After getting physically attacked in Indonesia, Irshad Manji starts to realize that maybe it isn’t as “moderate” as she thought

Ms. Manji is just one of a massive number of people who are peddling the delusion that Islam is something other than it clearly is. As such of course, she is part of the problem and a blocker of the solution even if she is sincere and well intentioned as are probably the majority on the center-left, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Even so, at the end of the day, insisting things are other than they are can only do harm.

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And let’s hope Ms. Manji starts to drop the moderate Islam narrative and join the brave people who openly stand for Western liberal democracy and civilization.

Here is Ms. Manji trying to sell her reformatted Islam to some actual Muslims in the Netherlands:

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13 Replies to “After getting physically attacked in Indonesia, Irshad Manji starts to realize that maybe it isn’t as “moderate” as she thought”

  1. What a bunch of backwards brain dead baffoons. And we keep thinking that the human race has evolved! There has to be a medication somewhere for this kind of illness.

  2. There’s nothing like being physically attacked by a mob of the group you are trying to “reform” to provide a cold splash of reality.

    She’s lucky they didn’t bring their machetes.

  3. How can someone (according to the Koran and Hadith) defective in her intelligence and religion hope to reform her religion by persuasion?

  4. A .45 would have been the appropriate responce to the “moderate” islams.
    6 dead and the room would have quited down.
    Easy peazy

  5. They sure have good reflexes judging by how fast one mujahid stole the mic from a hijabed muslima. The truth is they’re in full war mood and we’re still trying to understand what the hell is happening.

  6. People like Manji, know the evil of Islam but continue to be Muslims. They pretend that Islam can be reformed. But as the know Islam thoroughly, it can be safely assumed that they are practising Taqqiya. Meanwhile the deadly demographic Jihad continues. In effect, they are enablers of our destruction, for they forestall any meaningful opposition to Islam.

    So what about their lifestyles, which appear so modern and Western. Islam recognises that the strictures of islam are far too difficult to be followed rigorously by the ordinary muslim. Thus it allows muslims to evade most of these strictures, without falling foul. It is here that the oft quoted dictum by muslim apologists, “There is no compulsion in religion”, is applicable. It is NOT though applicable to the kaffir, where force is allowed. Thus muslims can go ahead and enjoy life and appear thoroughly modernised and Westernised. This gives an impression to the casual Western observer, of the existence of “moderate” and integrated muslims.

    All such license is allowed to muslims, but what is not allowed is to oppose the true Jihad ie the imposition of sharia everywhere. If any Muslims does so, then they oppose the word of allah, and leads to severe punishment.

  7. The interesting thing about Irshad Manji is when she is pressed as to why she does not leave Islam, considering all she knows of Islam, replies in an apologetic and devious way, that there are many good things in Islam and she hopes for a more peaceful interpretation of the Koran or a Reformation. On both counts, she must know that this is not possible. As long as she continues to define herself as a Muslim, ipso facto, she believes that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah and is the role model for mankind. How on earth anyone can honestly regard Mohammed as a role model for mankind beats me.

    Deception and disinformation have always been part of a major war, and Manji and others such as Schwartz, are practising it.

    I would much rather put my faith in Ali Sena and Ibn Warraq, then Manji and her likes, who beguile the Infidel world. They are far more dangeruous then Hamza and Bakri who tell the truth.

  8. It’s a shame that commercial media gives such a large platform to such a small intellect. Part of North America’s dumbing down process, I guess. She basically regurgitates Islamaphobic memes from Dershowitz/Lewis/etc. and calls it “questionning my faith.”

    Irshad Manji isn’t the first person to sell her soul to Zion for money and fame. But it’s a sad day when the public takes this shallow social-climber seriously.

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