Voice of Russia attempts hatchet job on Tommy Robinson

Voice of Russia, the fully and overtly state controlled broadcaster of Russia set up a 4 person panel to attempt to crush Tommy Robinson in something that could be passed off as debate. Something we have come to expect more from the BBC or CBC than from Russian media, which, while clearly agenda driven, often is more fair to serious issues than much state controlled Western media these days.

This clip was re-edited by our own, Abbé Faria to try and bring a better sense of how it actually went live as opposed to the original panel show here, which was clearly edited to interrupt Tommy every time he started to make a salient point.

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  1. “Getting facts out of context…”

    Here is all the “context” Fiyaz Mughal is referring to… Too bad that it just corroborates Tommy Robinson’s words:

    Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

  2. Do not forget that russian elites are playing with Islam just as Western Elites. They have 15 percent muslims (nearly 20 percent in Moscow), they have an observer status at the OIC, they are close to Iran, Hamas etc. They will be more than happy if they can replace the US as number one arms supplier for middle eastern countries. Russian media only supports those european politicians that are anti-american, anti-NATO etc.
    The EDL is pro-american and pro-israeli, so it must be crazy for the russians to support them.

  3. Note: not one word answering the points Tommy brought up.

    I think Russia is afraid of Tommy for good reason and it has nothing to do with Islam

  4. Whatever you think of the edl, unfortunately the only resistance in the uk. As he himself mentioned Those of us that can not or do not wish to hit the streets will have an option to vote British freedom even if just for a protest vote.

    One point is he is definately getting better at these debates. The point I’ve been banging on about for years with regards to sexual violence is the differing ethnicities in different countries but the same outcome. He did however forget the moroccans in holland and the Lebanese in Australia. I think it’s a crucial point to get across to the public who may feel it’s just down to pakistanis as a race.

    I’m also glad he always reinforces the point that there are great Muslims in the uk and particular sects that are doing well. Unfortunately the point the other guy makes which is equally true is the fact that alot of bad stuff and actions are committed by edl members.

    When I spent time on the edl boards I remember a few ppl disgusted with some of the chants. Unfortunately also the edl do fail to adress that there are pre-existing problems within the uk. For example if these girls were not swanning around the streets at night, bad things would not happen, and this is true in many of the cases were girls get raped by White guys. Most often under influence of alcohol. Not that the actions are justifiable, but the White community needs to also take some responsibility for their children and young. Growing up some girls I knew would do some stupid stuff like walk around the streets drunk. Even as a guy I won’t walk round the streets alone drunk as I have been beat up once or twice as a teen. Why are the parents not aware of their children’s whereabouts? In the old days if your child was walking around the streets at night drunk sum1 from the community would grab them by the ear and drag them home to their parents.

    Part of the problem Is there is no community and no control over the young. One only
    has to go to the whitest council estates in Britain and you quickly realise that after dark it is much as no go zone as Muslim ghettos.

    That is not to say that muslim pimp gangs should be able to exploit the flaws in our society for their own gain, but it seems they have been doing and will continue to do so. Just as the hate preachers exploit our freedoms to spread their hate.

    End of the day it is the breakdown of what once was that has caused the flourishing of all these problems. If these rings or hate preachers tried this 50 years ago they would have been thrown in the ocean. I feel it’s when as a nation we rediscover all the things we have lost that we can remove these problems from society. However I fear it may be too late to reverse what has already been dobe

  5. Tommy needed to be a bit more controlled in his speech as he came across badly and tripped over his words.

    He had some very good points to make but unfortunately the Muslim came across as calm and reasonable even whilst speaking utter crap.

    Obviously I support the EDL but if I was not biased in their favour and knowledgeable about Islam I would probably have sided with the “reasonable” Muslim or been neutral.

    Normally Tommy does far better than this.

  6. Tommy Robinson appears patient and brave. The fact alone that, and this is by no means recent, one would be very hard pressed to dig up young people to rabidly demonstrate their adherence to and plead in defense of christianity, the same way that apparently almost EVERY young male of a certain descent seems to be ready and willing to do in favour of islam, clearly and unequivocally proves that there’s something wrong with them. The fact that they damn well know that the west out of fear provides them easily with more than just a meal ticket might be of course no stranger to this.

  7. Czar Vladimir Putin is working to make Russia a major player once again, he is willing to risk a lot to achieve this and if it takes a war that (he hopes) cripples most of the world he is willing to pay that price. I don’t know which is the worst danger, Islam or Russia? Islam is the more immediate danger but I don’t know about the long run.

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