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9 Replies to “Stunning admission by Muslim leader on the nature of Islam and it’s views of outsiders.”

  1. He was clear and frank, and explained the doctrine of Islam…

    Do Dr. Sultan’s psychological powers extend to compelling Jihadis to forget Taqqiyya & Kitman?

    Is the escapee from the 9th century with the beard so confident that he no longer feels the need to dissemble?

    In any event, the whole of our smirking pragmatic Progressive ruling class should be made to watch this. Their choice, and ours, is Islam, Jizya, or war. I think I know what their choice will be, but for myself I choose the Breitbart option.

  2. In short all none muslim owned property belongs to muslims and only muslims have rights in other countries. What can be more beautiful than Islam? Easy, a pile of dog shit shoved in a raving lunatic muslim’s mouth.

  3. It’s not often they actually tell the truth, so when they do, listen.

    How can any non-muslim support sharia after hearing this?

  4. You should consider “Christianity” for political reasons, if you enjoy living a western lifestyle. Make no mistake about it, this is a war that has been going on for almost 1400 years. You can be a “Political Christian” or a converted Muslim. You may think you have a choice, but unfortunately you don’t. Myself, I like my current way of life, and under Islam that becomes radically different.

  5. So we are infidels and you take what you want from us?

    I did not sign any peace treaty with your kind.
    I say War! We will see how white men fight against the spawn of evil that is Muslim islamic extremists.

  6. Jesus:

    No disrespect but, I don’t think this man is an extremist. Zudi Jasser is an extremist as his brand of Islam is not reflected in Muslim scripture or in history. This man is a classical muslim. And we need to act accordingly.

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