue with anybody, they refuse to discuss the facts, and are only willing to go on other criteria. I’ve yet to meet a person who has taken even a cursory look at the science – they feel that it would be too far above their heads to even attempt to understand. They’ve all been trained to “leave it to the experts.” And the IPCC says that the experts say that it is all true. It is such an outstanding real-life illustration of the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes, it blows me away that so few people see it. There is, literally, no reason to believe that man-produced CO2 is causing any problems at all. There is no indication whatsoever that it is. Why can’t people just see that?

  2. Chris global warming is one of the methods the left is using to try and destroy the West, they have worked hard to dumb down the schools systems and the people so their pseudo science will be believed.

  3. Chris Jones,

    I have no problem shooting them down. I compare their beliefs the belief of a flat earth and i win every time.

    It is idiocy of a flat earth mentality to believe we should be worried about warming of the earth in the middle of the coldest part of the quaternary ice age. Almost always they will say, “your nuts we are not in the middle of an ice age.” Google up “the ice age” and see what you find. I can almost hear their mouth falling open.

  4. I would hope some political representation was present at the “sceptics” conference in Chicago. How irresponsible it is for our political leaders to ignore the other side especially when it is presented by very qualified people. A bright exception, the president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus showed once again during the interview with Ezra Levant that he’s a person of conviction and integrity. It would be really nice to see people like minister Peter Kent to attend.

  5. OX,

    It would be great if they’d let you get that far, but people rarely do in my experience. They want to shut you up and dismiss you without a hearing. It’s like being a Holocaust denier or something. It is strictly taboo to question climate change in front of the average person. They will not listen to one word. The science is in, as far as they are concerned.

  6. Most of the pols know Global Warming isn’t occurring, but acting like they believe it is gives them a reason to push for more control over the public.

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