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8 Replies to “Saudi Arabia bans use of English, Gregorian calendar”

  1. Saudi air control presumably is also a government agency. Will they also be using Arabic?

    These desert barbarians need to be taught a lesson – and that time is approaching fast.

  2. Neo-Colonialism must be resisted!
    Death to the purveyors of calendar genocide!
    Death to the decadent language of the infidel!

    Where is Iftikar to lead the triumphalist ululation?

    Oh yeah, death to the idols of ‘the little yellow people’!

  3. The Western Gregorian calendar is far superior to the Islamic calendar as it is based on the cycle of the Sun and not the Moon, thus fitting in better with the rhythm of the seasons and simplifying things all round. It makes more sense scientifically, domestically and economically.
    Of course the moron Mohammed (if he existed) wasn’t aware of this and as 7th Century Arabs based their calendars on the Moon then so did he and his alter-ego Allah. Of course, the creator of the Universe and everything in it was unaware of the Solar cycle, being the dumbest and thickest god ever conceived by Man. Not surprisingly fundamentalist Muslims being equally as dumb and thick want to switch everything back to the Seventh Century.
    This is yet another case of Islamic imbeciles proving once again that they seriously need to go back to school and stop trying to behave like Grown-ups when they can’t even grasp what a seven-year old is capable of understanding.

  4. Drill for oil everywhere in the US and Canada that has oil, this will break the back and bank of the Arabs, they will be so broke they will beg people to buy their oil.

  5. @ Richard May 21, 2012 at 5:01 pm.

    No need for that. All we have to do is to use a food-for-oil program. Every time they raise oil prices, we raise food prices.

  6. I still say drill, we have several centuries oil for our countries in the proven reserves, this will keep the money for oil at home, stimulate the economy and reduce the price of gas. Drill, drill.

  7. An added benefit will be reduction of food prices in North America. But if you want to increase food prices to the Arabs I won’t object.

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