Increase on religious Islam in Azerbaijan

Here is a short excerpt taken from a STRATFOR report. The increase in mosques is interesting.


in 1991. That year, there were fewer than 40 mosques in Azerbaijan; at present, there are more than 1,700. More important, Islamism also appears to be climbing, as evidenced by increased religious rallies and religious schools.

The reasons for this increase are manifold. Azerbaijan is situated between two traditionally Islamist areas — Iran and Russia’s North Caucasus region — that through various groups are attempting to spread their own versions of Islamism throughout the country. With the rise of these groups comes the concern that their members could destabilize the country through radicalism. Radical Islamism may increase in the long term, but Baku will be able to manage the situation through its security apparatus and through political accommodation with nonviolent groups

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  1. You got that right Bob, the Caliphate is reforming and the fools in the west are helping it, welcome to the next world war, a real long and nasty war.

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