Danger here trumps danger there, court rules as violent refugee deported to Somalia

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National Post:

  May 7, 2012 – 7:56 AM ET | Last Updated: May 7, 2012 8:38 AM ET


Sharmarke Mohamed was deported to Somalia on April 16, records show.

If Sharmarke Mohamed was from a European country, he would have been booted out of Canada long ago, but because he came here from wartorn Somalia, he has been allowed to linger, causing mayhem through his escalating violence, a Federal Court judge declared before deciding that enough is enough.

Despite Mohamed having been granted refugee protection after fleeing to Canada — and a plea from the United Nations that he not be sent home to “one of the most dangerous places on earth” — his drug and alcohol-fuelled crimes pose such a danger to Canada he must be sent back regardless, Justice Sean Harrington has ruled.

Chief Justice Pierre Blais, of the Federal Court of Appeal, upheld the decision, clearing the way for the controversial deportation of the Vancouver resident.

On April 16, Mohamed was deported, federal records show.

It is unusual for Canada to deport someone to a country where it is clear they might be in significant danger. The rulings make it clear there are limits to that tradition.

“There is a risk to his life [in Somalia]. He is at risk of losing his life in an act of random violence,” Justice Harrington wrote in his decision.

“[But] he has been convicted of various crimes, with greater violence being evident… His anger management issues have been fuelled by drugs and alcohol,” he wrote when rejecting Mohamed’s appeal of his deportation.

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  1. Oh. I get it. Duh. They b singing their appreciation and bon voyage to the fiend Fine – that’s FINE – Mr. Mohammed.

    Lucky Canada.

    Wish we could get rid of illegal alien and drunk driver, Obama’s uncle. They actually let this dude work in a liquor store. If that don’t beat all…

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