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8 Replies to “Nicolai Sennels on Michael Coren May 21 2012”

  1. Actually I think I fixed the audio issue. It should be fine now. I havent checked it since I fixed it as I am pretty sure I knew what the issue was, and I have about 5 more things to do today which are (IMO) of stunning importance in terms of Islam and its influence and its ‘misunderstanders’

    If its not still ok above someone please let me know in comments.

  2. The left is too forgiving towards alternate cultures that they approve of, they are willing to forgive anything and teach these cultures that they don’t have to assimilate.

  3. WOW! At last someone has done a study on this. Perhaps this information should be passed onto the correct government bodies. And the correct action be taken!
    I’ve known this myself,living in a certain northern town in England for the last 20+ years.

  4. I doubt that Nicolai’s report will be published anywhere.
    Well done by the way Nicolai.
    This information is not new to me, and sadly not heard by 99% of the population.
    Micheal is a champ and my hope is that he is joined by others in a position to help.
    I have been researching Islamisation resistance for the past couple of years since I came accross the EDL online. At the moment I am exploring the connection between Islam and western “communism (labor, socialism ect)”.
    I recently visited Sydney and was disturbed by the demographic changes. The NSW Government was actively promoting Islam at the powerhouse museum and the existance of a 24hr islamic radio station also shocked me.
    I could go on and on. LIVE FREE OR DIE

  5. Thank you for publishing this interview.

    It made me wonder, why the values should develop so differently, when Islam shares the Torah and therefore the Ten Commandments? Then I remembered that the ‘Golden Rule’ is not taught in Islam, as explicitly as it is in Judaism and Christianity.

    Still, the foundational Law is shared. Why should the result deviate so markedly?

    My second thought is that the ‘Shame Culture’ dynamic seen in Islamic society is also the base of Asian culture, and some of the issues raised in the interview are evident in Asian society as well.

    The problem with the ‘it’s outside my control’ attitude shows up with such basic things as equipment maintenance and safety procedures, and is a real hindrance to commerce and living advancement.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

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