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5 Replies to “Police in Bonn say that they had been shot at. Presumably by the Muslim rioters. May 5 2012 Bonn Germany.”

  1. I wondered when the shooting would start, we will have to wait and see if it spreads this year or next.

  2. Real translation: Its no game anymore, so we’re escorting the people who we know wont do anything to us. We could get off our pansy asses and teargas and arrest the perps, but we’ll take the typical Europussy way out.

  3. We are not poking it with a stick – we are protesting about its continued growth, and the damage it is doing to our children, our people, our cultures, our laws, our societies and our futures.

  4. I would say that going to Salafist mosques, holding demonstrations where you show the famed Moe-toon on a sign to the mosqueteers/mosquitoes, the same cartoon that was the icon of the global mustard-riots some years ago, is poking it with a stick.

    And I think it is exactly the right thing to do.

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