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9 Replies to “Salafists in Germany riot, injure over 20 police, over 100 are arrested may 5 2012”

  1. They’ve been arrested but will probably be released or acquitted under some sort of bizarre lefty human-rights law. It’s time to start getting tough with these thugs!

  2. The Clip doesn’t even call the mosque a mosque, as I realised in the end. The missing word marked with [???] in the middle of the clip should be the word for slingshot, I guess, Zwille.

  3. I found it interesting that the peaceful people were said not to be honest citizens, this attitude is going to make the violence worse over the next few years.

  4. Let them keep rioting. Warning has not worked. They should riot in front of the homes and offices of the appeasers.

  5. There is a King Fahd academy in East Acton in London. It has been there since 1981. An English teacher there sued them for wrongful dismissal some years ago. It is set up by Saudi royal family to promote Wahhabist islam. They teach West and Jew and Christian hatred there. If the Germans are going to let this sewage into the country they will have to face reality about what it promotes.

  6. Richard:

    You noticed that too ay?

    I found that quite interesting as well. Part of the strategy of, ‘shovel as much blame on to the message bearer as you can at all costs’ that Western nations are using for some reason.

  7. How pathetic that the press is excusing the thugs who would destroy free speech and attacks Germans who want it defended as a “fringe” group.

  8. The left has control of so much of our media they can get away with attacking the people trying to defend western civilization, before they can create their socialist utopia they have to destroy the west.

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