British Freedom and EDL official press conference announcing the merger

Tommy Robinson, Kevin Carrol and Paul Weston announce the merger of the EDL and newly formed, British Freedom.

I wish all these very fine men, the best of luck, as much for our sakes, more perhaps, as for theirs.

May you take England back like a Jove gentlemen.

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  1. I will openly admit when I first heard of British Freedom party I was not convinced. The name in itself is somewhat similar to the Bnp, it had negative connotations. When I listen to stuff said by the EDL or BF, It really resonates with me. But then when I have hit up the EDL forums, and occasional comments on the BF site, Ive been disgusted.

    I remember when the EDL first started I was myself wanting to find out more about them. And I found 60% of those on the forum to be expressing the same views as shown in this video, i.e non racism, and not against all muslims. However the other 40% were quite the opposite.

    Iam an avid UKIP voter, and feel they want the same things without making the Islam question the number 1 focal point. Obviously for UKIP the focal point is Europe. I think when the focal point is solely about islam you cannot support a party like BF. A party on the other hand with a wide range of policies and manifesto, that if got anywere electorally would crackdown on some of the issues regarding the Islamisation of the u.k, like ukip would for myself be the better choice.

    But then again millions voted conservative in the hope of resolving issues such as immigration integration etc, and not much has changed. Maybe as Tommy Robinson said, if BF make enough headlines electorally it may force change from the mainstream parties. If we see the recent success of the Respect party, it has got widespread media coverage. And unfortunately George Galloway now has a voice. IF the same was to happen with BF, it may give the counterjihad movement a stronger voice.

    So for me a protest vote for BF would be a plausible thing, but I would not vote for them in the same way I vote for ukip. And my fear would be splitting the vote from Ukip who are just starting to gain ground. One thing Tommy Said which is 100% true. Is that several million people have been so desperate that they vote for a nazi, and the other 50-70% of people don’t vote. In the local elections last week, only 30% of the country bothered to vote. If a new party really connected with ordinary people, this party could actually do surprisingly well.

    In contrast to Bilbos opinion, this was actually a very smart move. Im not working class but I do have some working class roots. I would be more likely to vote for British freedom with someone like Tommy and Kev Carrol on board. The fact is people like that do represent ordinary people. They are not career politicians, and the hope is that their word is their bond. When they say they are non racist, they want equality etc, you genuinely believe them. IT is this quality that attracted me to UKIP primarily through the charisma and straight talking nature of Nigel Farage.

    When you listen to either LAB/LIB/CON mps talk they all sound the same. And instead of directly answering counter arguments they simply attack other parties. Labour and Conservative are famous for it. Its about time we had politicians accountable, and actually have a political ideology. As seen with Conservative party, their backbenchers are essentially politically homogenous with Ukip members. They want the same things, yet the Conservative leadership to me seems more like Tony Blairs labour.

    lets see how things play out. Were I live I doubt I will have an option to Vote BF at all so will be voting ukip either way.

  2. I contribute financially to all anti-islam movements on the basis that they have a common enemy which is bent on destroying our civilised ideals.
    The americans have now set up a movement and anti-muslim sentiment is spreading throughout europe and the world.
    At the moment this is a tender little flower but it will grow and strengthen – remember our common enemy and do not kill it by petty disagreement – there is no time left brothers and sisters – once more unto the breach dear friends!

  3. Vince said about comments on BF and EDL forums ” And I found 60% of those on the forum to be expressing the same views as shown in this video, i.e non racism, and not against all muslims. However the other 40% were quite the opposite.”

    That’s because impostors belonging to enemy groups sign on to make nasty sounding comments so they can be cited by those very same enemy groups.

    This is what was done to BNI to get it knocked off it’s blog hosting service. A suspicious commenter there said that they “wanted blood on their hands”. Cair captured a screeny of it AS SOON AS IT WAS WRITTEN and made a complaint to the blogging site about it. But whooooo is it that talks about blood all the time? It sure isn’t westerners or anti jihadists. Whooooo is it that we always hear saying “blood on their hands”?

    During the EDL/Atlas Shrugs kerfuffle there was all sorts of impostors claiming to be all sorts of people signing on to spread disinformation, cause fights and spew abuse – with the intention of exacerbating any rifts that might develop. They very often used variations of long time commenters.

    Impostors on those sights have used variations of my own screen moniker and the name of the operator of this blog.

    Internet Jihadis use fake Facebook western looking profiles to spread propoganda in FB connected comments sections all over the internet the methods used to suss out fake FB profiles I won’t publicly divulge. The walls have camel flea infested ears.

    I guarantee you that the people who log onto those forums to spout damaging comments are members of enemy political groups.

  4. Vince said ” I think when the focal point is solely about islam you cannot support a party like BF.”

    BF has a 20 point platform and anti islamisation is only one small part of it. I have seen two BF speakers who went on for an hour each and never said a thing about islam.

    Here is the 20 point plan on BF’s website:

    From the looks of it they appear to be somewhere between America’s Republican and Democratic parties.

    It’s quite interesting when you think about it. British Freedom, the most American like party in England is now a fringe while Labor would be laughed out of existence over here. I predict good things for British Freedom.

  5. 14:30 The “journalist” says “if I was a muslim listening to this I would be terrified”. How on earth could that journalist end up with that conclusion from what is said so far? These people are talking about criminals and radicals only. They haven’t said anything that would alarm anyone.

    And how on earth is this “journalist” supposed to know what someone else, he has not asked btw, is supposed to think?

    It’s almost as if this “journalist” didn’t come to listen to these people but to create his own soundbite.

    I bet you anything some dubious rag will use his ridiculous statment as the central point in the coverage of this press conference. And that’s probably why he said it.

  6. Hopefully we are seeing the beginnings of a movement that will keep Britain from being forced to turn Moslem or turn to a authoritian government that will take away all rights.

    Yes Eeyore we need a free and independent Britain as much as they need a free and independent Canada and US, at this time point possibly more.

  7. I think it’s a great arrangement and was a foregone conclusion. Now each group is stronger than they were before and BF has it’s own anti-islam arm. United we/they stand.

  8. Truthiocity said, “That’s because impostors belonging to enemy groups sign on to make nasty sounding comments so they can be cited by those very same enemy groups.”

    This happens a lot not to just EDL but I know it happens on and other sites I am on. The left (r-type) can not find posts that are evil on these sites so they have to make things up in order to attack us.

    A number of times it caused a large amount of problems. Once that really irritated me was when an earthquake took place in China a lot of people died. Some leftest got on calling all kinds of nasty very racist names against the Chinese and how it was good they died. Then the leftest linked the thread to some Chinese sites.

    These people are evil

  9. The technical term for the imposters is agent provocateurs, their job is to stir up trouble and try to make the good guys look like bad guys.

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